Alpha Raze’s Surrogate Mate by Sunshine Chapter 14

Alpha Raze’s Surrogate Mate by Sunshine Chapter 14

Chapter 14
i ran back to the room like my pants were caught on fire. Something was burning anyways, it was not just my pants. My cheeks were so inflamed by the heat of the words Alpha Raze had said to me. The burning feeling made me shocked at myself and now easily shaken. I was by mere words that it made heat to also pull in between my thighs. He’d known it even before I did. That I was aroused by just standing so close to him and I’d been too embarrassed not to run from him the way I did The close proximity made me realize something I must have just subtly looked over when we first met. The male was carved like a g od! A freaking sculptured work of art that took precision at every single point where the features of his face met. The full eyebrows shaped into a perfect deceiving arc that would give every female a run from their money and dark long lashes that fluttered like they breathed the air of their own. His eyes were mesmerizing, and his inviting lips called to be kissed till they y were burst and bleeding. Don’t even get me started on his scent that messed with all the wireworks in my head-strong and dominant just like he was. I couldn’t blame myself for melting like butter and being unable to stand my ground while with him. Even now as I tried on dress after dress, I couldn’t stop thinking about him and the brief moment of closeness between us. I found myself thinking with each change of dress-would he prefer this? Did this show too much cleavage? Was the neckline of this too low? Was I revealing too much skin? Would he think of me as a wh ore too? Then I’d answer my own questions in my head too. He probably likes red a lot. This doesn’t show too much cleavage, it’s just right. The neckline isn’t all bad. He got all of these dresses for me knowing how they’d look, there was no way he’d think of me as a wh ore. Right? “Amber…are you going to pick a dress already?” Arya finally voiced out after standing behind me for so long and helping me into the dresses. I swiftly turned back, gripping the red long velvet dress I now had on. It was simple, straight and had a slit that rode
up to my thighs. The room was a mess of dresses all over the floor yoo. “I’m sorry. I just don’t know what he’d like.” Arya chuckled knowingly, “Ahh…so you’d rather please him now? You were a different girl a few minutes ago, what changed?” I tried to hide my blush again. It was hard to deny the kind of pull I had to Alpha Raze and the kind of one he had to me. He was intentional and straightforward about what he wanted and I’d be a fool to not see that the Alpha wanted me. I just didn’t know what about me made the feared Alpha have such inhibitions towards me. “He said he didn’t like to be defied. Better do as told than lose my head, right?” I said, shrugging. “You are an interesting character, Amber but believe me, that dress looks perfect on you. I’m sure he’ll love it.” I looked back at myself in the mirror. Amber had helped me style my hair properly again and also added subtle makeup to my face so I wouldn’t go back to him bare-faced again although according to her, he wouldn’t mind either way. “Are you sure?” I still felt awkward, insecure and unsure about how I looked. “The Alpha isn’t as patient as you might think, Amber. We don’t want to keep him waiting any longer.” I nodded in agreement. We’ve been here for too long. What if I made him really mad? “We should go then.” I walked towards the door. “Great,” Amber chimed, following closely behind me. My palms got clammy as I walked the familiar halls of the house towards my destination where the Alpha is waiting for me. I ran my palms on my dress more than a few times to stop the wet feeling that keeps coming each time. We finally reached the dining room and I half-expected the Alpha to be really mad at me for taking too long, however I was met with disappointment. For someone whose heart didn’t stop beating hard till I got here, I made how disappointed I was too obvious as I saw someone other than the Alpha waiting for me in the dining room. I remembered him clearly as the man who
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Chapter 14
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had come to see me first when I got captured by the men at the border of the night walkers pack. I remembered the Alpha referring to him as Zane and he has the aura of a Beta. He was Alpha Raze’s Beta. “Ma’am.” He bowed and it startled me. Did he just… He raised his head and took a few more steps towards me. “You must remember me.” He said. “Yes.” I remembered him clearly. The men had manhandled me when he came
