Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Father by Caroline Above Story Chapter 342

Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Father by Caroline Above Story Chapter 342

Chapter 342 

I’m sorry too,I murmur, sniffing, my voice thick with my 


crying. I should I should trust you 

No, what I said was unforgivable,he murmurs against my hair

Well, yeah,I say, whipping my head up to glare at him a little while I wipe at my face, an act that makes him smile in relief. I think he’s more comfortable with me mad than he is with me sobbing. Seriously, Kent?I ask, taking his lapels in my hand, is that what you think of me, what you want from me? To just sit around and look pretty and wait for you to 

No, Fay,he says, taking my face in his hands and shaking his head. That washorrible. I didn’t mean it. That’s not what I think and not what I want. I should trust you more too. I’m sorry.” 

And then I’m nodding, accepting it, understanding that we both regret everything about the past two days, and then I’m on my toes, reaching for him, and he understands, because a moment later his mouth is on mine hard, and fast, and desperate

It only takes a second for Kent to lean down before he has an arm under my ass, lifting me up so that I wrap my legs around his waist, and then he takes a step forward to seat me on his desk- 

> Chapter 342 


Things move fast from there, everything a blur as Kent kisses me deeper, hungrier than I’ve felt him in weeks, his mouth never leaving mine but somehow and I have no idea how managing to pull my pants down from my hips, to unbuckle his belt and push his own pants down – 

And I want it want every moment of it, because this this is always where Ként and I have come together. No matter what our fight, or our tension, physical connection has always allowed us to find steady ground


So it isn’t even a question for me when I reach down between us to take Kent’s heavy, hard cock in my hands, to guide it towards my core, to press him closer to me by tightening the leg that’s still looped around his hip- 

Because I want him 


Hard, and fast, and thick – 

Kent groans and shudders as he sinks into me, as he begins to pulse – 

But both of us freeze in an instant as we hear the knock at the door

And then our eyes flash immediately to the knob which, to our horror, begins to turn

Fuck,Kent hisses, immediately pulling out of me and yanking 

Chapter 342 


me off the desk as my panic sets in, as the door begins to swing 


Because I didn’t fucking lock it, did I

And then, to my shock, Kent presses his hands down on my shoulders, hard forcing me to my knees – 

And then he throws himself into his chair, rolling it forward to where I’m sitting – 

And then he kicks me actually kicks me 

But suddenly, as I hear the door creak fully open I understand

And I crawl backwards, as fast and as silently as I can, tucking myself into the hollow under Kent’s desk as he rolls the chair forward, his knee pressed uncomfortably up against my face

But I don’t protest because I know that tucked under like this 

as long as whoever is coming in doesn’t coming around to his side of the desk they can’t see me, or the fact that he’s sitting in his chair half naked

I’ve barely tucked myself under the desk when I hear the door stop its creaking

My heart pounds as I hear footsteps cross the room halfway

Ah, Kent,Alessi says, making my breath catch in my throat. Up late tonight, are we?” 

Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Father by Caroline Above Story

Fall For My Ex’s Mafia Father by Caroline Above Story

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: Oct 20, 2023 Native Language: English
How To Read Novel Fall For My Ex's Mafia Father by Caroline Above Story Full Episode Fay is a psychologist and her patient is the most ruthless mafia king. He's in jail. And he's the father of Fay's ex ?! One day, he caged Fay against bars and unbuttoned her shirt Fay tried to push him away but she was wet. Him:"You know, doc. I wanted to do this the first day we met."

Fall For My Ex's Mafia Father by Caroline Above Story

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