Chasing My Ex-wife Back by Symplyayisha Chapter 59

Chasing My Ex-wife Back by Symplyayisha Chapter 59

Chapter 59 

Everyone hates me. This is so unfair. What did I do to you that made you hate me so much? Why is life so unfair to me? Why? Why? What have I done to deserve this much hate? Vanessa sobbed, almost falling to the floor but Connie was by her side in no time to prevent her from doing that

What’s going on with you? Why are you talking this way? No one hates you. You need to snap out of those damn thoughts.” 

And why do you want to sit on broken bottles? You know how you react to blood! You shouldn’t be breaking things.” 

Connie was able to usher her daughter to a danger free corner and made her sit on the couch that was situated there

Eric rolled his eyes at both mother and daughter

Connie reached for some tissue on the table nearby and sat beside her daughter. What’s going on? Why are you destroying everything? And why are you crying so much? Who hurt you?” 

HaiHailey!She sniffled

Here we go again!Eric mumbled, massaging his temple

Can you just Please let her talk?Connie glared at her husband

Hailey doesn’t even live here and you constantly blame her for your life falling apart. Grow up, Vanessa! You can’t continue to live this way.” 

Ignore your father. Tell me what she did this time around.” 

Why? Are you going to look for her and lock her up?Eric said to Connie as he took steps to where both mother and child were, really careful not to step on the broken glasses

If either of you should end up in jail. I’m not going to raise a finger in doing anything to bail you all.Eric warned

Daddy is being so unfair. He loves her and cares for her more than he would ever love us

Your Daddy is just being irrational for now but I give you my word that he loves you. Tell me what that evil child did to 


I told you yesterday, mom but you wouldn’t believe me.Tears started welling up in Vanessa’s eyes all over again

Told me what?” 

That I had a feeling Cole was with Hailey.” 

Connie frowned. They are together?” 

Vanessa nodded

How do you know?” 

Jay did his investigation. He doesn’t know where they are but someone he knew saw them at the airport.” 

Is Jay sure about this? This is a serious accusation

That’s not all. Tears rolled down Vanessa’s cheek



Chapter 59 

They were with two kids?” 

What?????Connie and Eric said at the safne time, looking confused

Connie shook her head. How? Whose kids?” 

“I don’t know, mom. I don’t bloody know. I feel like seeing them right now and strangling them with my hands.” 

This shouldn’t freak you out. At least not until you confirm that they are relate that even possible? Are you sure Jay investigated the right people?” 

to those children. Two kids? How the hell is 

Mom Please, don’t you dare try to defend the situation. Jay would never give me false news.” 

I’m not defending the situation, sweetheart. This is just not making sense. Two kids? How? Girls? Boys?” 

No one knows. They were properly covered in hoodies.” 

Well, they may be another person’s children. Maybe the kids were adopted.” 

I hate how you are avoiding reality, mama. Tell me what the hell Hailey and Cole are doing with adopted children?” 

Cole is a busy business man and Hailey, even though she spends time sleeping around with men for money, I’m sure she doesn’t have the time and heart to take care of people’s kids.” 

What do you mean?Eric’s voice came through

We all know Hailey has no family members. Where the hell would she get a kid from. Cole doesn’t seem to be into kids too so caring for another person’s child is out of option.” 

Vanessa sniffled.. 

What I mean is that, the children are probably theirs. They’ve been seeing each other behind our backs. They’ve been pretending all along. Those two bastards!!!Vanessa cried

Connie turned to look at her husband. Do you have any idea about this?” 

How do you expect me to know? You all were there when I disowned her and I never heard from her till she came back to run the company.” 

Moore didn’t mention anything to you about a baby?” 

Eric, who looked confused, shook his head. Moore and I have been friends since childhood. There is no way he’s going to hide such important information from me.” 

This is probably a made up story by your detective. Nothing is really adding up.” 

I mean one kid would still be believable. But two? What the hell? I mean how is that even possible when they just recently reunited

It all makes sense now. Cole instantly rejected me and the baby simply because he’s got kids elsewhere.” 

Hold on. Don’t tell me Cole is right?Eric said, closing the gap with his daughter

Please don’t make things complicated, Eric. Vanessa is pregnant and she is in distress already!” 

Eric ignored his wife, facing his crying daughter whose face was so red now

Cole confirmed Hailey was pregnant before she left. He said you got into a fight with her.” 


Chapter 59 

Oh please, Dad. Don’t tell you believe all that he said the other day he was here. Of course, Cole would say anything to make me look bad. I’ve done nothing but love him all my life and this is how he chooses to repay me!” 

Yes, Hailey and I got into a fight then but she hit me too. I wouldn’t allow her to bully me so I attacked her before she attacked me. She fell and she bled. That should be a miscarriage! Or she got pregnant by another man and she is now claiming those damn kids belong to Cole.” 

Why do you always think so ill of her?Eric asked, still not over the shock of this conversation

Don’t start, Eric!Connie warned

Because you are failing to see how much of a witch she is!” 

Mother and I confronted her. We told her I was pregnant with Cole’s child. So this is her striking back at me, giving him fake kids to earn his love and pity.” 

I’m carrying Gole’s heir. I deserve to be on vacation with him. No one deserves to take my place. This is so wrong and so 


All I wanted was a good life and an amazing family. I worked so hard to achieve all of that. I can’t believe Hailey is taking that away from me!” 

You are overreacting!” 

Come on, Eric. How can you say that?Connie countered

She had to break most of my precious decorations all in the name of some news that isn’t 100% verified? How is this tantrum of hers going to solve any problem?” 

You are being insensitive, Eric! She’s pregnant. Of course no woman in her condition would be happy to know that the father of her child is elsewhere cheating on her

Hailey is the witch behind my daughter’s happiness!” 

You both are so impossible,” 

Vanessa rose to her feet, wiping tears off her eyes with the back of her palm. This shame and pain is so much. All I did was love Cole genuinely and this is what I get in return.” 

Please calm down, my dear.Connie rose to her feet

Don’t listen to your father. I’m sure we are going to get to the root of this. I will speak with Moore. No one is going to rob you of what you deserve and what you have worked so hard for. Most especially not Hailey. She is never going to take your place.” 

I don’t care what you and Daddy say. I am going to deal with Hailey and her fake kids myself. They were going to regret ever messing with me!Vanessa sniffled, then stormed away


Chasing My Ex-wife Back by Symplyayisha (Hailey and Cole)

Chasing My Ex-wife Back by Symplyayisha (Hailey and Cole)

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Read Chasing My Ex-wife Back by Symplyayisha - Hailey was framed to marry Cole in place of her Stepsister to save her father's company from bankruptcy. Realizing the groom was a Billionaire, Hailey's step sister, Vanessa, wanted him to herself. She was desperate and went as far as ruining Hailey and Cole's marriage. She caused Hailey to almost lose her baby the day Hailey planned to tell Cole that she was pregnant with his child. Five years later, Hailey returns as a very rich and influential person and everyone who maltreated her in the past was at her mercy. Most especially Cole who wants her back. Cole almost had a heart attack when he saw two little boys who looked so much like him call Hailey "Mommy." 

Chasing My Ex-wife Back by Symplyayisha

Two pink lines!!! Hailey sniffled, trying to hold back tears of joy as she stared at the test result in her shaky hands. "Cole and I are having a baby. Oh my God!" She found herself whispering and a tear finally rolled down her cheek. It was so hard for Hailey to believe that something this beautiful could happen to her after all the heartbreaks and betrayals that she had been through.

Chasing My Ex-wife Back by Symplyayisha (Hailey and Cole)


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