An Understated Dominance by Marina Chapter 46

An Understated Dominance by Marina Chapter 46

Chapter 46

“I don’t understand what you mean.” Dustin kept a straight face and played dumb. He was not one to claim credit or recognition for what he had done. Since things had ended between them, he hoped they wouldn’t be involved with each other in any way.

“It really wasn’t you?” Dahlia still had some doubts.

“Ms. Nicholson, I think there’s some misunderstanding. How can someone as useless as me help you?” Dustin replied coldly.

“Maybe I was wrong.” There was a hint of disappointment in her eyes as she added, That’s right. Why would you help me? After all, we’re no longer together. Besides, you’re not capable of doing so.”

“As you said, I have no money or power. I’m nothing compared to Chris. Is there anything else?” Dustin’s face remained blank. 1

“No. You can go back to Ms. Harmon,” Dahlia said scornfully.

“Alright, please excuse me.” Dustin did not say much more and quickly caught up with Natasha, who deliberately walked slower.

“Mr. Rhys, it seems Ms. Nicholson still has some feelings for you,” Natasha teased.

“Feelings?” Dustin laughed mockingly, “It’s good enough that we haven’t turned against each other.”

“You can never read a woman’s heart. There may be things even she has yet to figure out.” Natasha smiled

and tried to change the topic. “Oh, you mentioned you still need some rare herbs?”

“Why? Have you found them?” Dustin immediately perked up.

“Not yet. But I know someone who can help you. He was bom into a family of doctors, and he collects many valuable herbs. Maybe he has what you need,” Natasha explained.

“Oh? Who is it?” Dustin inquired.

“Follow me and you’ll find out.”

Natasha didn’t give more details. She took Dustin’s hand and went to the lounge on the second floor. There

were two men in the lounge room. One of them was Natasha’s grandfather, Andrew Harmon. The other was a

burly man who looked about a couple of decades older than Dustin.

The man was wearing suit that made his muscles bulge. He had calm expression on his face. It was

apparent he was no ordinary person.

“Mr. Rhys, you’re here! Have a seat!” Andrew immediately gestured for him to sit once Dustin entered the room.

“How are you feeling, Old Mr. Harmon?” Dustin asked politely.

“Much better. It’s all thanks to you. If not, I would have lost my life.” Andrew smiled.

“It’s nothing.” Dustin said modestly.

“Mr. Rhys, I would like to introduce someone to you.”


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Chapter 46

Natasha pointed at the other man. “This is Duane Welch, an expert in medicine. He’s from Millsburg and has a lot of experience. You can ask him if you need anything concerning medicine.”

“I’ve met you before.” Dustin nodded.

“I didn’t know you were going to introduce someone so young to me. I don’t know if he has what it takes.” Duane sized him up disdainfully. He had personally come because he heard there was a famous doctor in Swinton. He hadn’t expect it to be this unremarkable boy.

What a waste of his time!

“Mr. Welch, you can’t judge a book by its cover. I’ve personally witnessed Mr. Rhys‘ skill. He’s on par with other experienced doctors!” Natasha reassured him.

“Is that so? If that’s the case, he should evaluate me and see if he could diagnose anything.“Duane started to get ready for an evaluation. It was obvious he was trying to make things difficult for Dustin.

“There’s no need. I can recognize what disease you have in a glance,” Dustin responded.

“In a glance?” Duane was slightly startled. “Are you joking? You can diagnose me by just looking? Even the

senior doctors in Millsburg can’t do that!”

“I don’t know if others can do it. But I can indeed see what disease you have.” Dustin was very certain.

“Alright! Then I would really like to know what you have diagnosed!” Duane joked lightly.

“You have a weak pulse, and you often become breathless. Your chest area especially is infected, and in addition to the internal injuries you suffered before, you are now terminally ill!” Dustin explained in a breath.

“Terminally ill? Ha! What nonsense!”

Duane chuckled coldly. “Young man, don’t you know that I’ve led an active lifestyle since I was young? My body is very strong. Besides, I take a lot of supplements. I’m basically invincible to any disease! How dare you say I’m terminally ill? What a joke!”

“You’re only healthy physically. The real disease is internal. Also, you should stop taking those supplements as they would only make your condition worse. Once it breaks out, there will be no turning back!” Dustin


“What a load of bullshit! I’ve been taking those supplements since I was young and nothing has happened in 40 years. Now you’re telling me they don’t work?” Duane was very unhappy about this.

