Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 1158

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 1158

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Chapter 1158 

Haha, definitely, Mr. Yoder is the new rising star in Haseton, the two of you together are a match made in heaven, a perfect combination of talent and beauty!” 

We were all waiting to drink the wedding wine!” 

Listening to the praises from the business partner, a smile was evident in Aurora’s eyes

Then I’ll take your good words!” 

A flash of irritation crossed Maxim’s brow as he pulled away, saying, I see someone I know over there. I’m going to say hello, please excuse me!” 

After speaking, without even glancing at Aurora, Maxim turned around and left directly

Aurora’s hand unconsciously tightened around her wine glass. Noticing the glances from her business partners around her, she managed to maintain a smile

Maxim was always so busy, there was nothing I could do, so I won’t bother you all anymore!” 

Several partners had long noticed Maxim’s indifference towards Aurora, but pretended not to know on the surface

Alright, send our regards to Mr. Fredrick.” 


Chapter 1158 

Goodbye, Ms. Fredrick.” 

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Next time there’s a chance, invite Ms. Fredrick and Mr. Yoder for dinner again.” 

After dealing with a few people, Aurora’s smile disappeared as soon as she turned around

She hadn’t expected that Maxim would embarrass her like this, leaving directly in front of their business partners. It seemed he was truly determined to break off their 


Originally, she was hesitating whether to put the medicine into his cup or not, but now there was no need to hesitate

Maxim, you forced me into this

On the other side, after Briana Cameron and Astrid entered the banquet hall, the two found a corner and sat down

Looking at the bustling banquet hall, Astrid couldn’t help but sigh, The Nash family really spoils Shirley. The cost of hosting this banquet is conservatively estimated to be in the tens of millions.” 

Briana Cameron raised an eyebrow, Isn’t this quite normal? Shirley is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Zhang, and she’s so outstanding. It would be strange if they didn’t dote on her.” 

Astrid clicked her tongue, expressing some regret, I actually quite liked Shirley, but since she’s good friends with Aurora, I just can’t bring myself to like her.” 

Hearing this, Briana Cameron turned to her and said with a smile, You don’t have to fall out with Shirley for my sake


Chapter 1158 

after all, she’s not Aurora.” 

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She had never interacted with Shirley, but she heard from others that her personality was quite good

Birds of a feather flock together. Being able to hang out with Aurora indicates that the two have a lot in common.” 

Just as Briana Cameron was about to speak, a surprised voice came from behind her

Briana, you attended the banquet too?!” 

Briana Cameron turned around and saw Madeline, surprise flashing in her eyes

Madeline, weren’t you just recovering? How could you participate in the event?” 

Madeline sat down next to her and said, Our company is in collaboration with the Nash Group, and Ms. Nash is planning to enter the entertainment industry, so they asked me to come and get acquainted with her.” 

It seemed that the plan was to have Madeline take Shirley

Did you plan to collaborate with her for your next film?” 

Madeline nodded, Yes, she has already been chosen as the lead actress. I’ll be playing the second female lead, but I actually prefer the character of the second female lead.” 

Briana Cameron chuckled, Having a leading actress as her supporting role, her starting point is considered high among the newcomers

Right, I had something to tell you.” 


Chapter 1159 

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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