Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 1095

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 1095

Chapter 1095 

Hello Ms. Cameron, I am Mr. Schneider’s secretary. I called you earlier, but you didn’t sign. I had no choice but to come and find you in person.” 

Upon hearing this, Briana Cameron frowned, I said I wouldn’t take it.” 

The secretary took a breath and slowly said, Mr. Schneider might be going to jail, so I came here this time to fulfill one of his wishes. Could I take a few minutes of your time?” 

Although she had no interest in the Schneider Group, Briana Cameron was still somewhat curious about why Zane had been imprisoned

She walked over and sat down across from him, looking at the man and saying, Alright, if you have something to say, say it all at once.” 

The secretary smiled, My name is Alexander Davis, I’ve been with Mr. Schneider for three years. When I went to the police station to see Mr. Schneider, he said his only wish was for you to inherit the Schneider Group and carry it forward. He also asked me to apologize to you. He admitted that he was wrong in the past, he valued profit too much and neglected family ties.” 

Briana Cameron was indifferent, her face showing no sign of 


For Zane, even if he hadn’t been solely focused on profit in 


Chapter 1095 

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the past, he would have only been good to Kiley, not to her

So, hearing such words, it just seemed somewhat ridiculous

I had no interest in the Schneider Group whatsoever, but I wanted to know, why was he arrested?” 

Alexander sighed, You must have heard about Mr. Schneider’s previous affair with Ms. Flanagan. Mr. Schneider initially thought that the child in Ms. Flanagan’s belly was his. However, before leaving Haseton, she gave him a paternity test report, stating that the child in her belly was not his.” 

Mr. Schneider didn’t believe it at first, but later he secretly had it investigated. The results showed that the child in Ms. Flanagan’s belly was indeed not his, but Lewis’sOh yes, Lewis was also Mr. Schneider’s secretary, who had been with Mr. Schneider for over twenty years. No one ever thought that he would do such a thing!” 

After learning the truth, Mr. Schneider was so furious that he went straight to confront Ms. Flanagan, which ultimately led to Ms. Flanagan falling down the stairs and having

miscarriage. When Ms. Flanagan woke up, she insisted that she was pushed by Mr. Schneider. She has now hired a lawyer to sue Mr. Schneider, and the Schneider Group is currently in a state of no management… 

After listening, Briana Cameron had no sympathy for Zane at all. If it wasn’t for his obsession with having a son to inherit the Schneider Group, he wouldn’t have ended up in this situation

She fell silent for a moment, frowning, Hasn’t he always wanted a son? Why does he want to hand over the Schneider Group to me now, expecting me to clean up the mess for him 

Chapter 1095 

to take overlater?” 

Alexander shook his head, No, Ms. Cameron, you 

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misunderstood. Mr. Schneider genuinely wants to hand over the Schneider Group to you. This is the equity transfer agreement.” 

Briana Cameron took the document handed to her, just about to open it, when suddenly a hand reached out from behind and directly took the document from her hands

Immediately, Thomas’s mocking voice rang out from behind, Is this measly amount of money even worth leaving to Briana? I think it would be better to just donate it!” 

Third Brother, how did you come back?” 

Thomas glanced down at Briana Cameron, his expression softening considerably, I came back to get a document and overheard your conversation. There’s no need to bother with Zane’s measly money. I’ll give you a better company tomorrow. This kind of shoddy company should go bankrupt.” 

Catching a glimpse of Alexander’s unpleasant expression across the room, Briana Cameron quickly said, Alright, I can handle it myself. You’ve got the documents, go get to work.” 

I’m serious,I said, I’ll have the secretary transfer the ownership to you tomorrow.” 

Briana Cameron rolled her eyes, irritably saying, I’m not interested, even if you give it to me, I don’t want it.” 

Did you want this money that Zane gave you?” 

I don’t want it either, you better leave now, don’t delay me 


Chapter 1095 

from discussing matters with Mr. Davis!” 

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Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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