Desires Die Hard Chapter 322

Desires Die Hard Chapter 322

Chapter 322 

*This one?” 

Anya didn’t know that Rain had put a diamond necklace in her pocket. She handed her the golden dress and asked

She raised her eyebrows and said, Yes, that’s the one. Give it to me, please.” 

Ms. Zachary, if we are done here, can I go back to my team?She handed the dress to Rain and wanted to avoid any possible bummers

She decided to go back to Jake

Rain tried the dress on without putting it on and said, Go then.” 

Anya left. Rain’s face turned vicious at once. She looked as cold as ice

She clenched the hemline of that dress

Anya looked happy when she got to Jake

Cindy called her to tell that Evan wouldn’t compete with her for the custody of the baby

So when Anya talked to Jake, she couldn’t hide her happiness at all. Seeing that, Jake thought she liked the challenge, so he said, Anya, it seems that you kind of fit in?” 

Anya nodded. Not bad.Except for the conflicts between her and Rain

She loved it

That would be great.Jake looked relaxed as well

Mr. Hanson, how long should we stay here?” 

About half an hour. It’s our first time to be here. You only need to get into touch with these models you are going to work with.Looking around, Jake went on, When we start to design the couture, we have to move between the company and the showplace. Jake was interrupted. A model screamed, Where is my necklace?” 

It was Rain

Then the other models started to show their concerns. Rain, what necklace?” 

The one worth hundreds of thousands! It was a gift from my dad for my 18th birthday! It’s meaningful,” Rain screamed

The whole place was filled with her scream

Hundreds of millions? That’s a lot.” 

Let’s help her find it!” 

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Chapter 322 


Yep, hurry up. It’s quite expensive.” 

Where did you last see it?” 

I don’t know. I was with the JK designer then. It was gone all of a sudden,suggested Rain

Her implication led all to Anya, who didn’t know anything about the necklace

The one that looks pretty?A model aimed at Anya

Indeed!Another replied

Anya, what’s going on?Seeing so many people looking over, Jake frowned

Any frowned, and she felt a bit down. I don’t know.She had been set up a lot these days. She became alert

She felt bad when Rain screamed

But she didn’t know about the diamond necklace at all

Maybe some thief took it,said Amber

Then the crowd roared

Seriously? In front of so many people?” 

“What if it’s true?” 

Then let’s search for it!” 

I agree. Let’s search it! Then we will know.” 

They started to speak one after another and this didn’t seem right to Anya

Desires Die Hard (Anya and Evan) by Beryl Occam

Desires Die Hard (Anya and Evan) by Beryl Occam

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: March 31, 2024 Native Language: English

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“Desires Die Hard By Beryl Occam” A romance novel or romantic novel generally refers to a type of genre fiction novel which places its primary focus on the relationship and romantic love between two people, and usually has an “emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending. “Desires Die Hard By Beryl Occam” Gorgeous detail and compelling story! The author takes us along the heroine’s emotional journey filled with intrigue and mystery. Loved this page turner!!  

Summary of Desires Die Hard By Beryl Occam

She’d been secretly in love with him since she had been a kid. She never expected her chances with him to be dashed after a one night stand. Meanwhile, he thought that she had set up an elaborate trap and lured him into bed. Infuriated, he told her to get out of his sight. He never wanted to see her again. But destiny took an unexpected turn when they ran into each other a year later. Everything seemed to spiral out of control when he realized he couldnt control his desire for her.

Desires Die Hard (Anya and Evan) by Beryl Occam

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