Desires Die Hard Chapter 777

Desires Die Hard Chapter 777

Chapter 777 

Anya returned to her suite where Evan was still lying unconsciously

Ansley was scheming 

She managed to make Evan let his guard down

If Anya hadn’t come. Ansley might have succeeded. Anya tried not to think about it so that she wouldn’t feel upset

Mrs. Welton, do you want me to get him some medicine?Jase covered Evan with a quilt and asked 


Anya nodded. Get him something that can help him regain his consciousness.” 

OK. See you later, Mrs. Welton.Jase didn’t want to be a third wheel. He walked out and closed the 


Anya and Evan stayed in the suite alone

She looked at him with concern and sighed. Then, she got a wet towel to wipe the sweats off his face

Evan was still unconscious. He was immersed in the illusions caused by the drug

It was intoxicating

Anya felt worried. She wiped the sweats on his forehead and asked with concern, Honey, how do you feel

Do you feel sick? Tell me


Anya asked gently and patiently. But Evan remained groggy. He said vaguely, Honey, I feel like in the clouds… 

His words worried Anya. She wondered what Ansley had done to him and why he was having illusions

She realized that she couldn’t just let him sleep in case of any side effects

So she called Minta to call the doctor

Minta invited a private doctor over at once

And Jase got Evan some medicine too

Anya gave him some medicine to calm him down and tucked him in. Then, they waited for the 


About 15 minutes later, the doctor arrived. Knowing who Evan was, the doctor didn’t trifle with him 

Tue, 30 Apr 600 

Chapter 777 

but examined him carefully. Then, he said to Anya, Mrs. Welton, he took much hallucinogen and aphrodisiac. So he lost his consciousness and has visions

This hallucinogen is popular in Selolia. It makes people get excited and hallucinate.” 

Anya’s speculation was right

What should we do?asked Anya urgently

Mrs. Welton, don’t worry. I’ll give him an injection. He’ll be fine tomorrow.The doctor comforted. Anya and gave Evan an injection

After that, Evan fell into a deep slumber

Anya was still worried. But she felt more relieved that he had fallen asleep

She made up her mind to teach Ansley a lesson because she drugged Evan

You vicious woman. I won’t let you off the hook!she thought

Desires Die Hard (Anya and Evan) by Beryl Occam

Desires Die Hard (Anya and Evan) by Beryl Occam

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“Desires Die Hard By Beryl Occam” A romance novel or romantic novel generally refers to a type of genre fiction novel which places its primary focus on the relationship and romantic love between two people, and usually has an “emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending. “Desires Die Hard By Beryl Occam” Gorgeous detail and compelling story! The author takes us along the heroine’s emotional journey filled with intrigue and mystery. Loved this page turner!!  

Summary of Desires Die Hard By Beryl Occam

She’d been secretly in love with him since she had been a kid. She never expected her chances with him to be dashed after a one night stand. Meanwhile, he thought that she had set up an elaborate trap and lured him into bed. Infuriated, he told her to get out of his sight. He never wanted to see her again. But destiny took an unexpected turn when they ran into each other a year later. Everything seemed to spiral out of control when he realized he couldnt control his desire for her.

Desires Die Hard (Anya and Evan) by Beryl Occam

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