Alpha Raze’s Surrogate Mate by Sunshine Chapter 9

Alpha Raze’s Surrogate Mate by Sunshine Chapter 9

Chapter 9
“Come, sit.” I beckon to the girl I have been waiting for for so long now in the dining hall of my private home. Her Amber eyes dart across the room, uncertainty dancing inside of them. I watch as she grips the ends of the dress. she is wearing tightly, enough to make her knuckles turn ash white against the red material. I want to stand and go to her myself, bring her to sit with me but I know better. She is terrified. It is still there in her eyes and I’m afraid I’d scare her even more as I remember how she flinches at my touch. This is a new one. This feeling of wanting someone to feel something else other than fear for me but it is something expected of an Omega. Submission and fear is a part of them. It is why Alpha Males like me are drawn to them like a moth to a flame. Just like I am now. I am freaking drawn to everything about the omega in front of me. Being battered and covered in bruises earlier didn’t make her any less attractive but now that she’s dressed in the red material i personally picked out minutes ago, I’m f ucking mind-blown. Her long raven black hair is tied up in a neat bun with strands of it falling perfectly into place by the sides of her face. I want to make the hair fall out of place again but now isn’t the time. The dress hugs her features perfectly, every curve and ever dip is accentuated by the material. I can’t help the way I rake my eyes over her like I am a predator. Indeed, wolves are predators and this innocent looking Omega is my prey. Mine and mine alone. I calm down the raging beast inside of me. That of my wolf and the one straining hard against my pants. This isn’t the time for the both of them to throw a tantrum and make a scene. “Amber,” I call again as softly as I can. I am a very impatient man and I don’t need anyone to tell me I do not like to waste time. Amber will come to learn that later when she is fully submissive to me as her Alpha but for now, I need to take the fear away before it’s replaced with submission. I like the way her name feels on my lips. I like the way I can call her that and look into her eyes as I do because it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. “You need to eat, Amber.” When I still see the reluctance in her eyes, I sigh and stand up from where I am seated around the huge dining table to sit on one of the seats that is far away from where she would probably sit. I don’t like the distance but I need to get the Omega to trust me first if I want my plans for her to go the
want them to. “You can sit now, Amber. Sit and enjoy your meal. I won’t hurt you.” I assure one more time and I think the distance does it for her because she slowly walks further into the dining hall, her hands in front of her as she fiddles with them. When she settles on the seat at the edge of the table, about five seats away from me, I am relieved. Her eyes widen when she comes face to face with all of the doof on the table. The edible items range from fruits, to the most exotic drinks and mouth watering meals. Okay, maybe it’s a little too much but it’s not everyday someone like her waltzes into your pack. Someone who is nothing short of a blessing to a pack that has only recorded deaths and no births for so many years. “Is this all for me?” She asks, eyes still wide. I grin, proud of myself for being able to make the Omega stunned by my hospitality. That’s my first win. “Yes, it’s all yours, Amber. Eat.” I say to her. She hesitates again, eying the food warily. Wait…does she think the food is poisoned? To clear whatever doubts she had, I take a spoonful of one of the meals and put it into my mouth to reassure her that what she’s probably thinking isn’t the case. I make eye contact with her as I munch on the food. It’s as if we make some sort of connection with the way we lock eyes together. I wish I could
tch those Amber orbs all day. She finally averts her eyes to the meals on the table. She slowly picks up a cutlery and gingerly forks the meal before taking it into her mouth. I smile when her eyes brighten. She takes another spoon after that with less hesitation and I sit there and watch her enjoy the meal. For a girl, Amber is a
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Chapter 9
pretty good eater. She takes a bite out of every meal on the table, wolfing them down and leaving me wonder how her that slender body can take so much at once. She downs multiple cups of the drinks on the table. I made sure to select the best bottles of wines from my winery, the ones that are sweet and lack alcohol. I want her sober when we start talking. She looks so surreal, so divine eating that way. I like how it seems like she has forsaken her manners for a split second in front of me. Anything but fear is acceptable from her. Even when she’s at her most unladylike behavior right now. I of course worry for her and speak up, “Slow down, Amber. You
might get sick from eating too much. The food is all yours and you get to have this much set on your table every day from now on.” She stops, her mouth packed to the brim with food that she struggles to munch and then
swallow. “Every-everyday?” She asks. I nod, “Everyday.” It seems like something dawns on the pretty raven- haired Omega because she sets her spoon down and looks straight at me. “Why?” I can’t tell her why. Not yet. Even I haven’t completely figured it out yet. She will be even more terrified than she already is if I let her in on what my plans for her are. What her future holds in my pack and how important she is to us all. I decide to hold that bit of information to myself. “Why don’t you tell me about yourself instead? All I know is your name and the pack you are from.” I notice how the switch in her eyes at my question. Those eyes can tell me everything I need to know and they will give it away if she lies to me. “I was banished.” She says. “Why?” I pr od further. “For disobeying my father.” She says again. Inod. She isn’t lying but it also seems like she isn’t willing to say and like I have promised myself, I wouldn’t force anything on her unless it demands it. Panic crosses her eyes at the long silence that ensues after. “Are you going to send me back to my pack? I can’t go back there.” I chuckle. If only she knows. “I won’t send you back there, Amber.” I assure. “Then-what are you going to do with me?” She asks, her tone laced with fear and uncertainty. You will bear the next warrior Alpha. That is your fate. I want to say that to her so badly but I can’t. Not just yet. That will scare her. Instead, I lean closer on the table and my sharp ears catch her sharp intake of breath even from the distance between us, “What do you think is the punishment for a trespasser? For all we know you could be a spy.” I tease. Usually spies don’t work alone and I have asked Zane to scout the area in search of anyone else but he found none which further proved that she was just a girl who walked into the wrong place. She is frantic, “No! I swear I’m not.” I lean back into my seat, enjoying every bit of this more than I should. “We’ll see about that. We’re currently investigating. Till then, you will remain in my pack.” She visibly gulps, her Amber eyes widening even more. This is going to be so much

Alpha Raze’s Surrogate Mate by Sunshine

Alpha Raze’s Surrogate Mate by Sunshine

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Amber Reegan: The night I rejected my manipulative mate and stood up to my abusive father was the last night I spent in our pack. As the weak, Omega child of my father, I'm seen as a total waste of sperm and he has wanted nothing more than to get rid of me. And that night, my father found the perfect time to banish me. I wandered off into the wild forest, cradling my bleeding heart. Somehow, I winded up on the territory of Nightwalker pack and had to face their ruthless Alpha, Raze Von Miller. A one-time meeting stretched out into something intimate and I'm left wondering if he's the home I've been in search of all my life.

Alpha Raze's Surrogate Mate by Sunshine

Alpha Raze: When my patrol men found an intruder on the borders, it felt like the same old shit. Not until I saw who the intruder was. I was awestruck by her puffy, amber eyes and I knew I wanted more with her. Having her as my surrogate mate was not enough. I needed her to stay with me forever and trust me with the secrets that keep her crying at night. I needed her to feel safe with me. But one day, I woke up to the reality that she was more than just some random stray. It was thrilling and devastating to know there was more to the frail werewolf who stole my heart at a glance...


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