Desires Die Hard Chapter 189

Desires Die Hard Chapter 189

Chapter 189 

Honestly, after venting her rage at her son, Mdm MacMillan wasn’t that mad anymore. But she blew up again when he 

brought up Anya. The old woman started yelling at her son again, How dare you! Are you on her side?” 

Do you 

know what she did to me? She thinks she can get away with anything!” 

I know,Cornelius said. That’s why I think we should leave her alone. Pretend she’s not your granddaughter

Silence!The old lady gritted her teeth angrily. Look at how your daughter turned out! She nearly destroyed our fanity’s reputation. Now, she’s trying to steal the man that Sydney loves from her. How can I stand by and not do anything?” 

Cornelius froze. He had no idea that Anya was trying to seduce Evan. The little sympathy he had for his eldest daughter vanished without a trace. He would always take Sydney’s side. Is that true, Morn?” 

Why would I lie to you? She’s trying to steal Evan from Sydney. Maybe it’s her way of getting back at us. I won’t let her have her way,the old lady spat out viciously

Okay,” Cornelius said. This concerned Sydney’s happiness. He wasn’t going to get in the way of that. Mom, do whatever you think is right.” 

The old woman’s eyes shone brightly with venom. I’ll make her suffer for what she did. She’s going to find out the consequences of disrespecting her elders!” 

Meanwhile, outside Kaiser

Evan had collected the keys to his car. He was going to pay a visit to Ellie’s apartment and see Eudora and Nathaniel

Before he drove away from the restaurant, he called Hayden. Hayden was to come to the restaurant right now and wait outside. If Jamie didn’t give Anya a lift home after dinner, Hayden was to send Anya home

Having instructed Hayden on what to do, Evan started the car and made his way toward Anya’s apartment

He made a pitstop at a shopping mall and got a few expensive toys that he knew were extremely popular with children

He hadn’t checked on Eudora since her attempted abduction

He thought he should drop by and see if she had recovered from the incident

It had been a long while since he had worried about someone. The girl felt like family to him

The results of the DNA report had said otherwise

But his instincts told him she was

He was going to get another DNA test done. If the results remained unchanged, he would give up

This time, he was going to send the DNA samples to Scarlett Port

He could trust the professionals in Scarlett Port and the results of the DNA report


Chapter 189 

10% 15:08 

Having arrived at a decision, Evan found the tension in his shoulders easing away. The young man drove his car to Ellie’s apartment 

He parked the car, grabbed the toys that he had bought, and headed upstairs

Ellie was tidying one of the rooms. The twins had just had their milk and were sitting in front of the television set quietly, watching cartoons

The doorbell rang. Ellie didn’t hear it

But Nathaniel did. He clambered to his feet and dashed toward the door happily

But he couldn’t reach the handle. He was too short. He couldn’t open the door

The boy turned around and started yelling for Ellie, EllieEllie” 

After some time, Ellie finally heard the boy, She set whatever she was holding down and hurried out of the room

Nathaniel was pointing at the door. Mommy” 

The boy thought his mother had come home

Ellie smiled and tousled the boy’s hair. She opened the door without looking, Is Mommy back?” 

She wasn’t. The person standing at the doorway wasn’t Anya. It was the looming form of Evan

Ellie froze momentarily. The next second, she tried to slam the door shut in Evan’s face

Evan stopped her in the nick of time. He kept the door open firmly. I’m here to see the kids.” 

Ellie was no match for Evan. She couldn’t shut the door at all. Mr. Welton, it’s latethis isn’t appropriate at all.” 

It won’t take long. I won’t take up too much of your time.Evan pressed on before forcing his way into the house

Ellie couldn’t stop him at all. She stood in front of Nathaniel and shielded the boy from Evan’s eyes. Mr. Welton, this isn’t appropriate at all.” 

You seem worried. Why are you so worried?Evan sounded gentle. But the aura that he exuded was that of an overwhelming authority that forced everyone in his presence to yield to his demands

You’re mistaken,Ellie said as she tried to muster a smile on her face. It’s late. I don’t think we should be entertaining guests at such an hour.” 

It won’t take long.Evan placed the toys he had bought on the floor before addressing his next question to the boy hiding behind Ellie, Nathaniel, do you like Transformers?” 

The young man simply wanted to see the children

He wasn’t going to do anything to the kids until he got another DNA test done

Nathaniel’s eyes brightened at the mention of Transformers. He seemed a little hesitant though

The boy lingered at Ellie’s side before he finally caved. He couldn’t resist the temptation of toys. Nathaniel stepped away 

7 2 2 2 10% 15700 

Chapter 189 

from Ellie

The boy threw a curious look at the big new toy on the floor. It looked amazing

The Transformer looked incredible

Nathaniel couldn’t look away

Ellie saw the look in Nathaniel’s eyes. After some thought, she concluded that she had no way of making the man leave now that he had gotten into their apartment. She excused herself and slipped into the bedroom. She had to call Anya and get her to come back right now

Desires Die Hard (Anya and Evan) by Beryl Occam

Desires Die Hard (Anya and Evan) by Beryl Occam

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: March 31, 2024 Native Language: English

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“Desires Die Hard By Beryl Occam” A romance novel or romantic novel generally refers to a type of genre fiction novel which places its primary focus on the relationship and romantic love between two people, and usually has an “emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending. “Desires Die Hard By Beryl Occam” Gorgeous detail and compelling story! The author takes us along the heroine’s emotional journey filled with intrigue and mystery. Loved this page turner!!  

Summary of Desires Die Hard By Beryl Occam

She’d been secretly in love with him since she had been a kid. She never expected her chances with him to be dashed after a one night stand. Meanwhile, he thought that she had set up an elaborate trap and lured him into bed. Infuriated, he told her to get out of his sight. He never wanted to see her again. But destiny took an unexpected turn when they ran into each other a year later. Everything seemed to spiral out of control when he realized he couldnt control his desire for her.

Desires Die Hard (Anya and Evan) by Beryl Occam

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