A Whirlwind Marriage with the Beautiful CEO Chapter 978

A Whirlwind Marriage with the Beautiful CEO Chapter 978

Chapter 978


Yesterday, Marilyn used to look down on this elderly man because he was poor. Little did she know that he was a billionaire.

I wonder what her expression will be when she discovers the truth.

A Chevrolet pulled up at the entrance of the Crimson Banner Hotel. As Emmanuel stepped out of the car, he heard a request from the passenger seat.

“Manuel, I can’t open this car door.”

Queenie’s voice lacked coquettishness but possessed a compelling quality that men found hard to resist, especially when this village belle from Hero’s Village was as beautiful as a peony among green leaves.

“I’ll help you.”

Out of courtesy, Emmanuel opened the car door for her.

As the door opened, the wind at the hotel entrance made Queenie’s pink skirt flutter.


Queenie quickly held down her skirt, but those smooth, beautiful legs, along with a fleeting scenic view, briefly entered Emmanuel’s mind.

This unexpected sight made his heart race.

Emmanuel was momentarily speechless, though not anxious.

“Well… thank you.”

Queenie smiled at Emmanuel and elegantly stepped out of the car.

The two of them entered the hotel together, heading for the VIP room.

“Manuel, do you still remember when we used to play house as kids, pretending we were at a hotel?” Queenie suddenly asked.

“I remember.” Emmanuel nodded.

Queenie looked up and, with a seductive smile, said, “You also said that if we ever got married for real, we must host the whole village in the best hotel-”

“Well, this hotel isn’t the best.”

Emmanuel interrupted before she could finish her sentimental reminiscence.

What he said back then was just child’s play.

Bringing it up now felt like there was a hidden agenda behind it. Besides, his intention at the time wasn’t to marry Queenie.

He didn’t want to have this conversation with Queenie due to his marriage and a desire to avoid any ambiguity with other women.


Thu, 16 NOV

other women.

He felt that he had changed and was no longer the naive straight guy who didn’t understand emotions a few months ago. Having someone he cared about made certain things more sensitive.

Mackenzie and Claudette had helped him grow emotionally.

Queenie’s eyes flickered with sadness before she flashed a toothy smile. “Manuel, are you blushing?”


“You’re blushing even in your ears. Let me see if they’re hot-”

“Don’t touch me!”

She raised her jade-like hand, intending to touch Emmanuel’s earlobe.

Emmanuel, however, responded coldly and mercilessly.

The atmosphere became awkward.

With a slightly icy, tender touch, Queenie made contact with his ear.

“Hey, what are you trying to do, lady? Have you no shame?”

A familiar voice broke the silence.


Beatrix, like a little tyrant, puffed out her cheeks as she approached, angrily pushing Queenie aside to protect her brother-in-law.

Mackenzie had entrusted her with overseeing the investment project in the ancient, town, and she hadn’t expected this. She thought her sister had truly sent someone to the party this time; indeed, a seductress trying to bewitch her brother-in-law.

“Miss, who are you? You’re so cute!” Queenie said with a smile, unoffended.

“Listen, you shameless woman! I’m his sister-in-law!” Beatrix pulled Emmanuel to her side, holding his arm, and proudly stared at Queenie. “This man is my sister’s, so don’t be delusional.”

Emmanuel felt a bit awkward. While he also wanted to maintain some distance from Queenie, his sister-in-law’s words were rather impolite. Her actions are inappropriate. What she is doing is not right.

Queenie’s competitive spirit was ignited, and she didn’t back down. She provocatively held Emmanuel’s other arm and said, “I am Manuel’s childhood friend. We’re just catching up after being apart for years. Even if you’re his sister, you can’t talk to me like this.”

At that moment, Shane entered with Red and her grandmother. When he saw this situation, he was also surprised.

Why are two beautiful women fighting over him? You can come and fight over me too!

A Whirlwind Marriage with the Beautiful CEO Novel Full Episode

A Whirlwind Marriage with the Beautiful CEO Novel Full Episode

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He initially assumed that women who needed blind dates must have significant flaws, either physically or mentally. Emmanuel Lowe never imagined that the woman sitting before him would be a gorgeous beauty with a refined appearance! As it turned out, he had accidentally gone to the wrong table for the blind date and met the wrong woman! To his surprise, Emmanuel Lowe and the woman even had a whirlwind marriage. From then on, whenever he encountered challenges, her involvement would easily solve all problems. It wasn’t until one day, when he saw an interview with the wealthiest woman in Yeringham, that he was astonished to find that the incredibly wealthy beauty looked exactly like his wife! She said, “I could become the wealthiest woman because I have a man supporting me from behind the scenes!”  


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