Chasing My Ex-wife Back by Symplyayisha Chapter 57

Chasing My Ex-wife Back by Symplyayisha Chapter 57

Chapter 57 

Even though Cole was confused as to what was going on, heaven knew he would never refuse a kiss that was initiated by Hailey, most especially on a day when he wasn’t expecting it

She intended to make the kiss a short one but he refused to let go, not getting enough of her taste. His hands caressed her bum as he kissed deeper

The duo pulled away after a while

You remembered?Cole voiced out, not believing his eyes or her actions

I do. Every year.” 

Really?He asked, wrapping his arms possessively around her waist

Hails nodded

How did you get all these done in a short while? I was afraid when I didn’t see you in bed. I thought you left.” 

Left for?” 

Left me. Probably because of last night.” 

What happened last night?Hailey asked, feigning innocence

You don’t remember?” 

She shook her head

“You want me to remind you?” 

Hailey blushed

You don’t want to talk about it?” 

Not yet. Today’s for you.She pulled his arms off her, intertwined her hand with his and led him to the table

I found all the ingredients in the kitchen. All I had to do was to make something out of them. I know the cake is small but.She chuckled. I just felt like making one for you.” 

Cole smiled, with his heart swelling with so much pride. He couldn’t believe a day would come in his life when something this amazing would happen to him

He turned to face Hailey and placed a kiss on her lips. Thank you. The cake looks perfect. If you hadn’t told me you made it, I could have believed you ordered it. You must have been up for a while to be able to put all these together in time for me.. Thank you.” 

Hailey shrugged. It’s fine.” 

Cole took a glance at the cake on the table, then back at Hailey. “I don’t know what I love more. The cake, or the words on it.” 

The words, Happy Birthday, my lovewas written on it

Hailey shrugged. You would know when you have a taste of it.” 

What can I do to thank you?Cole said, pulling her in a hug


16:22 Fri, 26 Apr HU 

Chapter 37 

Hailey giggled, returning the bug She always felt so safe whenever she made contact with his broad chest. He was still shirtless, he kissed him on the chest and pulled away

She drew out a chair and gestured for him to take a seat, which he did

Hailey was about to draw a seat for herself when he stopped her by reaching for her hand and making her sit on his laps. He wrapped his arms around her waist so she wouldn’t escape

Hailey girzied. I think this is the part where I sit on my own chair.” 

No, I want you hereHe kissed her bare shoulder, brought a hand up and squeezed her boob, locating her nipple through the silky material and slowly running a circle around

Cole, focus!!!” 

You want me to stop?” 

She smiled. Feels good but you are distracting me. I want you to open your gifts

Okay. I will open them and come back to this.” 

Yeah, and I want to say something but you are starting to make me lose my train of thought 

Cole smiled, kissed her cheek and pulled his hand away from her boob 

Hailey smiled, looking him in the eye. She brought her hand to his hair and caressed those strands

Somedays you look like Enzo and Some days you look like Ollie.” 

Cole smiled proudly. Would you have had it any other way?” 

Hailey shrugged. Genes are hereditary so it is way beyond me. Looking at them just always reminded me of you.” 

So would you have located me to tell me if we hadn’t crossed paths?” 


shook her head. I’m sorry if that answer hurts your feelings but that was my mindset then.” 

I didn’t see you as a good person anymore so I didn’t want you in their lives. And anytime the twins bring you up. I always find an excuse.” 

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I am glad things happened this way. It met me unexpectedly but I guess that’s life for you. I always do my best to make sure the kids are happy and healthy but I won’t deny that they have been happier since you 

came into their lives.” 

ever came home 

We lived together and during those times, I got to know that you detest celebrating your birthdays. You never or any of that.” 

Thank you for persevering and pushing to be in our lives. It’s only a short while and the boys are glad to have you in their lives. Thank you for all you did for Enzo the other day.” 

I know all of these. She gestured towards the table. Isn’t the fanciest unlike what you are used to, but I just want to make you smile in the little way I can.” 

