Alpha Raze’s Surrogate Mate by Sunshine Chapter 7

Alpha Raze’s Surrogate Mate by Sunshine Chapter 7

Chapter 7
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Nothing has fascinated me in a long time. Nothing has stirred a different feeling in my chest other than to destroy, conquer and make my name a prayer on the lips of everyone who is a victim of my power. All that has changed in just a few minutes of meeting a battered girl with beautiful Amber eyes who has somehow stumbled into my pack and looks lost like a puppy. Of all the things that did it for me, it’s an Omega like her and from one of the packs that I have overlooked when the Alpha constantly asked to be allies with the night walkers pack. Alpha Regan is a popular name amongst packs and even when I fail to relate with other packs so well, I make it a mission to investigate everything about them to decide if they would be a threat to my rule or my pack and eliminate them before they become too strong to cause me trouble. The Wolfsbane pack is quite an impressive pack and many times, its Alpha has reached out to me by sending letters that sometimes never even get to me because my warriors know what to do. And the ones that get to me, I blatantly ignore because I work alone. I am only loyal to my pack and its people and will die before I form an alliance with any other pack. I have to maintain the reputation and strength of my pack so no matter how powerful another pack is, mine has to remain the strongest. A few days ago, I’d been invited to the Wolfsbane pack to celebrate the marriage of Alpha Regan’s daughter and her mate. I had no interest in such flimsy celebrations other than to make sure I kept my eyes on them. In a place where tons of Alpha’s are converged, anything that can threaten my pack could happen. But right in front of me is the most threatening situation ever. An Omega from the wolfsbane pack. She looks innocent. Pure. Beautiful. Scared. It doesn’t sit with me that she’s scared of me. It is the very first time that I would hate the look of fear in the eyes of someone. Even as I have tried to assure her that I’d never hurt her, that I’d be crazy to h hurt something as delicate as her, she still looks conscious and won’t make even a single move out of the chair. “Can you stand?” I try to keep my voice as soft as possible again. Heck, I’m not so gentle yet I’m able to be like that around Amber. Amber nods, avoiding eye contact with me. “Stand and follow me,” I turn around with my hands still in my pockets. I hate the fear in her eyes so much that I don’t want to see it anymore. While I wait for her, I suddenly hear a loud screech of the chair on the floor of the room followed by a thud and a slight wince from Amber. I swerve around immediately and she’s grabbing the chair tightly as she tries to stand again. S hit, did she fall? I rush over to her and try to help her up but she flinches and crawls backward. “I’m- Don’t hurt me…” She pleads, eyes glossy. I would never hurt her yet it dampens my spirits to think she believes I could ever do that. I move closer and stop ner by grabbing her arm before she can move further backward. She clenches her eyes shut. My eyes wander to the red marks on her ankles and arms and I grimace, realizing I should have trained my men better. The ropes were tied too tightly around her and now she can’t walk properly from the pain. “Amber, let me help you up. I won’t hurt you.” I try again because of how she’s rigid against me when I touch her and try to help her. She wordlessly opens her eyes they meet mine. F uck…how did she make it here? Her body softens against my arms as slowly, she lets me help her up. I do not know what I was thinking but as soon as I manage to get her on her feet, I swoop her up and carry her in my arms. She yelps, putting her arms around my neck and grabbing me right. Her touch is soft and perfect wrapped around me like that. Like it belongs there. I pause to look at her dazed face. “Wha-what are-y-ou doing?” She stutters. “You can’t walk on your own and those bruises need to be treated.” I say, “I’m-fine…I can-I can walk on my own.” “The bruises say otherwise. Relax and let me help you, okay?” She grips me even tighter, “But-” “No buts, Amber.” I
Emergency calls only Mu
Chapter 7
