Desires Die Hard Chapter 758

Desires Die Hard Chapter 758

Chapter 758 

It seems that he’s interested in you. Be careful,Evan continued but he managed to suppress his jealousy

He was confident of himself

Anya would not give up him to be with another man

Anya was surprised that Evan had good powers of observation. Had Cohen been that obvious

Evan looked at her shocking expression, rubbed her chin, and asked, Don’t you know it?” 

Anya shook her head and wanted to tell the truth after hesitating. If her company had a chance to operate with Cohen, they must meet regularly. Moreover, Cohen had liked her since high school. Evan must be jealous and angry after knowing that

She took a deep breath and said to Evan, Evan, I have something to tell you.” 

Evan stared at her. What?” 

Anya held his hand and said embarrassedly, I knew him before. He’s an alumnus of my high school. He’s one year ahead of me in school

He tried to chase me, but I refused him

Of course, I think he’s given up. I’m married and have children now.” 

Anya looked at Evan carefully and thought he seemed not to be angry. She sighed in relief

Even he was angry, he should not blame her. She had told him the truth. The problem was Cohen’s attitude

I see.Evan almost guessed it

Cohen was indeed interested in Anya

Anya kissed her palm like a cute kitty and said in a cute voice, Don’t be angry. I don’t like him. I just want to cooperate with him and grow the JK Couture.” 

Evan was touched and held her hands tightly. I know. I won’t be angry. It’s late. Let’s go to sleep 

Then they were about to go to the bedroom

As they walked out of the study, Evan bent over and hugged her into his arms. Anya felt his chest and abs. She thought they nearly had  in the study half an hour ago. She blushed in a shy and grabbed his Tshirt. T’m heavy now. You can’t carry 


Evan smiled and kissed her red face, Well, you’re already in my arms now.” 

I’m afraid that I’m too heavy now” 

She used to be about 100 pounds before, but now she was nearly 130 pounds

She had gained almost 30 pounds after she was pregnant

You’re not heavy. If I can’t even carry you, why should I exercise? But you have to agree to what we haven’t done baby.Evan walked to their bedroom as he said

Anya was even shier

Just now 


Chapter 758 

Cohen was at his house which he bought last month

It was near the business district and also near the Welton Group

After the video call, Cohen drank all the wine in the bottle. After that, he felt a little dizzy

He felt as if it was so hot 

He remembered Anya’s beautiful face as she stared at her husband. He suddenly thought of his desire six years ago. All the memories returned to torment him

He felt annoyed and smashed the glass onto the ground

Then he stood up and walked barefoot through the fragments of broken glass. His feet were hurt and was bleeding, but he did not care. He walked into his bedroom and opened the safe box. There were many syringes in it

Cohen took out a syringe and a vial of transparent liquid

He took out the liquid with the syringe experiencedly, closed his eyes, and injected the needle into his arm

He pushed down hard on the plunger and got injected with this needle filled with the transparent liquid which could numb his mind and make him happy

After the injection, Cohen felt as if he came to a colorful world

He leaned back and fell on the bed. He started to immerse himself in his fantasy world

Te saw the naked Anya lying on the grass and waiting for him

he would be his pet. He was her owner and could ask her to do anything he wanted

Caymond was right. He was not willing to give up Anya these years

Desires Die Hard (Anya and Evan) by Beryl Occam

Desires Die Hard (Anya and Evan) by Beryl Occam

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: March 31, 2024 Native Language: English

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“Desires Die Hard By Beryl Occam” A romance novel or romantic novel generally refers to a type of genre fiction novel which places its primary focus on the relationship and romantic love between two people, and usually has an “emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending. “Desires Die Hard By Beryl Occam” Gorgeous detail and compelling story! The author takes us along the heroine’s emotional journey filled with intrigue and mystery. Loved this page turner!!  

Summary of Desires Die Hard By Beryl Occam

She’d been secretly in love with him since she had been a kid. She never expected her chances with him to be dashed after a one night stand. Meanwhile, he thought that she had set up an elaborate trap and lured him into bed. Infuriated, he told her to get out of his sight. He never wanted to see her again. But destiny took an unexpected turn when they ran into each other a year later. Everything seemed to spiral out of control when he realized he couldnt control his desire for her.

Desires Die Hard (Anya and Evan) by Beryl Occam

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