Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Chapter 1373

Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Chapter 1373

. How could he not see the truth after all these years with the Raymond family?

Wasn’t this spectacle of Eric’s just to help him see the reality?

Without a word, Ian pocketed his gun and made to leave.

Steve didn’t follow but merely sighed deeply.

“You’ve gone so far. He’s still your brother, you know.”

He said this with his back to Patric.

So he didn’t see the malice in Patric’s eyes, a malice Ian saw all too clearly.

Patric gave him a smile, slowly mimicking a slit-throat gesture. His intention was clear–he intended to kill Ian upon his return.

Patric wanted to kill not just Eric, but Ian as well.

Originally, his hatred was reserved only for Eric. He despised sharing a body with someone else. But after witnessing Ian’s kiss with Maja, that hatred grew also for Ian. He hated them both, wishing they’d both drop dead.

Ian gave him a piercing look before walking out.

When Steve turned back around, Patric had returned to his gentle demeanor.

Upon Steve saw the myriad needle holes in Patric’s arm, his eyes welled up.

Patric only sneered inwardly, because all this suffering was borne by Eric, not him, Patric. The one who willingly shackled himself was Eric, not him.

Pity that Eric was now too weak. What he could only do now was expressing his thought, “Please spare Maja.”

Eric was vulnerable to an extent that he was barely able to control their shared body. And his last stunt helping Maja escape had thoroughly enraged Patric.

Patric responded to him in his mind.

“Why should I? I won’t let her off, nor Ian. Your body is too useful, Eric. The entire Raymond family favors you. Hahaha, your little brother’s existence is a joke.”

Eric remained silent before heaving a long sigh.

Patric ended their mental conversation, then hearing Steve’s voice ahead.

“Eric, you’ve suffered a lot.”

Steve rarely returned to the Raymond family villa, only visiting them during holidays. He was not good at expressing himself, so he simply grasped Eric’s hand, his gaze fixated on those needle holes.

The sight was shocking. It was hard to imagine what kind of torment Eric had endured.

Patric curved his lips, his tone gentle.

“Dad, it’s my duty. If I hadn’t been working for the higher-ups back then, the one suffering would have been Ian. I’m his older brother, it’s my responsibility to bear these for him.”

Steve patted him on the shoulder.

“When you have time, pay a visit to your grandpa.”

A scoff passed through Patric’s eyes, to the cemetery for that old man?

When he was with Holden, he repeatedly mentioned how he’d been through in the research base, and how they kept him in a glass room like a domesticated fowl for observation.

He was not a human being, just a test subject.

The old man couldn’t bear it anymore, promising to help him. Hence, there was the setup at the cliff.

Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Novel Full Episode

Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Novel Full Episode

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Oct 11, 2023 Native Language: English
The novel Dear Ex-wife Marry Me is a Billionaire, telling a story Maja thought her marriage to a man who didn’t even know her name was rock bottom, but little did she know that her life was about to take a wild turn. After signing the divorce papers, she thought she’d never see him again, but fate had other plans. Enter lan, the womanizing billionaire from the Raymond family who took a liking to Maja, a newly emerging designer. He became her knight in shining armor, supporting her, helping her deal with scumbags, and even cutting off her love interests. But as the rumors about their relationship swirled around, a question lingered: what is their connection? Maja’s answer stunned everyone: “Apart from being an employer and employee, we’re also ex-husband and ex-wife.” Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Novel Full Episode Description of Novels
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