Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 11

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 11

Chapter 11


George was a little annoyed. Except for arranging for his people to work in the company, all the other matters in the company were handled by other shareholders. He had no idea what the company had done over the years.

Under Briana’s calm gaze, George felt embarrassed. He lowered his head with guilt.

“Mr. Landry, are you unable to answer the question or do you not want to answer my question?”

No matter what choice George made, he would fall into the trap prepared for him by Briana.

“Ms. Schneider, you know I’m not good at managing the company. Are you deliberately asking me this to embarrass me?”

Coldness flashed across Briana’s eyes. She said expressionlessly, “Mr. Landry, since you know that you are not good at managing the company, don’t say anything about whatever decision I make.”

George was speechless.

When Melody took a document for Briana to sign, she saw George angrily leave Briana’s office at the door. George didn’t even greet Melody when he saw her.

Melody pushed the door open and went in. Briana was reading a document calmly. Melody couldn’t help but ask, “What did you say to George? He didn’t seem happy when leaving.”

Briana didn’t even raise her head. She read the document while saying, “He felt angry because I laid off his relatives. What’s wrong?”

Melody handed the document in her hands to Briana and said, “You need to sign this. Have a look. If there’s no problem, sign your name and I will take it away.”

Briana took the document and said with an indifferent expression, “Go tell the HR department to find me two secretaries. A man and a woman.”

“Okay. I will go right away.”

Briana read the document and signed her name when she found that nothing was wrong. Then she looked at Melody and said, “By the way, how much money is the company short of?”

Melody fell silent for a few seconds and said with a serious face, “At least 8 million dollars.”

Briana frowned and said, “Okay, got it. You can leave now.”

After Melody left, Briana checked the money she had and found that she had exactly a little more than 8 million dollars with her.

She called the head of the financial department and transferred 8 million dollars to the account of the company. She said with a light expression, “I will lend the money to the company personally. Remember to pay me back at the end of the year.”

“Okay, Ms. Schneider.”

After the head of the financial department left, Briana continued to read the document.

George threw his temper in the office. He decided to find a way to vent his anger. He hesitated for a while and finally called Owen Tyler.

“Mr. Tyler, are you free at noon? Let’s eat together.”

At noon, as soon as Owen walked into the private room, George stood up to welcome him warmly, “Mr. Tyler, have a seat.”

Owen was full of smiles. After he sat down, he looked at George and said, “Mr. Landry, you invited me to eat in a place far away from the company. You must have something important, right?”

George had a flattering smile on his face. He nodded and said, “Mr. Tyler, you really know me well. You must have known what Ms. Schneider did to me in the morning, right?”

Owen took a sip of the tea and said calmly, “Mr. Landry, isn’t that normal to lay off a few employees? That’s Ms. Schneider’s plan for the future of the company.”

Those George’s relatives knew nothing about wasting time in the company. Owen found nothing wrong with laying them off.

George smiled dryly. “Mr. Tyler, you are right. But do you think Ms. Schneider will only lay off my people?”

Owen grabbed the cup more tightly. He remained silent and said nothing.

George continued, “Mr. Tyler, actually, I think you are the most capable one among all the shareholders. Yes, Ms. Schneider has the most shares. But she’s too young and impulsive. I would rather let you run MY Corporation.”

“What do you want to say?”

“Mr. Tyler, I think you’ve been contacting Mr. Ware of Skyline Group but you haven’t signed a contract yet? Ms. Schneider is so capable. She must have the ability to do that, right?”

Owen remained silent for a while. Then he said, “Let me think for a while.”


In the evening, Briana got off work and returned to the villa in the north of the city. Then she was stopped by Maxim.

He looked down at her and said with her eyes filled with anger. “Briana, I know you are angry, but you can’t go too far! How can you live in some other man’s place? Are you trying to embarrass the Schneider family and the Yoder family?”

Briana sneered. “What qualification do you have to say this to me? When you dated Kiley in our wedding house, did you think of the Yoder family and the Schneider family?”

Maxim’s eyes were filled with impatience. “I’ve told you. Nothing has happened between me and Kiley.”

“It has nothing to do with me. We are going to divorce anyway.”

“I’ve torn apart the divorce agreement. You said those things in anger. I can understand. I can pretend that nothing has happened.”

Briana frowned. “Maxim, why do you refuse to divorce me? Did you fall in love with me?”

Hearing this, Maxim looked at her with a mocking expression.

“Do you think it’s possible?”

“If not, divorce me. I’m still young. I can marry another man after getting divorced.”

Seeing her anxious expression, Maxim looked totally cold. He couldn’t help but frown.

“You still want to marry another man?”

“Then what?” Briana looked indifferent. “Staying by your side is no different from being single. I want to pursue my own happiness.”

Maxim was speechless.

He felt angry. He couldn’t suppress the anger in his heart.

He knew clearly that he didn’t love Briana, but his emotions always fluctuated because of her.

His handsome face was dark. He squeezed the words out. “I can divorce you. You have to compensate me for my youth!”

Briana was shocked.

She appeared that she found that something must be wrong with Maxim’s brain. Maxim said coldly, “8 million dollars. If you give me, I will divorce you.”

Briana remained silent for a while. Then she looked at Maxim with a serious expression, “Are you sure that you will divorce me after I give you 8 million dollars?”

“Yes, but you can’t use the money I give you.”

Briana had been living in the Yoder’s place. When they got married, he gave her a black card without payment limits, but she never used it.

The birthday presents he sent her were all made by herself, so Maxim was sure that Briana couldn’t take out so much money.

Briana fell silent for a while and nodded while saying, “Okay, I promise you.”

“I will only give you one week. If you can’t give me 8 million dollars in one week, don’t ever mention divorce to me.”

Briana frowned. “Maxim, that’s too strict.”

Maxim sneered. “You want to divorce me. I offered you a chance, but you are unwilling. Briana, are you playing hard-to-get? I quite suspect that.”

Briana rolled her eyes and said coldly, “Okay, one week. Can you get the hell out of here now?”

Seeing the impatience in her eyes, Maxim continued, “Move back before we get divorced.”

“Maxim, don’t go too far.”

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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