Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 1159

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 1159

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Chapter 1159 

Seeing her face become serious, a flash of confusion crossed Briana Cameron’s eyes, What’s the matter?” 

Just now, I saw Aurora helping Maxim to the Nash family’s guest room. Maxim’s complexion seemed a bit off. Do you want to go check on him?” 

Briana Cameron frowned, her face turning icy cold

Madeline, I have no connection with him anymore, and he and Aurora are engaged. It’s perfectly normal for Aurora to help him rest when he’s had too much to drink.” 

Aurora looked somewhat flustered at the time, her eyes darting around. She clearly looked guilty. Are you really not planning to check it out?” 

Briana Cameron looked at Madeline, her eyes full of calmness, Well, it’s none of my business. If I go and interfere, I might even ruin someone else’s good thing.” 

Seeing that she really didn’t care, Madeline couldn’t say much more, but she was still somewhat worried. After all, during the years she was with Brycen, she had eaten with Maxim many times. She believed that Maxim’s feelings for Briana Cameron were genuine

After hesitating for a moment, she still took out her phone and sent a message to Brycen

As for whether Brycen could arrive on time, that was none of her business


Chapter 1159 

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At that moment, Shirley had already stepped onto the stage

Good evening everyone, I’m very pleased that you could attend my celebration party. If there’s anything lacking in my hospitality, I kindly ask for your understanding. I won’t say much more, enjoy yourselves!” 

She was about to put down the microphone and step off the stage when suddenly the lights in the banquet hall went out, leaving everyone stunned for a moment

What happened? Was there a power outage?” 

I don’t know, everyone just stay still, so as not to step on anyone!” 

Ah, who bumped into me!” 

Sounds rose and fell in the venue, immediately causing a wave of panic

Soon, the big screen behind Shirley lit up, and a somewhat blurry image appeared on the screen

From the footage, it could be seen that the camera was pointed at a large bed. At that moment, a man and a woman on the bed were entwined together. Although they were fully clothed, they were pressed tightly against each other, making it not hard to imagine what would happen next

Shirley almost immediately recognized that it was in her own guest room, and the woman on the screen, she also recognized as her good friend Aurora

As for that man, it was unmistakably Maxim

Her face instantly turned incredibly ugly, she hadn’t expected 


Chapter 1159 

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Aurora and Maxim to do such a thing at her victory party at the Nash family’s

The people below the stage also recognized Aurora and Maxim, and they began to whisper among themselves

What was the deal with Mr. Yoder and Ms. Fredrick?! Were 

they so desperate? They had to do such indecent things in someone else’s house!” 

I had interacted with Mr. Yoder before, I originally thought he was a gentleman, I didn’t expect him to do such a thing!” 

It seemed that we had to reconsider our collaboration with 

the Yoder Group. After all, it’s hard to trust someone who could do such a thing at someone else’s celebration party to be reliable at work!” 

Briana Cameron looked at the image on the screen, first furrowing her brows, then a wave of disgust surged in her eyes, and she immediately averted her gaze

Astrid was so angry that she couldn’t contain herself, she shouted, Have you no shame! Getting horny anytime and anywhere, it’s disgusting! Can someone turn off this screen, I don’t want to be disgusted!” 

She looked at Briana Cameron, whispering, Briana, shall we leave now?” 

From the moment Maxim and Aurora’s video appeared on the screen, people kept looking at Briana Cameron, their eyes full of anticipation for a spectacle


Chapter 1159 

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After all, before Maxim got engaged to Aurora, he was always with Briana Cameron, and they were incredibly in love

The once beloved lover was now tightly embraced with another woman, Briana Cameron must not have felt too good inside

Briana Cameron’s expression was indifferent, I’m not the one who did this, why should I leave?” 


Chapter 1160 

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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