An Understated Dominance by Marina Chapter 1984

An Understated Dominance by Marina Chapter 1984

Chapter 1984

“Are you threatening me?”

Margaret asked calmly.

“You can understand it as…advice.”

Thomas Grey smiled meaningfully: “Miss Margaret, those who know the current affairs are heroes. You are a smart person. I believe you should know how to choose.” Among the

many forces in the southwest, the three major sects are the only ones. respect.

Among the three sects, Youlong Sect is recognized as the first, Flying Sect ranks second, and Golden Knife Sect ranks third.

With the power of their Flying Sect, they are already enough to dominate one side, not to mention that they have now formed an alliance with the Youlong Sect.

Together, the two sects can conquer all directions.

Looking at the entire southwest, who dares to confront them head-on?

“I’m sorry, I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint you. I still say that we have to share it together, otherwise there will be no discussion.” Margaret’s tone did not waver at all.

“Huh?” Thomas Grey’s face darkened, and he said sternly: “Bitch! Don’t drink the toast and drink it as a fine!” ”

How outrageous!”

Margaret’s guard captain was furious and suddenly drew his sword at him.

You dare to be disrespectful to your own lady, you are so impatient!

As soon as the guard captain moved, dozens of elite guards drew their swords out of their sheaths, looking ready to make a move.

“Young Master Thomas, you’d better be polite when you speak, otherwise my subordinates will do anything once they get excited.” Margaret’s eyes grew cold.

“Okay! Very good!”

Thomas Grey gritted his teeth and said slyly: “It seems that you haven’t realized the seriousness of the problem and offended our Flying Sect and Youlong Sect. Do you know what will happen? ”

I will not offend anyone unless they offend me; if someone offends me, I will punish them.” Margaret’s expression did not change.

“Hmph! I think you won’t shed tears until you see the coffin!”

Thomas Grey got angry, and when he was about to explode, the man next to him raised his hand to stop him: “Brother Thomas, please be patient, let me handle this matter. Marcus Ring stepped forward, stared at Margaret proudly, and said calmly: “Miss Margaret, to tell you the truth, we masters from the Dragon Sect and Flying Sect are on their way and will meet us soon.

If If you cooperate with us now, not only will you be safe, but you will also get a lot of treasures.

On the contrary, if you insist on being our enemy, you will be a moth flying into the flame and destroy yourself!

As the saying goes, a person must be self-aware. Why do you have to involve yourself for some irrelevant people?” ”

To me, you are the irrelevant people. Why should I abandon my friends and choose to cooperate with you group of irrelevant people? Margaret asked rhetorically.

“If you don’t cooperate with us, do you think you can successfully seize the treasure today?” Strictly prohibited from squinting slightly.

“Whether you can find the treasure depends on your own abilities.” Margaret said calmly.

“So, you’ve stopped eating and drinking?”

Marcus Ring’s face gradually became cold, and he glanced at Billy Ruso, who was sleeping in the tree, and said loudly: “Senior Billy, what are your plans?”

Everyone present, he You can ignore it, but only Billy Ruso can’t.

As a martial arts master and one of the five strongest men in the southwest, Billy Ruso must be among the best in terms of strength and prestige.

Unless absolutely necessary, not even the Youlong Sect is willing to break up with such a strong man.

“I have no interest in getting involved in your previous grievances. Anyway, I want to choose three of these treasures at the bottom of the lake first. You can allocate the rest among yourself. It has nothing to do with me.” Billy Ruso lay on the tree trunk, pillowing his head with his hands, tilting his head. His legs looked like they were hanging on because it had nothing to do with him.

“Okay! I’m reassured by what Senior Billy said!” Marcus Ring nodded, already having some calculations in his heart, and glanced at Margaret again: “Miss Margaret, have you heard everything? Now that you have no backer, how can you still fight with us?”

As long as Billy Ruso doesn’t interfere, the elites of Youlong Sect and Flying Sect are enough to deal with these little minions on the other side.

Of course, some people will inevitably be lost.

“Even if Senior Billy doesn’t take action, you people can’t get the slightest advantage.” Margaret said calmly.

“That’s right!” Kevin Snow took two steps forward with his sword in hand and shouted: “With our Golden Sword Sect and Yuanyang Sect, we won’t tolerate you being presumptuous!”

Several other Golden Sword Sect disciples followed suit, two steps, watching eagerly.

Although their numbers were small, their momentum was not lost at all.

It was mainly Margaret’s loyal behavior that won their respect.

For their own benefit, they even dared to confront the Youlong Sect and Flying Sect head-on. Such courage was really admirable.

As both women, Lily Zhang is completely incomparable to Margaret in this regard.