She removed her hand from his hair and proceeded to caress his cheek. You fit right well in our lives and I am grateful for your presence.” 

Cole smiled. It was as though his heart was going to burst with so much pride.. 

Chapter 57 

Hailey picked up the small gift bag on the table and handed it over to him. I hope you like it.” 

Cole grinned, accepting the gift. He brought out the gifts. One was a jewelry box. Cole excitedly opened it and he came face to face with a gold watch. He reached for the other gift in the bag and it was a wallet. A beautiful handmade leather wallet. Cole opened it and saw a picture on the transparent inner area of the wallet. It was a picture of Hailey and the twins, all smiling

If you miss us, you can always see our faces from there.” 

“I love this even more than the watch. You, Ollie and Enzo mean the world to me and I promise to take care of you all with my life

And don’t you ever say this isn’t the fanciest thing I’ve ever had? This is the best birthday present anyone could ever give me. I am here with you and our kids. There is nothing else I could ever ask for 

I’m glad we make you happy. Happy Birthday, Mines. She leaned closer to him and kissed him on the lips

“I love it when you get all possessive over me.” 


He nodded

I don’t know what you have planned for us today but I would love to take you out for dinner.” 

Cole smiled, placing a kiss on her lips. I would love that too

I want you to cut your cake now but the boys would be so mad at you if you cut it without them.Hailey giggled. They’ve got sweet teeth just like you.” 

Cole smiled. Am I not a lucky beast to have the most wonderful woman all to myself?” 

There you go, teasing me again.” 

I am not teasing you, babe.He reached for her hand and kissed it. This is me counting my blessings. I would have died of jealousy if another man were to have you.” 

Hailey blushed. The two were lost in staring at each other’s eyes when the very familiar voices came through

Daddy!!!!!Ollie and Enzo yelled, coming towards both their parents. They were in their pajamas and they both held a gift. bag

Hailey smiled, helping herself from Cole’s lap

Oh wow, cake. Enzo grinned before running towards Cole

Happy Birthday, Daddy.” 

We love you, Daddy.Ollie and Enzo said respectively, hugging Cole where he was seated

We got presents for you, Daddy,Ollie announced

Yes, Daddy. We hope you like themEnzo said

Cole lifted his sons and made them sit on each of his lap. He kissed both of their foreheads, trying to hold back his tears. He couldn’t believe there would be a day in his life when he would be this fulfilled and happy

Daddy, are you crying?Ollie asked

Chapter 57 


No buddy, why would you think that? I’m just happy. I’m so happy” 

Okay. Then you need to see my gift. Ollie handed his father the notsolittle gift bag

Cole opened it. He brought out a paper, which contained a drawing. He smiled, trying to make sense out of the object on the 


That’s you. Moramy, Enzo, me and Isabella.” He pointed to each person on the paper

Cole smiled. Who is Isabella?” 

Hailey frowned, watching both father and son

Isabella is our baby sister,Enzo answered proudly

Hailey facepalmed where she stood

Oh really, she got a name already?” 

Yes, Daddy,Ollie assured

You will stay in Mommy’s room, Bella will have the guest room. Girls like pink so we will paint the room pink and fill it with toys and beautiful decorations. And we will live together.Enzo’s eyes lit up as he spoke

Cole chuckled, wondering how he got so lucky to be the father of this amazing duo. How old are you all again?” 

Four!Ollie giggled

I love the gift so much. Thank you, buddyCole kissed Ollie on the check, then went ahead to check the other gift in the bag. It was a necktie

My turn.” Enzo smiled, handing his father his gift

With smiles all over his face, Cole accepted the gift bag. He took out the small frame. It was a picture of Cole and the twins. the day Enzo was discharged from the hospital

Cole brought his finger to his face and wiped tears off the corner of his eyes

Thank you for saving me, Daddy. You are my hero.” 

I love the gift so much. Thank you.” 

