Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Father by Caroline Above Story Chapter 331

Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Father by Caroline Above Story Chapter 331

Chapter 331 

Kent and I fall asleep peacefully that night, his right arm wrapped tight around me, his left arm stretched out beneath me so I can use his bicep as a pillow. But about three hours later I’m gasping awake, my whole body shaking in fear

My eyes flash around the room as I try to figure out where I am to find the men who were breaking into the house who were killing them killing us all cutting Daniel’s throat, shooting at Kent who already laid Jerome out on the floor, leaking blood 

But as I look gasping around I see thateverything is fine

That it’s just the two of us, still alone in Kent’s cool, dark room

Fay,he murmurs sleepily, his voice tense as I moan and curl up next to him, still shaken by the nightmare. Are you okay



I’m okay,I whisper back, shaking my head, feeling guilty about having woken him over something so stupid. It was just a nightmare I’m sorry-” 

Kent isks sympathetically and tugs at my shoulder, a silent 

request for me to turn. So I do, and he pulls me tight against him so that my stomach and chest are light against his. Poor Fay,he murmurs, pressing a kiss to my forehead and then my hair. What was it about?” 

Chapter 331 

Nothing,I murmur, shaking my head


Tell me,he urges, taking a deep breath as his body again starts to relax

It was nothing,I lie, pressing myself tight against him, wanting to be close as possible, to feel the living, breathing reality of him, to let him chase away the fright. Kent murmurs more comforting things to me, but I can tell that he’s barely awake, and I’m grateful for it. Because I really don’t want to tell him don’t want to be worried about me being worried about him

But al 

breathing deepens next to me, and I can feel the slowing beat of his heart, I know that despite all of last night’s very pleasant distractions… 

that what Ivan told me is still haunting me. And as much as Kent wants me to forget about it, and Daniel wants me to let 

Kent handle it… 

I can’t do it

I have to do something. I have to act

And so I fall asleep again with a new resolve burning in my heart

When Kent wakes up the next morning, I don’t think he remembers my nightmare. But I’m awake first, having only 

» Chapter 331 


dipped in and out of sleep for the rest of the night. So, when the alarm clock begins its horrible noise, I barely even flinch

Kent drops a kiss to my neck before turning over to turn it off, but he’s back in a moment, his arm wrapped around me. Good morning,he murmurs, pulling me close

I smile and turn my face up to him but he frowns down at me, pulling away to look at me. Are you all right, Fay?he asks. When my smile drops away he laughs a little. I mean, I’m sorry 

you just don’t look asfresh as you usually do.My jaw drops. in horror at his insult and I squeak, covering my face, which just makes him laugh

No, Fay,he chuckles, gathering me close. You’re gorgeous as usual, stop. Just you don’t look like you got any sleep. Are you okay?” 

I didn’t sleep well,I confess, pulling my hands away from my face with a sigh, pressing a kiss to his chest before looking up at him again. I had indigestion,I lie, and then I narrow my eyes at him. Natalia poised me. I’m sure of it.” 

I wouldn’t put it past her,he murmurs, pressing a light kiss to my mouth. Then, he pulls back again, considering me. Stay here,he suggests, nodding to the bed. Just sleep. I’ll make sure you’re not disturbed.” 

And, as tempted as I am, I sigh and shake my head. No,I murmur, starting to sit up. Kent sits up with me as I run my fingers through my tangled hair. I have things I want to do today. And Daniel will miss me at breakfast.” 

Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Father by Caroline Above Story

Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Father by Caroline Above Story

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Oct 20, 2023 Native Language: English
How To Read Novel Fall For My Ex's Mafia Father by Caroline Above Story Full Episode Fay is a psychologist and her patient is the most ruthless mafia king. He's in jail. And he's the father of Fay's ex ?! One day, he caged Fay against bars and unbuttoned her shirt Fay tried to push him away but she was wet. Him:"You know, doc. I wanted to do this the first day we met."

Fall For My Ex's Mafia Father by Caroline Above Story

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