An Understated Dominance by Marina Chapter 476

An Understated Dominance by Marina Chapter 476

Chapter 476

“Ah!” There were a series of loud cries as the henchmen were caught off–guard, falling to the floor one after another and rolling around in pain.

In a blink of an eye, the floor was littered with people. Everyone had a fork or a knife lodged so deeply in their thighs that they couldn’t even pull it out.

“What?” Duncan couldn’t help but be startled by the sight.

He had carefully handpicked these henchmen. All of them had gone through extensive training and were highly skilled. Typically speaking, a ten–against–one battle would have ended in an overwhelming but predictable victory on one side.

Yet, never in his dreams would he have expected that all of his men would have fallen just like that.

Were cutleries supposed to be this deadly?

“What? That bastard is this strong?” Victoria couldn’t help but be shell–shocked by how nonchalant Dustin looked. In her mind, Dustin was just an insignificant small fry.

How was he capable of that?

“Fuck! Turns out he’s had some training. Why didn’t he act sooner?” Terrence gritted his teeth, feeling the

soreness throughout his body. If Dustin had come to his rescue sooner, he wouldn’t have had to get beat up

for nothing!

Undoubtedly, that bastard just wanted to embarrass him!

“Rhys seems to be getting better and better at fighting.”

Florence and the rest were secretly stunned. Although they knew that Dustin was a decent fighter, seeing him

end a battle in a single second like that was shocking enough.

“You want to take revenge on me, but you only brought so few people? That may be a tall order.” Dustin stared into Duncan’s eyes and continued indifferently. “If you break one of your arms and promise never to appear in front of me again, I may consider letting you off this time.”

“Letting me off?” After a brief moment of surprise, Duncan burst into menacing laughter. “Punk, I’ll admit that you’ve got something in you, and just any henchman is no match for you. However, if you think that victory is in your hands, then you’re majorly mistaken!”

“Hmm, are you saying you have another trick up your sleeve?” A shadow of a smile crossed Dustin’s face.

“Of course!” Duncan said with confidence. “After all, I’m here for revenge, so of course I made preparations. You’re a good fighter, aren’t you? Well, I’ll bring out someone who is an even better fighter than you now!”

With that, he clapped his hands twice.

Suddenly, two men in tracksuits walked in. One was in his forties, while the other was in his early twenties. From the looks of it, they had to be father and son. Not only did their faces resemble each other’s, but they also had similar builds; both of them had burly figures sculpted from solid muscles, and veins popped through


Chapter 476

their skin like earthworms. They looked terrifying.

“Punk, do you know who they are?” Duncan said gleefully. “They’re the famous Sander father–son duo of the martial world, Cobalt and Flint Sander!”

“The Sander father–son duo?” When Terrence heard this, his expression immediately changed.

Others might not know it, but he knew very well how strong the Sanders were. The son, Flint, was already

ranked thirteenth on the Hundred Immortals. Meanwhile, the father, Cobalt, was ranked second!

What did being ranked second entail?

He was already far past the capabilities of the average person. He could smash rocks with his hands and feet.

Rumor had it that when Cobalt was at his peak, he had challenged 27 dojos in Millsburg in a row. Not to mention, he won every single time!

That alone was a testament to his immense power!

An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Sep 4, 2023 Native Language: English

An Understated Dominance - Dahlia Nicholson and Dustin Rhys had been married for three years. After Dahlia’s meteoric rise to success, she abandons the useless dead weight that’s Dustin, proposing divorce. Unbeknownst to her, everything she had ever achieved was only because of him.

An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Summary

"An Understated Dominance" by Marina Vittori is a captivating novel that delves into the complex dynamics between Dahlia Nicholson and Dustin Rhys, two individuals whose lives intertwine in unexpected ways. Set against the backdrop of a bustling metropolis, the story unravels with a blend of passion, ambition, and hidden desires. Dahlia Nicholson, a fiercely independent woman in her late twenties, is a rising star in the world of architecture. Possessing an innate talent for design and a determination to succeed in a male-dominated industry, Dahlia is not one to back down from a challenge. Her sharp wit and unyielding spirit are the hallmarks of her character, making her a force to be reckoned with. Dustin Rhys, on the other hand, is a successful entrepreneur in his early thirties, known for his astute business acumen and charismatic presence. The heir to a vast empire, Dustin is accustomed to power and privilege, but his life is far from perfect. Burdened by familial expectations and haunted by his own demons, he harbors secrets that threaten to unravel his carefully constructed facade. Their paths cross during a high-profile architectural project, where Dahlia's innovative designs catch Dustin's discerning eye. Recognizing her talent, he offers her the opportunity of a lifetime to collaborate on a groundbreaking project that could redefine the skyline of the city. Initially hesitant to align herself with someone as enigmatic as Dustin, Dahlia eventually succumbs to the allure of the project and the promise of professional recognition.

An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

As they embark on this creative journey, a palpable tension simmers beneath the surface. The professional boundaries blur, giving way to a magnetic attraction that neither can deny. Their interactions are charged with a subtle, unspoken dominance, a dance of power and vulnerability that heightens the intensity of their connection. Vittori masterfully navigates the intricacies of Dahlia and Dustin's relationship, weaving a narrative that explores themes of ambition, trust, and the complexities of love. Each character is rendered with depth and nuance, allowing readers to empathize with their struggles and celebrate their triumphs. The novel takes unexpected turns as Dahlia and Dustin confront their own insecurities and confront the ghosts of their pasts. Their personal growth is intertwined with the evolution of their relationship, creating a narrative that is as much about self-discovery as it is about love. As the architectural project nears its completion, the stakes are higher than ever. The climax of the story culminates in a breathtaking revelation, forcing Dahlia and Dustin to confront the choices that will shape their futures. "An Understated Dominance" is a testament to Marina Vittori's skill in crafting emotionally resonant narratives. Her prose is elegant and evocative, painting a vivid picture of a world where passion and ambition collide. The novel leaves readers with a profound sense of satisfaction, having witnessed the transformation of two individuals who find strength in vulnerability and ultimately, a love that defies convention. In this tale of love and ambition, Vittori proves that true dominance lies not in power plays, but in the quiet, understated moments of connection that have the power to change lives forever.  


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