Alpha Raze’s Surrogate Mate by Sunshine Chapter 11

Alpha Raze’s Surrogate Mate by Sunshine Chapter 11

Chapter 11
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When I left Amber at the dining hall of my home, I had only one destination after that. I needed to speak to my men because I knew they all wanted answers even when they knew what this meant for us. The night walkers pack hasn’t seen an Omega in years. As a warrior pack, our lives have been dedicated to nothing but fighting battles and protecting our territory. Most of those wars came at us when we were unprepared and what better way to attack warriors than their mates? A lot of my warriors lost their mates and most of them were lucky enough to meet their second chance mates whenever we conquered another pack and they brought them back to our pack. I accepted them into our pack after making sure the females swear an oath of allegiance to the pack. We’ve had all kinds of wolves but never an Omega. Omegas were blessings to warrior packs like ours. They were the best when it came to replacing the dead mates of warrior wolves. Unlike other packs who ridicule and think low of Omegas, we respected them. We needed them and when we weren’t expecting or looking, one showed up right at our doorstep like she was sent by the moon goddess. I knew my men have been concerned about me for a long time now. I was 25 and still had no mate. I’d never been interested in finding one and unlike my men who find females who they in turn mark, all I do is find the ones who can warm my bed and relieve me when I need it. My loyalty to protecting my pack and keeping my reputation and not living the same life my Parents did hasn’t given me the time for commitment to a single woman. Having no mate equalled having heir. An average male wolf, especially an Alpha, is meant to be with their mate at eighteen but mine has stretched long enough and had my men worried about who would continue my legacy. I needed an heir and it seemed like the moon goddess had blessed me with an opportunity to have one. My men were already waiting for me at the training grounds that were far away from where their families and mates resided. Our training and war secrets are sacred and can’t even be shared with our mates. No one knew our weaknesses other than us. When I arrived, the men were seated in a circular form. Zane had gathered them there and when he saw me, he stood and approached me so he could stand behind me dutifully. My men all stood in respect to my presence too. “You all must have heard about the Omega found at the borders of our pack.” The men nodded in unison. Their faces held hope and excitement at the new development. I’d expected most of them to want to claim the Omega but my men respected boundaries and it feels like everyone of them knew right from the moment they saw her, that she was mine. I knew right from the moment I saw her too. The feeling that zinged through me wasn’t one I have ever felt all of the times I have come in contact with females. I’ve had many of them in my bed, all of which were willing to please the feral Alpha of the night walkers pack but I have never felt this need to own them and possess them for more than a night. I met Amber for only a day and she’s never been in my bed yet I wanted to own her for life. To claim her. To make her in places that would brand her for life and keep other motherfu ckers off her. To bury myself deep inside of her, have her milk me dry or all my seeds and then watch as they grow inside of her till she’s all bloated for me and produce pups as beautiful as her. Hell, the thought of it had me going hard again, I was overwhelmed with need for her but I knew I couldn’t act upon it yet. Not until she knows what her fate is now that she has shinkmed into my pack. “The Omegas have been investigated and found harmless.” I continued to address the men, “And worthy to carry my heir.” The men erupted in a loud cheer. Clapping their hands, hooting and whistling in excitement for me and our future. I grinned, enjoying every bit of the warm reception the news was getting. “Hand me my fifty bucks, Jared.” Ezra, one of my top
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Chapter 11
