Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Chapter 1206

Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Chapter 1206


Chapter 1206 

Jeff didn’t respond, it’s worth for Mr. Raymond to put up with all the slights and grievances as long as Maja can understand him

Maja headed into Rosewood Manor alone, while Jeff began to arrange for the transportation of Coco and Rocky

When Maria saw someone was about to take Coco away, she panicked

Maja explained to her

Maria, I’m planning to move to Greenfield Gardens, to live with lan.” 

Maria was speechless at this news

She wanted to dissuade Maja, but this was their private matter

She fondled Coco’s head repeatedly, feeling reluctant to let it go: Then, she thought of Maja’s three years of marriage to lan, three years of being neglected. Her eyes reddened instantly, and tears began to drop

Ms. Pennyfeather, I regard you as my own granddaughter. I really don’t want you to suffer in his presence. I know what kind of life you’ve been living these past three years. But, if you’re happy, that’s all that matters.” 

Maja gently hugged her

Maria, I’m not the kind of woman who takes a lot of abuse in a relationship. If one day I am really disappointed in him, I will leave on my 

Maria wiped her tears and patted Maja’s hand

As long as you keep your wits about you.” 

Maja had packed up the documents she wanted. As she was about to leave the living room, Maria couldn’t help but remind her


If the food there doesn’t suit your taste, or if Mr. Raymond doesn’t treat you well, come back any time. Miss Penny feather, we will always be here at Rosewood Manor waiting for you.” 

Maria, I know, and I will often come back to see you.” 

Maja felt somewhat sentimental

As she carried her belongings towards the car, she saw lan getting out of the vehicle

He was a bit unsteady on his feet, but he still tried to help her with the luggage

Maja, let me.” 

Maja chuckled at his staggering movements

It’s okay. I can manage.” 

I’ll help you

He insisted, even bending down to pick up the bag

Maja handed it to him, worrying he might topple over. But surprisingly, he held it steady, even leaning in to plant a kiss on her cheek

Maja, let’s go home, to Greenfield Gardens.” 

Maja nodded and allowed him to guide her to the car

He opened the door for her, signaling her to get in first

Once she was seated, he carefully placed her belongings in the passenger seat, then took his place beside her

Jeff was still driving, while lan held Maja in the backseat, sometimes playing with her fingers, sometimes blowing in her ear

It was only when they arrived that he finally stopped, and dutifully went to collect the luggage

Maja let him be, while she went to check on Coco and Rocky

Coco and Rocky had arrived earlier and were now exploring their new surroundings

Coco, having been there before, was behaving quite familiarly

Maja followed Jeff to pick out a room for them to stay in, and then she went upstairs

lan was taking a shower. When he came out, he rubbed the water from his hair onto her neck

She frowned and pushed him away, seeing him wet and about to climb into bed, she quickly pulled him to sit down. Stay still, I’ll dry your hair” 

As she began to comb through his wet hair, lan grabbed her hand and pressed it against his cheek, looking up at her. Maja tried to pull away but he held on, rubbing his face against her palm as if he were a pet

She chuckled, flicking his forehead lightly 

Let go, I need to dry your hair 

tan finally let go, leaning back quietly with his eyes closed

Maja dried his hair for five minutes until it was dry

She helped him onto the bed, covering him with 

His dark eyes stared at her intently, his brow furrowed

Maja, you’ll come back, right

Im just going to fake a shower.” 

Tjoin you” 

He tried to get out of bed, even pulling the covers back

Left with no choice, Maja went to Jeff for a pair of handcuffs and cuffed lan to the bed to prevent him from wandering around the room

He hadn’t been sober yet, and it was easy to get hurt somewhere

When she took the handcuffs from Jeff, she could tell from his eyes that he was thinking something else

He didn’t expect Ms. Pennyfeather and the boss to be into this kind of play

Maja wanted to explain, but she felt that would only make things more

Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Novel Full Episode

Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Novel Full Episode

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