Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Father by Caroline Above Story Chapter 276

Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Father by Caroline Above Story Chapter 276

Chapter 276 

Natalia goes perfectly still, except for her eyes, which narrow almost to slits

Who are you going to see?she asks, her voice sharp

Family business, Natalia,I murmur, aloof, taking a big sip of my coffee and then placing it on the table. You understand.” 

Family?she asks, leaning forward. Which family? This one, or your father’s?” 


Well, they’re one and the same now, aren’t they?I reply, cryptic. And then I let my lips curl in a secretive little smile before turning to Daniel and ignoring her completely

Will you do all right without me today, sweetheart?I ask, my voice soft and intimate. I raise a fond hand to run it down the back of his head, taking a moment to trail my fingers through the ends of his hair

Daniel turns to look up at me, already onto my game and ready to play along. No,he says, wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me close. Not if it’s a choice and pleading incompetence will keep you here.” 

I laugh and pout at him, looping my hands around his neck and 

Chapter 276 


leaning back a little so that my hips press close against him while I look down at him with adoration. Sorry, babe,I say. You know I have work to do. I’d rather be with you, though.” 

Prove it,Daniel says, grinning at me wickedly, daring me

And, laughing a real laugh because I’m so grateful to have him on my side, I let him tug me close and then I lower my face to his, kissing my best friend as if… 

well, as if he’s his dad

It’s a long, deep kiss, and when I pull away I’m smiling widely at him, genuinely grateful that he’s so willing to play along. I turn my head to Alessi and Natalia then, pleased to see Alessi grinning proudly at his nephew and Natalia glaring coldly at me, her 

eyes calculating. But I ignore her, leaning over the table a little to grab a croissant off the plate in the middle

You guys have an amazing day,I whisper, giving them both a pretty smile. I’ll miss you!” 

And then I straighten and head for the door

I’m already past Natalia and Alessi when I see Kent leaning against the wall next to the kitchen door, his arms folded over his chest, watching my every move with a little smirk on his face. And I’m damn lucky that the Italians have their heads turned because I absolutely falter in my steps when I see him there. But he just nods his head once at me, uncrosses his arms, and moves into the kitchen as if he’s got better stuff to deal with

Chapter 276 

Taking this noncensure as rare approval, I smile and head towards the door, thinking that it’s done


But as I pass him, I feel the knuckle of Kent’s index finger gently, just barely, graze the side of my ass

And I can’t help the huge smile that breaks out on my face as I push through the door

It’s not much, but from Kent

He might as well have given me a highfive

As soon as I come through the door, though, I almost bang straight into Jerome

Whoa, speedy,he says, catching me by the shoulders before I can knock him down

I stumble a little but then gasp as I look down at my crushed croissant, which collided with his chest. Why are you always outside doors I’m coming out of?I ask, frowning up at him. Do you just lay in wait outside of every door I go through?” 

How could I do that, Fay,Jerome asks, looking at me slyly, when sometimes you go into one room and, inexplicably, come out of another?” 

My mouth pops open a little but then I snap it shut, wondering what the hell he knows. Has he guessed something about secret 

Chapter 276 

passages? Or is he just baiting me into saying something


Jerome lets me dangle for a moment and then lets my shoulders go, trusting me to stand on my own. Lucky timing, then, I guess. Where you off to in such a hurry?” 

Golla go see an important man,I reply, giving a little shrug

Which one?he asks, genuinely curious

Nooooooo idea,I say. Then, I cock my head. Want to come with?” 

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Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Father by Caroline Above Story

Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Father by Caroline Above Story

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Fall For My Ex's Mafia Father by Caroline Above Story

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