“Brother Marcus, it seems that we can’t talk anymore, let’s just take action!” Thomas Grey lowered his voice and said: “Kevin Snow has been injured, so there is nothing to be afraid of. You and I just need to work together to deal with the guy named Dustin first, and the rest will Well, it’s not worth mentioning at all!”

Hearing this, Marcus Ring licked his lips, a fierce light gleaming in his eyes.

Billy Ruso made it clear that he would not take action. The only person who threatened them the most now was Dustin, who had defeated him before.

But as long as he joins forces with Thomas Grey, dealing with Dustin shouldn’t be a problem.

At this time, the sky was getting dark.

The two sides are at war with each other and are on the verge of breaking out.


Marcus Ring had a gloomy face and slowly pulled out his sword.

Just when he was about to order an attack, something unexpected happened.

They saw a large amount of water splashing suddenly from the depths of the lake.


The water splashed continuously and made a loud sound.

With this as the center, circles of ripples quickly spread to the surroundings and gradually gathered into waves.


At this time, there was a roar.

A bright white light suddenly shot out from the bottom of the water and pierced the sky.

This white light is like a pillar connecting heaven and earth, dazzling and shocking.

As soon as it appeared, the entire lake was illuminated as bright as day.

After the white light appeared, a huge vortex formed where the water splashed, and it continued to spread.

The vortex turned faster and bigger, and a large amount of lake water was sucked into it.

In the astonished eyes of everyone, the lake actually began to recede at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In just a few minutes, it shrank by more than ten meters.

“Look! The tide is out! The treasure at the bottom of the lake is about to be discovered!” Lily Zhang pointed to the center of the lake, surprised and delighted.

An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Sep 4, 2023 Native Language: English

An Understated Dominance - Dahlia Nicholson and Dustin Rhys had been married for three years. After Dahlia’s meteoric rise to success, she abandons the useless dead weight that’s Dustin, proposing divorce. Unbeknownst to her, everything she had ever achieved was only because of him.

An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Summary

"An Understated Dominance" by Marina Vittori is a captivating novel that delves into the complex dynamics between Dahlia Nicholson and Dustin Rhys, two individuals whose lives intertwine in unexpected ways. Set against the backdrop of a bustling metropolis, the story unravels with a blend of passion, ambition, and hidden desires. Dahlia Nicholson, a fiercely independent woman in her late twenties, is a rising star in the world of architecture. Possessing an innate talent for design and a determination to succeed in a male-dominated industry, Dahlia is not one to back down from a challenge. Her sharp wit and unyielding spirit are the hallmarks of her character, making her a force to be reckoned with. Dustin Rhys, on the other hand, is a successful entrepreneur in his early thirties, known for his astute business acumen and charismatic presence. The heir to a vast empire, Dustin is accustomed to power and privilege, but his life is far from perfect. Burdened by familial expectations and haunted by his own demons, he harbors secrets that threaten to unravel his carefully constructed facade. Their paths cross during a high-profile architectural project, where Dahlia's innovative designs catch Dustin's discerning eye. Recognizing her talent, he offers her the opportunity of a lifetime to collaborate on a groundbreaking project that could redefine the skyline of the city. Initially hesitant to align herself with someone as enigmatic as Dustin, Dahlia eventually succumbs to the allure of the project and the promise of professional recognition.

An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

As they embark on this creative journey, a palpable tension simmers beneath the surface. The professional boundaries blur, giving way to a magnetic attraction that neither can deny. Their interactions are charged with a subtle, unspoken dominance, a dance of power and vulnerability that heightens the intensity of their connection. Vittori masterfully navigates the intricacies of Dahlia and Dustin's relationship, weaving a narrative that explores themes of ambition, trust, and the complexities of love. Each character is rendered with depth and nuance, allowing readers to empathize with their struggles and celebrate their triumphs. The novel takes unexpected turns as Dahlia and Dustin confront their own insecurities and confront the ghosts of their pasts. Their personal growth is intertwined with the evolution of their relationship, creating a narrative that is as much about self-discovery as it is about love. As the architectural project nears its completion, the stakes are higher than ever. The climax of the story culminates in a breathtaking revelation, forcing Dahlia and Dustin to confront the choices that will shape their futures. "An Understated Dominance" is a testament to Marina Vittori's skill in crafting emotionally resonant narratives. Her prose is elegant and evocative, painting a vivid picture of a world where passion and ambition collide. The novel leaves readers with a profound sense of satisfaction, having witnessed the transformation of two individuals who find strength in vulnerability and ultimately, a love that defies convention. In this tale of love and ambition, Vittori proves that true dominance lies not in power plays, but in the quiet, understated moments of connection that have the power to change lives forever.  


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