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command, not meaning for my the Alpha aura inside of me to come out the way it did because she is arguing with me but it shuts her up and that’s enough for me. I walk out of the torture room with her in my arms. My men who are stationed outside of the torture room all find it hard to hide their surprise as I pass by. I stop in front of one of them. “Who found the Omega?” I ask? The men exchange confused glances before one of them turns to look at me, “We both did, Alpha. She was tresp a ssing and-” “You mo rons, you should have been more careful with her!” I snap. They seem taken aback by my outburst. How st upid could they be to treat a harmless female like that when they know that as warrior wolves, Omegas were like a blessing to us. “I’m sorry, Alpha!” They echo at once. I don’t spare them another glance and just walk away with Amber in my arms. By now, she has her head buried into my chest avoiding the men who bow as we pass. I walk through the hallway of my huge home to get to the room where I expect Zane to have prepared for her. I find him standing there beside the only maid who works in my home. “Is the room ready?” I ask. The maid bows, “Yes, Alpha.” I attempt to walk into the room with her still in my arms but her tiny voice stops me, “Please…let me down, I can walk on my own from here.” I shake my head, “No, let me.” “Alpha,” The maid calls and I turn to her, “Allow me to take it from here, she is terrified. Anyone would be too if they got carried all the way here by a man like you.” The voice of the
maid is soft and she has a warm smile on her face that asks me to trust her. I trust her anyway with a story
behind it and that is the reason why she is a she-wolf who lives among warrior wolves. I huff at her words. A man like me? Did she have to point it out in front of the Omega? “Fine.” I say and slowly let Amber down. The maid moves swiftly on her feet to help Amber. Amber leans into her quickly unlike the way she flinches when I touch her. Although it annoys me, another part of me is glad that she can relax with the maid. “Have her take a warm bath and treat her bruises.” I command. “Yes, Alpha.” The sound of a stomach rumbling stops the next words I am about to say. I watch as Amber grips her tummy and tries to hide her embarrassment with her hair as she masks it fall over her face. “I’m sorry.” She says weakly. She’s hungry. “When you’re done, have her join me for dinner at the table.” I say to the maid again and she nods. I take one last look at Amber, letting my eyes linger on her like it’s the last time I will see her. I stay till the maid helps Amber into the room and closes the door behind them. Then I turn to look at Zane, my mood instantly shifting. “Do you know what this means?” I ask him and he nods. We both know fully well what it means to have an Omega in our midst as a pack of warriors. “What do we tell the people? News seems to have travelled fast that an Omega is in the pack.” I grimace knowing that every warrior wolf in my pack will crave the Omega. The first one to stumble into our pack in years since I took over as the Alpha and built this formidable pack. “I guess I have to make a formal announcement.” I say as I think about the only this could possibly mean for me as an Alpha without a mate in the last 25 years” let everyone know their Luna has arrived.”

Alpha Raze’s Surrogate Mate by Sunshine

Alpha Raze’s Surrogate Mate by Sunshine

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Amber Reegan: The night I rejected my manipulative mate and stood up to my abusive father was the last night I spent in our pack. As the weak, Omega child of my father, I'm seen as a total waste of sperm and he has wanted nothing more than to get rid of me. And that night, my father found the perfect time to banish me. I wandered off into the wild forest, cradling my bleeding heart. Somehow, I winded up on the territory of Nightwalker pack and had to face their ruthless Alpha, Raze Von Miller. A one-time meeting stretched out into something intimate and I'm left wondering if he's the home I've been in search of all my life.

Alpha Raze's Surrogate Mate by Sunshine

Alpha Raze: When my patrol men found an intruder on the borders, it felt like the same old shit. Not until I saw who the intruder was. I was awestruck by her puffy, amber eyes and I knew I wanted more with her. Having her as my surrogate mate was not enough. I needed her to stay with me forever and trust me with the secrets that keep her crying at night. I needed her to feel safe with me. But one day, I woke up to the reality that she was more than just some random stray. It was thrilling and devastating to know there was more to the frail werewolf who stole my heart at a glance...


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