around. He was the one who had suggested being taken to Alpha Raze. Why was he according to me so much respect? I was lesser than him in rank and in every sense of the word. “The Alpha has asked me to escort you to the Main part of the pack.” Escort me? Where was he? And what was this about a main part of the pack? Beta Zane must have read through me to see the question in my eyes. “The Alpha had to go somewhere. He will join you at the Main pack center.” I felt my heart sink to my stomach and I didn’t even know why. Shouldn’t I be glad that he was nowhere around? Shouldn’t I be happy about not being in his presence? Why did it make me feel down? I didn’t even have an appetite anymore and I felt stu pid for dressing up as well. “Why do I have to go there?” “He wants me to show you around the pack with the help of the females who also stay there. He thinks it would help you settle into the pack unlike staying with the warriors.” Alpha Raze was looking out for me. It made my heart that had been dragged to the bottomless pit in my stomach return to its place in my chest. “Do you want me to wait while you eat? I can always come back after you’re done.” Zane offered. I looked at the food set on the table and shook my head. “There’s no need for that. I do not feel so hungry.” Zane nodded. “Then we should get going.” I was about to follow him but stopped when I realized Arya wasn’t following. “Arya isn’t going with us?” “She can’t leave the Alpha’s home.” Zane explained. Arya also agreed, “You don’t have to worry about anything. I’ll be right here when you return and you are in good hands with Beta Zane.” I really wanted her to go with me. I mean, I didn’t even know where we were heading to but Arya kept assuring me that I was in safe hands. What was the worst that could happen anyway? I was in danger the moment I walked into the territory of the night walkers and even bigger danger when I encountered their Alpha. I didn’t think there was anything I could face that would top any of that at the moment. “Thank you, Arya.” Arya returned a warm smile, “Now, go on.” Zane stepped out of the way, “After you.” I walked past him and heard him fall right into step behind me. We walked out of the Alpha’s home towards his sp ac ious garage that had expensive and luxurious cars parked in them. Zane picked one and didn’t even let me open my own door. He hurried to open it for me and though it felt awkward to be respected so much by a Beta, I thanked him and took my place in the car. He took his too beside me and then drove out of the place. “Why is there a Main pack center?” Lasked Zane because I really wanted to know. There was nothing like that back in my pack. We had a pack house where most meetings took place and that was the only place that needed a special. “It’s where the wolves live with their mates. It’s at the heart of the pack.” Zane answered. I’ve always known the night walkers as warrior wolves. “Why can’t they live at the training center with them?” “Staying far away from here is the only way we can protect our females. We already lost too much. Females are not allowed back here and that’s why Arya is the only one you met at the Alpha’s home.” It all made sense now but it made me itch to ask another question. I didn’t fall into the category of a mate or a maid. All I was a female! One under investigation at that, so where did I belong? “Would I be staying there too?” I asked. Zane looked at me for the very first time since he began driving. Ahead of us, the huge sign that said “Main pack” signified that we had gotten to our destination. “No.” He answered me. I gulped, “Why?” Loud festive music suddenly began to blare from heaven knows where. Zane grinned. “You’re about to find out.” What is going on?
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Alpha Raze’s Surrogate Mate by Sunshine

Alpha Raze’s Surrogate Mate by Sunshine

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Amber Reegan: The night I rejected my manipulative mate and stood up to my abusive father was the last night I spent in our pack. As the weak, Omega child of my father, I'm seen as a total waste of sperm and he has wanted nothing more than to get rid of me. And that night, my father found the perfect time to banish me. I wandered off into the wild forest, cradling my bleeding heart. Somehow, I winded up on the territory of Nightwalker pack and had to face their ruthless Alpha, Raze Von Miller. A one-time meeting stretched out into something intimate and I'm left wondering if he's the home I've been in search of all my life.

Alpha Raze's Surrogate Mate by Sunshine

Alpha Raze: When my patrol men found an intruder on the borders, it felt like the same old shit. Not until I saw who the intruder was. I was awestruck by her puffy, amber eyes and I knew I wanted more with her. Having her as my surrogate mate was not enough. I needed her to stay with me forever and trust me with the secrets that keep her crying at night. I needed her to feel safe with me. But one day, I woke up to the reality that she was more than just some random stray. It was thrilling and devastating to know there was more to the frail werewolf who stole my heart at a glance...


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