A Whirlwind Marriage with the Beautiful CEO Chapter 979

A Whirlwind Marriage with the Beautiful CEO Chapter 979

Chapter 979

“I have both my arms free.”

Red pursed her lips, her expression a mix of emotions.

“They’re serving food inside. I’m hungry and want to eat.”

Emmanuel withdrew his arms from the two women and helped the old lady into the private room.

“Hmph, woman, rein it in a bit.”

Beatrix glared at Queenie, coldly warning her before entering the private room.

Queenie felt embarrassed and angry.


Upon seeing this, Shane quickly smiled and said, “Queenie, don’t be angry. That pretty girl may have been a bit impolite in her speech, but what she said makes sense. You have a boyfriend, and Manuel has a wife. You both indeed need to be more mindful.”

Queenie felt relieved by the first part of his statement but grew uncomfortable hearing the rest.

However, she didn’t get angry and even flashed a beautiful smile. “Manuel and I have always had this kind of relationship. I don’t want to change anything because of outsiders.”

With that, she entered the private room as if nothing had happened.

Red was impressed by her composure. If she were in her shoes, she might have felt too embarrassed to go inside.

Today’s banquet was specifically organized by Mr. Harrison to thank Terence for investing in his hometown, making Terence the natural star of the show.

Beatrix was sent by Mackenzie to follow up on the project, making her the main focus for the day.

People continuously raised toasts to both of them.

Emmanuel was just a supporting role. Although some people offered him drinks, he politely declined, keeping in mind the task his wife had entrusted him with-‘ To watch over his grandfather.’

Beatrix also constantly remembered her task. Investing in the hometown project was secondary; her main task was to keep an eye on certain women and not let them seduce her brother-in-law.

After all, her brother-in-law belonged to her sister.

Queenie understood her situation and behaved accordingly. She would maintain control herself, except for one thing-she was quietly nursing her drink.

“Are you two a married couple?”

During the banquet, someone sitting nearby suddenly asked.


Queenie pointed to herself and Emmanuel in surprise. She then smiled flirtatiously. “Do we look like a matching couple to you?”

“Of course you do. The man is talented, and the woman is beautiful! Here, let me raise a toast to both of you”


>The man raised his glass to them.


Unbeknownst to him, Beatrix had been observing them all along, and she immediately spoke coldly, “What kind of judgment do you have? How could they possibly be a matching couple?”

The man felt embarrassed immediately.

Queenie also looked at Emmanuel.

Emmanuel earnestly waved his hand and said, “Sir, you’ve misunderstood. She’s not my wife; I have a wife.”

“Oh, I see. I’m sorry, I spoke out of turn.”

The man was apologizing, but his expression seemed a bit strange.

In his eyes, the woman beside Emmanuel was alluring and charming. Emmanuel must surely be tempted, but he was pretending to be serious to avoid drawing attention, afraid of being noticed.

“Well, do you mind if I have a drink with her?”

The man took the opportunity to invite Queenie for a drink.

Emmanuel casually smiled. “Feel free.”

Queenie noticed his expression and lightly bit her red lips. She felt uneasy. Could it be that he doesn’t care about me anymore?


Queenie raised a full glass of wine and drank it defiantly.

“Another one!”

After a glass, Queenie took the initiative to invite the man to continue.

At first, the man was happy, but after a few consecutive drinks, he realized that something was amiss. This gorgeous woman in front of him didn’t seem to be drinking for pleasure..

“Cheers, another one!”

Queenie successfully became the center of attention at the banquet. After downing seven or eight glasses in a row, she even drove away the men who had initially approached her.

Before the man hastily left, he gave Emmanuel a pleading eye, silently asking for his intervention.

Emmanuel could only turn his head and look at Queenie.

The village belle of Hero’s Village was already half-drunk, and her originally fair complexion had turned rosy. Her excited movements revealed a hint of seductiveness.

Her posture was undeniably seductive, like a big pink, lazy cat that made people want to hold and play with her.

“That’s enough.”

Just as Queenie wanted to continue drinking, Emmanuel reached out and held her glass.

Queenie lifted her gaze, her slightly tipsy eyes extremely alluring and sensual.

Her irises were brown, glistening like gold under the ambient lighting.

A Whirlwind Marriage with the Beautiful CEO Novel Full Episode

A Whirlwind Marriage with the Beautiful CEO Novel Full Episode

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He initially assumed that women who needed blind dates must have significant flaws, either physically or mentally. Emmanuel Lowe never imagined that the woman sitting before him would be a gorgeous beauty with a refined appearance! As it turned out, he had accidentally gone to the wrong table for the blind date and met the wrong woman! To his surprise, Emmanuel Lowe and the woman even had a whirlwind marriage. From then on, whenever he encountered challenges, her involvement would easily solve all problems. It wasn’t until one day, when he saw an interview with the wealthiest woman in Yeringham, that he was astonished to find that the incredibly wealthy beauty looked exactly like his wife! She said, “I could become the wealthiest woman because I have a man supporting me from behind the scenes!”  


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