Cole put the gift bags on the table and then pulled his babies into a joint hug

Ollie and Enzo began singing birthday songs for their father. Hailey smiled, she brought out her phone and started. recording them. They cut the cake, and took pictures, before finally eating their breakfast

Connie was smiling at a video she was watching on her iPad when her daughter stormed into the living room, looking very upset

What’s wrong baby?She asked as Vanessa began to pace up and down the living room. She was putting on a bodycon dress that revealed her tiny growing bump. Her hair was in a high ponytail and she had soft makeup on

You are giving me a headache already. What’s going on?” 

Vanessa sighed, coming to a halt directly before her mother


Chapter 57 

Cole is making me go crazy.” 

What did he do?” 

Today is his birthday. Since I can’t go to him because of the restraining order, I sent him gifts but guess what?” 

He sent them back to you?Connie mumbled

Maybe that would have been better

Connie frowned. What do you mean?” 

Cole is nowhere to be found.” 

What do you mean by that? If he is not in the office then he must be at home

Exactly! He doesn’t celebrate his birthdays so he is always in the office but guess what, he is missing. Why today when I planı to give him something amazing?” 

I called people and was told he went on a trip! Cole never goes on a trip.” 

Don’t get all stressed out, baby. It’s probably a business trip.” 

Vanessa shook her head. I don’t think so. I spoke to Itam on the phone. He said Cole is on vacation but he wouldn’t tell me where. He is always working on his birthday. What changed this year?” 

Connie shrugged. Maybe he decided to take some time off to talk to himself,” 

Then why is Hailey missing too?” 

Come on, Vanessa. That bastard child has nothing on you so you need to quit being obsessed with her. You think they are together, having some kind of honeymoon?” 

Of course, Mom. The two of them disappeared at the same time. Something definitely doesn’t sit well.” 

I can’t be here carrying Cole’s child, while he is in some dumb hiding place, screwing another woman.” 

Come on, Vee. You might just be overthinking. You are just sad Cole isn’t in the office. Your hormones have gotten to you. and here you are, making assumptions.” 

No mama. This has nothing to do with no damn hormones. I can feel it in my heart that they are together.” 

And how would you be so sure?” 

I heard Hailey has not been showing up in the office for days now.” 

It could be for other reasons. You know she’s the boss,” 

Stop taking sides with her, Mom. You need to believe me!” 

*I would rather die before allowing both of them to end up together. If Cole is not ready to spend the rest of his life with me, then he should be ready to be single forever.” 

Vanessa unlocked her phone, went through her contact list and dialed a number. 

Hi Jay, find Cole and let me know where the hell on earth he is and who he’s with.” 

Chasing My Ex-wife Back by Symplyayisha (Hailey and Cole)

Chasing My Ex-wife Back by Symplyayisha (Hailey and Cole)

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: April 17, 2024 Native Language: English

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Read Chasing My Ex-wife Back by Symplyayisha - Hailey was framed to marry Cole in place of her Stepsister to save her father's company from bankruptcy. Realizing the groom was a Billionaire, Hailey's step sister, Vanessa, wanted him to herself. She was desperate and went as far as ruining Hailey and Cole's marriage. She caused Hailey to almost lose her baby the day Hailey planned to tell Cole that she was pregnant with his child. Five years later, Hailey returns as a very rich and influential person and everyone who maltreated her in the past was at her mercy. Most especially Cole who wants her back. Cole almost had a heart attack when he saw two little boys who looked so much like him call Hailey "Mommy." 

Chasing My Ex-wife Back by Symplyayisha

Two pink lines!!! Hailey sniffled, trying to hold back tears of joy as she stared at the test result in her shaky hands. "Cole and I are having a baby. Oh my God!" She found herself whispering and a tear finally rolled down her cheek. It was so hard for Hailey to believe that something this beautiful could happen to her after all the heartbreaks and betrayals that she had been through.

Chasing My Ex-wife Back by Symplyayisha (Hailey and Cole)


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