A Whirlwind Marriage with the Beautiful CEO Chapter 980

A Whirlwind Marriage with the Beautiful CEO Chapter 980

Chapter 980


“If you don’t want to drink with me, that’s fine. But why won’t you let me drink? You’re so mean!” Queenie’s voice grew louder, whether intentionally or due to her drunken state.

Almost all eyes in the room turned toward them.

Even Shane found it quite exciting to watch. If Red were also drunk and said, “Shane, you’re so naughty,” that would be perfect.

Seeing this, Beatriz became furious.

She stood up, walked over with a stern expression, and pointed at Queenie, angrily saying, “You, get out! You’re not welcome at this banquet!”

Queenie immediately looked aggrieved, her eyes slightly red, and tears welled up almost instantly.

A woman’s tears always have a way of stirring sympathy, especially from men.

“Emmanuel, it’s getting late. Why don’t you take Ms. Banner home from now?” Terence also didn’t want this woman to disrupt the banquet and instructed.

Emmanuel nodded without objections.

However, Beatriz quickly interjected. “No! Let someone else take her. I think that Shane is a perfect fit for the task. I can’t let-”

“Shut up!” Before he could say ‘brother-in-law,’ Terence interrupted, giving his granddaughter a stern look.

Beatriz had no choice but to close her mouth, looking somewhat disheartened. She decided not to continue.

She knew her grandfather’s intentions. If everyone found out that Emmanuel was her brother-in-law, it would definitely cause a public scandal, and her sister would eventually hear about it.

However, her grandfather trusted her brother-in-law, but she didn’t trust Queenie. She feared her brother-in-law might be seduced if he took her home.

She was afraid that her brother-in-law might make a mistake in the heat of the moment, and what would her sister do then?

“I’ll take her home for now. Call me if you need anything.” Emmanuel said as he helped Queenie to her feet and walked away.

Shane watched this scene with a hint of envy. Just a moment ago, Beatriz had asked him to take Queenie home, and he was more than willing.

After all, Queenie was considered the village belle of Hero’s Village. Many young boys’ childhood dreams included walking her/home when they grew up.

Queenie didn’t display unusual behavior until they left the banquet hall. Suddenly, she stumbled and nearly fell.

Emmanuel quickly grabbed her waist and pulled her back.

Unexpectedly, she used the opportunity to fall into his embrace. The scent of her perfume and the smell of alcohol permeated Emmanuel’s senses.

If it were any other man, Queenie’s figure and appearance would likely provoke some thoughts.


Emmanuel remained unfazed and asked, “Queenie, are you able to walk?”

Queenie didn’t respond for a moment, appearing as if she had fallen asleep in his arms.

Emmanuel called over two female hotel attendants to come over, gave them a tip, and instructed them. “Please help me carry her to the car.”

The female attendants were surprised.

This man appeared quite strong, and they wondered if he couldn’t even lift a woman who weighed less than a hundred pounds.

Was he pretending to be serious?

Regardless of what they thought, they accepted the tip and helped lift Queenie into the car.

Queenie fell asleep as soon as she got into the car, her arms and legs sprawled out, completely devoid of grace. It seemed like she had indeed had too much to drink.

Her figure was alluring, like a ripe fruit.

For any man with even slightly weaker willpower, seeing a beautiful woman in this state might lead them to indulge in a moment of temptation.

Fortunately, Emmanuel was not that type of person. Additionally, he possessed medical skills. After massaging a few acupoints on her body, Queenie gradually began to sober up. She leaned out of the car window and vomited.

Emmanuel picked up a thermos from the car and poured her a cup of hot water.

“Thank you.”

Queenie was regaining her senses and gratefully took the cup. She drank the water in large gulps as though it were alcohol. Her eyes still had a hint of watery sheen.

“Where do you live? I’ll take you home.”

Emmanuel asked politely.

“Number 33, Onyx Lane. It’s close to the mine.”

Queenie responded directly.

Emmanuel nodded and started driving.

During the journey, neither of them said a word. The atmosphere was quiet and somewhat awkward.

“We’re here.

Emmanuel dropped Queenie off at her destination without intending to accompany her inside.

A Whirlwind Marriage with the Beautiful CEO Novel Full Episode

A Whirlwind Marriage with the Beautiful CEO Novel Full Episode

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He initially assumed that women who needed blind dates must have significant flaws, either physically or mentally. Emmanuel Lowe never imagined that the woman sitting before him would be a gorgeous beauty with a refined appearance! As it turned out, he had accidentally gone to the wrong table for the blind date and met the wrong woman! To his surprise, Emmanuel Lowe and the woman even had a whirlwind marriage. From then on, whenever he encountered challenges, her involvement would easily solve all problems. It wasn’t until one day, when he saw an interview with the wealthiest woman in Yeringham, that he was astonished to find that the incredibly wealthy beauty looked exactly like his wife! She said, “I could become the wealthiest woman because I have a man supporting me from behind the scenes!”  


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