Desires Die Hard Chapter 771

Desires Die Hard Chapter 771

Chapter 771 

Anya nodded her head and glanced at Ansley’s shrewd eyes. She suddenly had a feeling of animosity and sneered in her mind, but she still behaved as usual and said, Yes. Tom. I will handle affairs in Pacific District all day.” 

She would handle affairs in Pacific District all day. Did it mean that tomorrow she would be away. from Evan all day

Ansley knew she should take action as soon as possible

Later, at dinner, Anya deliberately pretended to be a good friend of Ansley. Ansley didn’t notice anything wrong and had dinner pleasantly with her. After dinner, they pretended to talk happily with each other and came back together

After Ansley sent Anya into the elevator, her smiling face suddenly darkened and her eyes glared at the closed elevator door, full of venom and disgust

She hated Ansley who didn’t have a clever mind and looked silly. How could such a woman have the qualification to stay with Evan

Ansley stared at the elevator door for a long time and then pressed the button for her floor

When she arrived at her suite, Minta also just came back

Seeing Ansley sitting at the dressing table and taking her makeup off, Minta said happily, I’ve heard you had dinner together with Anyn. I thought you went to meet your schoolmates here.” 

How can you know it so quickly?Ansley didn’t want to talk to Minta if she couldn’t use Minta to her advantage. However, Ansley had to hypocritically deal with her since she might be useful

I had dinner with other colleagues. They said Anya has come,Minta said, staring at her

Minta sincerely hoped Ansley could make friends with Anya

She thought Ansley was a nice person

I see,Ansley replied with little emotion. She pretended to say resignedly, I made an appointment with my college friends, but she had some temporary tasks so we canceled our appointment. When I came back, I met Mrs. Welton, and then we had dinner together.” 

That’s good. Anya had dinner with you. She might want to make friends with you.” 

Yes. She said she wanted to make friends with me.” 

Really? Great! Can we often hang out together in the future?Minta felt surprised and then laughed excitedly

She quite liked the feeling of making friends with others. Thus, they could often have dinners and watch movies together

After all, there should be boys in the girl’s night

Chapter 771 

YesAnsley showed little interest in it. She still had something more important to do. So, sitting at the dressing table for a while, she stood up and walked to the bathroom. I’m going to take a shower and watch TV” 


Ansley went into the bathroom, locked the door, and turned on the tap of the bathtub.. 

While the water was running into the bathtub, Ansley took out the powerful aphrodisiac that she had asked a friend to bring to her, and injected it into a pillsized capsule using a tailormade


Having injected several drops, Ansley withdrew the needle

She broke it off and flushed it down the toilet

Then she carefully put the capsule on a clean napkin on the washstand

This kind of capsule was made from special materials. Once it was integrated with the liquid in it, it would produce a powerful aphrodisiac effect, which could be several times stronger than that of perfume

Having got it all done, Ansley took a bath at ease

After the bath, she carefully wrapped up the capsule. Tomorrow she would only need to use a necklace to hang it around her neck

Desires Die Hard (Anya and Evan) by Beryl Occam

Desires Die Hard (Anya and Evan) by Beryl Occam

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“Desires Die Hard By Beryl Occam” A romance novel or romantic novel generally refers to a type of genre fiction novel which places its primary focus on the relationship and romantic love between two people, and usually has an “emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending. “Desires Die Hard By Beryl Occam” Gorgeous detail and compelling story! The author takes us along the heroine’s emotional journey filled with intrigue and mystery. Loved this page turner!!  

Summary of Desires Die Hard By Beryl Occam

She’d been secretly in love with him since she had been a kid. She never expected her chances with him to be dashed after a one night stand. Meanwhile, he thought that she had set up an elaborate trap and lured him into bed. Infuriated, he told her to get out of his sight. He never wanted to see her again. But destiny took an unexpected turn when they ran into each other a year later. Everything seemed to spiral out of control when he realized he couldnt control his desire for her.

Desires Die Hard (Anya and Evan) by Beryl Occam

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