Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Chapter 1207

Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Chapter 1207

Chapter 1207 

When she returned to the room, she found lan still struggling to put on his shoes

His slippers were right next to him, yet he just couldn’t seem to get them on. Eventually, he put them on backward and was heading for the bathroom, intending to join her for a bath

Maja quickly restrained his wrist, securing the other end of the cuff to the bedpost

You rest here. I’ll be out after my shower.” 

lan sat back down on the bed, his eyes lighting up momentarily at the sight of the cuff on his wrist

Maja, I like this game.” 

She cursed him secretly, immediately grabbing her clothes to go shower

Now she didn’t have to worry about the intoxicated lap wandering around the room and getting hurt

After a quick shower, she picked up a hairdryer to dry her hair

lan sat at the head of the bed, his gaze fixed on her unblinkingly

After drying her hair, Maja walked over to uncuff him


The moment the cuff was released, he rolled over and pinned her down, hurriedly trying to undo her buttons

But he was too drunk tonight, and couldn’t manage it

Maja caught his hands, cooing a few times, Sleep now, you’re tired.” 

lan immediately complied, rolling off her and pulling her into his embrace. He fell asleep within a minute

He hadn’t been sleeping well lately, mostly suffering from insomnia, and there were dark circles under his eyes

Maja couldn’t sleep. She checked her phone, viewing the public opinion online. She finally relaxed when she was sure the company was back to normal

As she listened to his soft breathing, Fitch’s words echoed in her mind

All he wanted was your attitude

Even if it was not sincere, he would believe it

She turned over, her gaze carefully tracing the face before her

lan’s eyelashes were down, losing much of their sharpness in sleep

As Maja watched, her heart softened

The next morning, she got up and first dealt with a few emails on her laptop, then ordered the chef downstairs to prepare a stomachwarming soup for 


She went to the studio to paint and found that all the paint had already been prepared

5 2 2 5 3 5 5 5 5 2 5

From paper, canvas, to brushes, everything was available

She even saw the painting of lan she had made at RosenGarden

She had left the painting at RosenGarden and had almost forgotten about it

Now it was neatly framed and placed in the most conspicuous spot in the studio

Suddenly, she understood what Fitch meant

lan’s actions were always more touching than his words

When lan woke up, he felt a headache. His nose picked up the unique scent of Maja

He turned to look, but she wasn’t there

His gaze flickered. He got up, and went into the bathroom to freshen up

But when he reached for the toothpaste, he noticed an extra toothbrush

He recognized it was Maja’s

He paused, his breath quickening

His mind was a mess, unable to remember what had happened last night

Did he, in his drunken stupor, steal Maja’s toothbrush from Rosewood Manor

Coming out of the bathroom, he saw a laptop and a cellphone on the bedside table. It was Maja’s phone 

His eyelashes quivered. He pushed the door open and headed to his study. She wasn’t there

He made a round in the living room downstars, but still no sight of her

Not until he reached the studio and saw her painting in the morning light 

Her hair had grown a bit longer, a little past her shoulders. Her hair was loose, and she was in her pajamas

The sunlight was so beautiful. He thought he was hallucinating

His hallucinationspoke at this moment

Close the door.” 


He turned around and closed the door. Looking at his obedient hand, he felt like chopping it off

He was supposed to be mad, after all

Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Novel Full Episode

Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Novel Full Episode

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Oct 11, 2023 Native Language: English
The novel Dear Ex-wife Marry Me is a Billionaire, telling a story Maja thought her marriage to a man who didn’t even know her name was rock bottom, but little did she know that her life was about to take a wild turn. After signing the divorce papers, she thought she’d never see him again, but fate had other plans. Enter lan, the womanizing billionaire from the Raymond family who took a liking to Maja, a newly emerging designer. He became her knight in shining armor, supporting her, helping her deal with scumbags, and even cutting off her love interests. But as the rumors about their relationship swirled around, a question lingered: what is their connection? Maja’s answer stunned everyone: “Apart from being an employer and employee, we’re also ex-husband and ex-wife.” Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Novel Full Episode Description of Novels
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