Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 111

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 111

Chapter 111

“You will understand when you grow up a little more.”


As they were chatting, Jaxon stormed into the kitchen with a stern face, “How is the meal coming along?! All you do is chat, the pot is about to burn dry!”

Briana knew that Jaxon was deliberately picking on her just because he didn’t like her. She smiled helplessly, thinking that the older the master, the more childish he became.

However, such relaxed days, I don’t know how much longer they can


In the end, the master had to return to Butterwolf. Perhaps when Hailey is capable of handling things on her own, he will return to Butterwolf.

Seeing the two people cooking rice earnestly, Jaxon nodded in satisfaction and left with his hands behind his back.

After his figure disappeared behind the kitchen door, Briana and Hailey exchanged glances and couldn’t help but laugh.

From the next day on, Jaxon would pass on the patients who came for home visits to Briana and Wyatt, claiming to see if their medical skills had deteriorated over the yearsbut in reality, he just wanted to slack off

The two of them saw hundreds of patients every day. Hailey would be by their side, dispensing medication according to the prescriptions they

Chapter 111

40 Vouchers.

wrote. The day before they had to leave, Jaxon finally allowed them to take a break.

After reading the diagnosis records and prescriptions of the two individuals, Jaxon couldn’t help but nod in satisfaction, “Very good, what I learned before has finally not been wasted.”

“Master, did you see so many patients every day in these past few years?”

She remembered that Jaxon had set a rule before, to only see twenty patients per day, so the people who came to see Jaxon for medical treatment had to wait for a year.

Jaxon touched his beard and said with a smile, “No, the patients you have been seeing these past few days are the workload for the next two months for me. Once you finish helping me, I will be able to take a two–month vacation.”

“Master, is it really okay for you to do this?”

The outside world used to spread rumors that Jaxon, the Magic Healer, had a bad temper and would refuse to see patients if he was not in a good mood. If others knew that Jaxon was actually a funny old man, they would definitely be surprised.

Thinking about being able to rest every day for the next two months, Jaxon smiled and said, “Of course, if you come to visit me every two months, I can retire.” 

Briana and Wyatt exchanged glances and couldn’t help but laugh

If we came back to see you once every two months, you would feel annoyed again.” 

Jaxon nodded in agreement, “Indeed, alright, you guys go pack up, we have to hit the road early tomorrow morning.




Chapter 111

40 (Vouchers

When Briana was tidying up her clothes, Hailey came over holding a brocade box and said, “Briana, this is from grandpa for you.”

She took the brocade box and opened it, inside was a snow lotus plant. However, this snow lotus was not white, but red, as bright as blood.

“Briana, Grandpa said that this is the only remaining snow lotus plant. you have grown. In the future, if you encounter an emergency, you must come back to him and not take matters into your own hands by secretly planting snow lotus!”

Seeing Hailey’s serious expression, Briana nodded and said, “I understand.”

“Well, then I won’t delay you from tidying up.”

After Hailey left, Briana carefully collected the snow lotus, and a big stone in her heart finally fell. With this snow lotus, Maxim’s leg could

be saved.

In the evening, Jaxon personally cooked a table full of dishes for Briana and Wyatt to enjoy, and he also brought out the wine he had been keeping for many years.

Briana and Wyatt accompanied Jaxon for a few drinks, and Jaxon then made an excuse of being too drunk and left.

Hailey’s eyes were also a little red as she looked at Briana and Wyatt and said, “Actually, Grandpa couldn’t bear to be without you. Even though he didn’t say it out loud these past few days, I know he was very happy when you came back.”

Briana and Wyatt also felt a bit reluctant, after all, they had been living here for several years too, and Jaxon had become like family to them.

But even if reluctant, in the end, one still has to leave.


Chapter 111

40 Vouchers

The next morning, when Briana and Wyatt left, Jaxon did not come out to see them off.

Briana and Wyatt walked up to his door, and the two of them knocked on Jaxon’s door a few times before they stood up and left.

On the way back to Faywick, both of them felt a bit heavy–hearted and remained silent without speaking.

When they arrived at Faywick Airport, Briana and Wyatt had just gotten off the car when they were stopped by several men in black.

“Ms. Schneider, Mr. Waylon, please come with us.”



Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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Fall for You After Divorce by Callie is an amazing novel story about Schneider. Briana Schneider believed she could win Maxim Yoder’s love. Yet, after three years of marriage, all she got were photos of Maxim in bed with another woman-Kiley Schneider, who happened to be Briana’s twin sister. At that point, Briana chose to let go of her quest for Maxim’s affection and moved forward. It seemed like the right decision for both of them. However, when she handed the divorce papers to Maxim, he angrily tore them apart and cornered her against the wall. “We’re not getting a divorce unless I die.” Briana was completely unfazed by Maxim’s wrath. “You can only have either Kiley or me. It’s your decision.” Eventually, Maxim opted for Kiley. Yet, after losing Briana for good, Maxim realized that he was truly in love with her… Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Callie is the author of Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel. This novel is in Romance genre, has been read by many people, and has a pretty good rating. For those of you who want to read it in full, you can search bookalb.com The novel has gained immense popularity and received praise from a wide audience.

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