“I’m just warning you. If you continue, you will have a thyroid infection in three days!” Dustin advised.

“You’re not fooling me! I’ve encountered a lot of scammers like you!” Duane said disdainfully.

“Mr. Welch, Dustin is a skilled doctor. You better not take his words lightly.” Natasha reminded him gently.

“Natasha, I think you have been scammed. I know my body well. I’m not sick at all. He’s just trying to scare


“Since you don’t believe it, why don’t we make a bet?”

“What is at stake?”


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Chapter 45

“It’s simple. If your disease breaks out within three days, you have to let Dustin pick anything from your

collection of valuable herbs!”

“Alright! But what if I’m fine?”

“If you’re fine, you can come to the Harmon family’s treasury and pick any three items!” Natasha offered boldly.

“You stated the rules. Since you’re being so generous, I won’t hold back!” Duane chuckled.

Everything in the Harmon family’s treasury was an extraordinary item. Any three would be a rare collector’s


“Mr. Welch, a word of advice, it’s best if you don’t leave Swinton in these three days. If anything happens, I can

still save you in time,” Dustin advised.

“What a joke! Who am I? Do I need you to save me? Even if I were sick, I would never ask you to treat me!”

Duane said contemptuously. He wouldn’t even bother talking with this scammer if it weren’t for the Harmon


“There’s no point in saying more. The truth will prevail” Dustin smiled faintly without saying another word. He just hoped Duane’s rare herbs collection would have what he needed.


An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Sep 4, 2023 Native Language: English

An Understated Dominance - Dahlia Nicholson and Dustin Rhys had been married for three years. After Dahlia’s meteoric rise to success, she abandons the useless dead weight that’s Dustin, proposing divorce. Unbeknownst to her, everything she had ever achieved was only because of him.

An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Summary

"An Understated Dominance" by Marina Vittori is a captivating novel that delves into the complex dynamics between Dahlia Nicholson and Dustin Rhys, two individuals whose lives intertwine in unexpected ways. Set against the backdrop of a bustling metropolis, the story unravels with a blend of passion, ambition, and hidden desires. Dahlia Nicholson, a fiercely independent woman in her late twenties, is a rising star in the world of architecture. Possessing an innate talent for design and a determination to succeed in a male-dominated industry, Dahlia is not one to back down from a challenge. Her sharp wit and unyielding spirit are the hallmarks of her character, making her a force to be reckoned with. Dustin Rhys, on the other hand, is a successful entrepreneur in his early thirties, known for his astute business acumen and charismatic presence. The heir to a vast empire, Dustin is accustomed to power and privilege, but his life is far from perfect. Burdened by familial expectations and haunted by his own demons, he harbors secrets that threaten to unravel his carefully constructed facade. Their paths cross during a high-profile architectural project, where Dahlia's innovative designs catch Dustin's discerning eye. Recognizing her talent, he offers her the opportunity of a lifetime to collaborate on a groundbreaking project that could redefine the skyline of the city. Initially hesitant to align herself with someone as enigmatic as Dustin, Dahlia eventually succumbs to the allure of the project and the promise of professional recognition.

An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

As they embark on this creative journey, a palpable tension simmers beneath the surface. The professional boundaries blur, giving way to a magnetic attraction that neither can deny. Their interactions are charged with a subtle, unspoken dominance, a dance of power and vulnerability that heightens the intensity of their connection. Vittori masterfully navigates the intricacies of Dahlia and Dustin's relationship, weaving a narrative that explores themes of ambition, trust, and the complexities of love. Each character is rendered with depth and nuance, allowing readers to empathize with their struggles and celebrate their triumphs. The novel takes unexpected turns as Dahlia and Dustin confront their own insecurities and confront the ghosts of their pasts. Their personal growth is intertwined with the evolution of their relationship, creating a narrative that is as much about self-discovery as it is about love. As the architectural project nears its completion, the stakes are higher than ever. The climax of the story culminates in a breathtaking revelation, forcing Dahlia and Dustin to confront the choices that will shape their futures. "An Understated Dominance" is a testament to Marina Vittori's skill in crafting emotionally resonant narratives. Her prose is elegant and evocative, painting a vivid picture of a world where passion and ambition collide. The novel leaves readers with a profound sense of satisfaction, having witnessed the transformation of two individuals who find strength in vulnerability and ultimately, a love that defies convention. In this tale of love and ambition, Vittori proves that true dominance lies not in power plays, but in the quiet, understated moments of connection that have the power to change lives forever.  


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