Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Chapter 1374

Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Chapter 1374

“Alright, Dad.”

Steve didn’t know what to say for a moment. His son, who had died over six years ago, had suddenly returned. He should be happy.

But Holden had passed away, Grandma Edith had been sent away, his wife was still in hospital, and the bond between his two sons was now strained.

Steve felt like he’d aged several years in an instant.

He didn’t know how to communicate with his eldest son, let alone how to make up for everything he’d been through.

He was even more at a loss about how to persuade his younger son to let go.

At this point, Ian had already stepped out of the building of the Raymond family. After getting into the car, he grabbed a towel from the side and started wiping the water stains on his clothes.

Jeff, sitting in the front, saw that Ian’s expression was off but didn’t dare to ask anything.

Ian didn’t go to the Raymond Corporation either but went to Greenfield Gardens instead, thinking Maja was still there.

But when he arrived, he found out that Maja wasn’t there. The servant said she had gone to the office.

He remembered that the issue with Shawn was still brewing online and Maja had been busy lately.

But he really wanted to see her, especially after being hit by a teacup thrown by Steve. He desperately wanted to see Maja.

He sat on the sofa in Greenfield Gardens, lost in thought.

After half an hour, a senior executive from the Raymond Corporation sent him a message.

[Boss, Eric comes to the company.]

Eric, owning 15% of the shares, was technically a senior executive.

Ian ignored the message and started sending messages to Maja.

He texted something, then slowly deleted it.

He kept revising it until it finally read.

[I want to see you.]

At this moment, Maja was in her office. The private investigator she’d hired had taken quite a few photos, and she had also had someone investigate the parents of the autistic child. There was no indication of any extra money in their accounts recently.

It was possible that they had been given a check and hadn’t cashed it yet.

After looking over the couple’s information, Maja found that the husband had been keeping a mistress and they had a son. His wife was unaware of this.

Her fingers tapped lightly on the desk. When her phone buzzed, she saw Ian’s message.

[I’m in the office. You can come over. Later, I need to meet with the mother of the autistic kid.]

This message settled Ian’s nerves considerably.

From the moment Eric had shown up the night before, Ian had been uneasy.

Especially after being hit by Steve’s teacup, he had realized his standing in the Raymond family.

The moment Eric appeared, Ian became insignificant.

Only in Eric’s absence would he be the first choice.

Was this how Maja saw it too?

He immediately headed to Maja’s office.

Maja hadn’t expected him to arrive so quickly.

Ian had changed into a suit, but the wound on his forehead was still visible.

Although it was just a trickle of blood, Maja noticed it and couldn’t help but check it closely.

“What happened?”

Ian sat on the sofa, while she stood.

He slowly wrapped his arms around her waist and said nothing.

Maja felt an odd sensation, as if he had been bullied outside and came here to seek comfort.

A twinge of sorrow filled her heart. She pulled out a band-aid from her bag and stuck it on his forehead.

Ian remained silent, and Maja let him hold her.

This reminded her of their time in Crystalbrook Valley during a sandstorm, and her heart softened.

She slowly raised her hand, hesitated for a moment, then followed her instincts and rested her hand on his hair.

His hair was soft.

Neither of them spoke. Ian’s hold on her tightened until her alarm reminded her that she had to meet the mother of the child.

She needed to quell the online public opinion about Shawn and the Star Movie group as soon as possible.

Ian followed her closely, seemingly wanting to accompany her.

“No, Ian. You’ve been interviewed before. If someone recognizes you, it could cause trouble.”

“I’ll wait for you in the office then.”

His eyes remained fixed on her. Maja couldn’t shake the feeling that he was anxious, maybe even restless.

Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Novel Full Episode

Dear Ex-wife Marry Me Novel Full Episode

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