Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Father by Caroline Above Story Chapter 338

Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Father by Caroline Above Story Chapter 338

Chapter 338 

Kent clenches his jaw at this and I can see him resisting the urge to come comfort me, to wrap his arms around me. He wants to stay mad because if he can do that, he doesn’t have to tell me anything

I can’t let you die like this,I whisper, shaking my head, my fear bleeding through my determination. Please, Kent, I want to help if you just tell me 

But it’s the wrong thing to say. Kent’s face locks down again and he turns away from me to pull on a pair of pants before grabbing for a sweater. I told you, Fay,he says, his words clipped. I’ve got this under control. You don’t need to do anything.” 

He glares at me after pulling the sweater over his head, tugging it down over his chest and stomach

Seriously?I ask, as he stalks towards me, deliberately not moving from my place blocking the door. I’m just supposed to sit around, looking pretty? Waiting for you to call me down to your room so we can fuck?” 

Precisely,Kent hisses down into my face. I blink at him for a moment, not comprehending, and then my jaw drops open as I realize what he just said

And then I can’t do anything but stare at him

Chapter 338 

Kent takes a deep breath and looks beyond me into the room. Move, Fay,he orders


I don’t budge, still staring at him in shock, in humiliation, inwell, in shame, I realize quite suddenly

Because Kent has just made it very, very clear that I am only his little pet, his mafia mistress. I shake my head at him, knowing that it’s deeper than that, but absolutely wounded by what he said

And, cowed by him, mortified at the insult, I do as he says. I move aside

Kent strides into the room, grabbing his phone and his wallet off his bedside table. He doesn’t look at me again as he strides back to me, and then past me, headed for the door to his office. I watch him go, completely shocked

And then tears start in my eyes as I hear the door to his office 


I stand there, alone, for a long time, not wanting to touch. my emotions. Not wanting toto think, at all, about how my relationship maybe just fell apart

But after a while, I start to get cold

And I realize how exhausted I am

And that I can’t stand here all night

Chapter 338 


I glance towards the door to the passage but realize immediately that that’s not a choice, because Daniel’s up in my room, asleep in my bed, and I don’tI don’t want him to ask me what’s 




So I look towards Kent’s bed, and consider thatI can’t either. Because I can’t think of anything more humiliating than laying in his bed, waiting for him to come back

But there’sthere’s no where else to go

So, I sigh and cross the room to the big chairs nestled close to the fire, picking my book up from my nightstand as I go. And

in the chair that has its back turned more towards the bed, hoping that Kent won’t notice me in it



And then I start to read, trying to block out the world, my feelings, my life

When I fall asleep a few hours later, Kent still hasn’t come back

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Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Father by Caroline Above Story

Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Father by Caroline Above Story

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Oct 20, 2023 Native Language: English
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Fall For My Ex's Mafia Father by Caroline Above Story

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