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warriors said to another one of my warriors beside him. Jared groaned and dipped his hands inside his pocket to hand Ezra the fifty bucks. “Sorry Alpha, you were saying?” Everyone burst into laughter. “Did you place a bet on me?” I asked, chuckling. “Not exactly on you but we all suspected what the Omega’s presence will cause but Jared here had other ideas. He says you were too good for an Omega.” The men laughed and some sent playful punches in Jared’s direction. I didn’t find it funny, how they referred to her as an Omega when to me, it felt like she was much more. To them, it should be that way too. She would be the future Luna of our pack. The first one in years. “Her name is Amber and you need to learn to respect her.” I said as balmy as I could but the noises died down, showing that the men knew my calm words didn’t mean I was blowing hot in anger. “She will be your Luna in days to come.” “Of course, forgive us for our ignorance, Alpha. Everyone is just so excited. When will we officially get to meet her?” Ezra asked. I picture Amber meeting all of this men with huge bodies, murderous gazes and numerous scars on their body and I could see was a frightened cat in the middle of h She wasn’t ready yet. “She still hasn’t adjusted to life here. You’ll all scare her.” “Ahh…we can’t be as scary as you are.” One of the men said and they all Burst out laughing again. These men were my only family and I couldn’t even get mad at them for too long if I wanted to. How they switch from being killer machines to playful fools was beyond me. Zane seemed like the only serious one at that moment and so I turned to him. “Zane, you seem like the only one who is in his right state of mind among this lot. Tell me, what do you think we should do to get her used to life here?” “Maybe because Zane is no different, that’s why he doesn’t find anything funny.” Zane glared in the direction of the voice that mocked him and the men burst out laughing again. “Ohhh…someone’s mad.” Zane sighed and decided to focus on answering my question instead, “Being around warrior wolves isn’t exactly calming. Most of the women who came here with us all had a hard time adjusting. You could take her under your care and train her yourself but I think it’s safe for her to be around girls like her first. Zane might be right. If I wanted to get to Amber a lot faster, I needed to make her feel safe. I nodded in agreement to his words before turning back to the men. “Let your mates know about the new development so everything else can run smoothly.” “Yes, Alpha.” The me chorused. “Now, to celebrate, training is off for tomorrow. Have fun with your mates and put the bills in my name.” The men cheered as I made the announcement. Their cheers
my room and followed me out of the training ground with Zane walking closely behind me. I headed for stopped when I passed by the one I’d assigned to Amber. I paused and let my hearing senses heighten so I can listen for the tiniest sound of her inside of the room. Her soft breathing and light snores hit my ears and it made warmth spread through my heart. She was sound asleep and at the calmest she’s been since we met. I chuckled. She was pretty relaxed for someone who seemed terrified by the idea of staying at my pack for months. “You haven’t told her, have you?” Zane asked. I knew what he was asking so I shook my head. “Do you think she’d agree to be your surrogate mate? What if she finds her mate?” I clenched my fists at the thought of Amber finding her mate. I couldn’t let it happen and I couldn’t let her leave. “She won’t. Not after I’ve marked her as mine.” I said. “Then you’d better make it quick, Alpha Raze. An Omega goes into heat once every month and the chances of finding her true mate during that time are high.” I won’t let that happen either. I would keep her so close to me that when she finds herself brining with heat, I’d be there to ease her and give her pleasure. It would be my own greatest pleasure too. Mine and mine alone.

Alpha Raze’s Surrogate Mate by Sunshine

Alpha Raze’s Surrogate Mate by Sunshine

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Amber Reegan: The night I rejected my manipulative mate and stood up to my abusive father was the last night I spent in our pack. As the weak, Omega child of my father, I'm seen as a total waste of sperm and he has wanted nothing more than to get rid of me. And that night, my father found the perfect time to banish me. I wandered off into the wild forest, cradling my bleeding heart. Somehow, I winded up on the territory of Nightwalker pack and had to face their ruthless Alpha, Raze Von Miller. A one-time meeting stretched out into something intimate and I'm left wondering if he's the home I've been in search of all my life.

Alpha Raze's Surrogate Mate by Sunshine

Alpha Raze: When my patrol men found an intruder on the borders, it felt like the same old shit. Not until I saw who the intruder was. I was awestruck by her puffy, amber eyes and I knew I wanted more with her. Having her as my surrogate mate was not enough. I needed her to stay with me forever and trust me with the secrets that keep her crying at night. I needed her to feel safe with me. But one day, I woke up to the reality that she was more than just some random stray. It was thrilling and devastating to know there was more to the frail werewolf who stole my heart at a glance...


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