Chasing My Ex-wife Back by Symplyayisha Chapter 61

Chasing My Ex-wife Back by Symplyayisha Chapter 61

Chapter 61 

She stood by and watched as his car drove off and almost immediately, she saw Debbie’s car pull up into her driveway

Once her car was well parked, She got down and ran towards Hailey, hugging the hell out of her

Gosh, I missed you so much. There is no way I am letting you leave me again.” 

Hailey chuckled as Debbie pulled away from the hug

You were the one who shooed me away and told me one week was nothing.” 

Yeah, I thought it was going to be nothing. But it was hell!” 

And I promised myself I wasn’t going to call while you were away cos I wanted you to bond with your man.” 

I just couldn’t wait until tomorrow to see you, that is why I have been tracking you from the airport.” 

Let’s go in. You are going to tell me everything that happened.Debbie reached for Hailey’s hand and pulled her in

They got to the living room, and both sat beside each other on the sofa, with Debbie facing Hailey, grinning at her

You are glowing.” 

Hailey blushed. Of course, I have to glow. I just got back from another country.” 

Debbie shook her head. Not that type of glow. You and Cole….” 

Hailey blushed even harder before Debbie could complete her statement

God!!!! Finally!!! I’m so happy for you both.” 

Lower your voice. You are going to wake your godsons.” 

Don’t you dare try to stop me from celebrating? I am sure my boys are fast asleep.” 

How was it? Who made the first move?” 

You are not about to ask for every detail of what happened, right?Hailey asked shyly

Debbie shook her head. I respect you and Cole too much to be prying into you all’s privacy. I just want to know who made the first move.” 

Hailey shrugged, still smiling. It just happened. I don’t know how but it just happened and now we are good.” 

Everything feels right to me and I don’t regret it. For the first time in my life, I felt I had the kind of family that I craved for. The kids were happy. Cole took care of us and a part of me wished the week wasn’t over. He assured me that we would be having another mini vacay very soon.” 

Debbie intertwined her hands with Hailey’s own and gave it a light squeeze. I wish you could experience what I feel in my heart right now. I am so happy for you, Cole, and the twins.” 


you for actually motivating me to go on the trip. You helped two stubborn lovers fix things up.” 

No, no, I’m getting no credit. You all did that shit yourselves. I’m just so excited for you all.” 

So does that mean we are getting a baby soon?Debbie grinned

At Ninang an ne 

Chapter 61 

to pick up our sweethearts from school. I’m so sorry I’m going late. The meeting took longer but I’ve cleared my schedule for the rest of the day. I will be having lunch with them, then we will be visiting the park. I love you and I miss you, take 


By the time Cole was done recording the voice note, he was already by his car. He sent the Voice message to Hailey, then got into the car, driving straight towards his children’s school

Almost 15 minutes into his ride, Cole heard siren noises close to him. He maintained his speed limit but was surprised when the car pulled in front of him

Hailey was trying to make sense of the documents she was reading when her phone buzzed on the table. She smiled before reaching for it, hoping it was Cole

The smile on her face reduced a bit when she came face to face with the caller ID, confirming it was another person

Hi boo!” 

Hailey, where are you?The worried voice came through, making Hailey frown

What’s wrong? Everything okay?” 

Do you have access to the TV? Check the news.” 

Hailey rose to her feet, went to the entertaining area of her office, picked up the remote, and turned on the TV. She switched 

in the station to the news and her heart fell at the headlines and the video that played on the screen. Painful tears welled her eyes


It was boldly written on the headline that Famous Billionaire, Cole Matthis, is being arrested for Assault and Attempted Murder against his pregnant Fiancee, Vanessa Summers

What hurt Hailey the most was seeing the Police handcuff Cole and toll him into their vehicle

Hailey had no idea when tears rolled down her cheeks

Babe, are you there?Debbie’s worried voice came through

Yes!Hailey sniffled, wiping tears with the back of her hand

What are we going to do?Debbie asked

Please help me pick up Ollie and Enzo from school. They are gonna ask you questions because they are expecting their father to pick them up and take them out for fun. So please, come up with a good excuse for us. I don’t want them to suspect anything.” 

Okay, I will handle it. What about you? Are you okay? Do you need me to come over?” 

No! I cannot continue to remain quiet while the evil people in my life continue to mess with me. Vanessa just crossed the line by messing with my family and I am going to teach her a lesson she’s gonna regret for life.” 

Please be careful, Hailey. That lady is a manipulative witch. She sets people up and then acts as the victim in the story. Please be calm. I’m sure we are going to get this sorted. We will prove that she is lying and Cole will be set free.” 

No! I’m not going to take this the soft way. I am going to take laws into my own hands. Domestic violence is a big deal in this country and she literally just trashed Cole’s reputation.” 

Vanessa has been bullying me all my life and I am ready to put an end to it all. I have tried so hard to overlook everything 


Chapter 61 

but I can’t anymore because as long as we are both alive, neither of us can experience happiness so one person has to die. It definitely can’t be me so it has to be her. Today’s gonna be an eye for an eye.” 


I will be fine. Please just keep my children safe.Hailey ended the call before Debbie could say anything else

She went over to her desk, picked up her car keys and phone, stuffed them into her handbag, and stormed out of her office

Chasing My Ex-wife Back by Symplyayisha (Hailey and Cole)

Chasing My Ex-wife Back by Symplyayisha (Hailey and Cole)

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: April 17, 2024 Native Language: English

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Read Chasing My Ex-wife Back by Symplyayisha - Hailey was framed to marry Cole in place of her Stepsister to save her father's company from bankruptcy. Realizing the groom was a Billionaire, Hailey's step sister, Vanessa, wanted him to herself. She was desperate and went as far as ruining Hailey and Cole's marriage. She caused Hailey to almost lose her baby the day Hailey planned to tell Cole that she was pregnant with his child. Five years later, Hailey returns as a very rich and influential person and everyone who maltreated her in the past was at her mercy. Most especially Cole who wants her back. Cole almost had a heart attack when he saw two little boys who looked so much like him call Hailey "Mommy." 

Chasing My Ex-wife Back by Symplyayisha

Two pink lines!!! Hailey sniffled, trying to hold back tears of joy as she stared at the test result in her shaky hands. "Cole and I are having a baby. Oh my God!" She found herself whispering and a tear finally rolled down her cheek. It was so hard for Hailey to believe that something this beautiful could happen to her after all the heartbreaks and betrayals that she had been through.

Chasing My Ex-wife Back by Symplyayisha (Hailey and Cole)


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