Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 13

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Briana looked at Kiley differently. “I don’t think you are qualified to ask me about that.”

With that, Briana went upstairs directly, while Kiley’s cold voice could be heard behind Briana.

“Stop right here!”

Briana’s lips curled into a cold smile as she turned around to look at Kiley mockingly. “I have never seen a homewrecker so arrogant before. But now I do.”

Kiley’s face changed slightly. She glared at Briana and said, “The one Maxim who truly loves is me. Even if you played tricks to continue staying by his side, he would never fall for you. If you are sensible enough, you should get a divorce right now!”

She added inwardly, “You’d better scram from the Yoder’s house and never appear again!”

Briana raised her eyebrow and nodded. “Fine. Give me 8 million dollars, and I will divorce him immediately.”

Kiley narrowed her eyes and said through gritted teeth, “Briana, don’t be so greedy! Maxim has given you so much money these years. Isn’t it enough?”

“You are in such a hurry to ask me to get a divorce with Maxim. Since that’s the case, you should certainly pay for something, or how can you prove your love for him?”


A glint of mockery flashed across Briana’s eyes. “You are not even willing to give me 8 million dollars. It seems that your affection for Maxim is not that worthy of mentioning.”

Just as Kiley was about to retort, she saw Maxim standing on the stairs from the corner of her eyes, and the proactive expression on her face immediately gave way to a pitiful one.

“Briana, it’s not that I’m reluctant to pay 8 million dollars. If I did it, Maxim would have been displeased.”

“You can just keep it a secret from him.”

Kiley was speechless.

Briana also fell into silence at the moment. Suddenly, a cold voice sounded behind her.

“Briana, I thought that you were capable enough to raise 8 million dollars by yourself. It turns out that you are going to ask for it from Kiley!”

Briana met Maxim’s cold eyes and said calmly, “I think Kiley should be glad to pay it, so I provide a chance for her.”

Seeing them ignore her, Kiley tugged at her dress unconsciously, and a hint of viciousness appeared in her eyes.

“Maxim, what’s going on? If Briana lacks money, I can borrow her.”

Briana glanced at Kiley meaningfully. Before she could speak, Maxim said in a cold tone, “It has nothing to do with you. Refuse her directly if she asks you for money again.”

Briana pursed her lips with dissatisfaction because her plan failed. She couldn’t bother to waste her time anymore and went upstairs to catch up on sleep.

When she walked past Maxim, he suddenly pulled her wrist.

He leaned closer and warned in her ear, “Briana, don’t try to get any money from Kiley again. Even if you make it, I won’t divorce you!”

Seeing them so intimate downstairs, Kiley turned furious and clenched her fists.

Briana shook off Maxim’s hand and took a step back, saying indifferently, “I won’t. Don’t be so close to me again. I hate stupid people!”

Maxim narrowed his eyes, which were filled with warning. “Briana, don’t try to provoke me!”

Briana stepped into the room without looking at him and even locked the door.

Maxim stared at the door angrily.


Hearing Kiley’s voice, Maxim came back to his senses. He went downstairs quickly and frowned as he asked, “It’s still early. Why are you here?”

Kiley sensed the displeasure in Maxim’s tone and bit her lower lip before explaining, “I’m worried about you, so I come… I didn’t expect Briana to be here. If I knew her return earlier, I wouldn’t have been here to bother you.”

Maxim still frowned. “Kiley, Briana is my wife.”

Tears welled up in Kiley’s eyes in an instant. “But we love each other. Since you have no affection for Briana, why are you reluctant to give up your marriage with her?”

After a moment of silence, Maxim turned to look at Kiley and said softly, “My relationship with you has long ended. Even if I don’t love her, the fact that she is my wife will not change.”

Kiley’s tears streamed down, and she was in great disbelief.

“When you had a car accident, she took the chance to marry you and take care of you for two years. So, you have fallen in love with her?”

“I don’t, but I won’t divorce her, either.”


“After the car accident, I couldn’t stand up. During the two years, she looked after me carefully and never left me.”

Moreover, as long as Briana proposed a divorce, Maxim would feel irritated for no reason.

Kiley cried sadly. She said in a choked voice, “What about me? You had been hiding your accident from me. When I got to know it, you had married Briana. Have you ever considered my feelings?

“I wanted to return to the country to question you why, yet I knew it was meaningless. You can express your gratitude to Briana in another way. Why do you have to pay the rest of your life for it?”

Maxim’s face was somewhat indifferent. “I have let you down. I’m sorry. So, when you returned to the country and asked to stay in that villa, I agreed. You want MY Corporation, and I’m now dealing with the acquisition of it. I can fulfill your proper requests, except for making up with you.”

Ignoring Kiley’s reactions, Maxim left readily.

Kiley stared at his back with teary eyes, not going to give up at all.

She said to herself, “I won’t give up! Never!”

As Briana went downstairs again, both Maxim and Kiley had left. She didn’t think much about it and went to work.

As soon as she reached her office, she called Melody in.

“From tomorrow onwards, I will leave for a few days. Help me handle the affairs in the company for the time being, and if there is something thorny, set it aside and leave it to me.”


Melody didn’t leave after that. Briana raised her head and asked, “Is there anything else?”

“Yes. I’m afraid that George will make things difficult for you in the meeting later. Yesterday, I heard that he had lost his temper in his office when he knew some employees in his department were fired.”

Briana nodded. “Got it. Just go back to your work.”

After Melody walked out, Briana continued focusing on the documents. Obviously, she didn’t take Melody’s reminder seriously.

The meeting began at 10 Am as planned.

Briana emphasized the recent work plan and its priority. Expressionless, she glanced at the people around the conference table. “Any objections? If there are not, let’s end the meeting.”

Just as she finished her words, George said, “Ms. Schneider, I have something to tell you.”

Briana looked at him calmly, “Go ahead.”

George wore a subtle smile. “Ms. Schneider, we have a potential business partner who’s been showing interest in collaborating with us lately, but he’s been hesitating to sign the contract. I believe that if you handle the negotiation, we can quickly reach an agreement. You haven’t been with MY Corporation for the entire three years, and we’re interested in evaluating your capabilities. After all, MY Corporation is a substantial enterprise, and we can’t entrust it to someone who might not be up to the task.”

Briana smiled faintly and nodded. “Send the contract to my office later.”

George had never thought that Briana would agree so readily. He was stunned for a moment and then said, “Okay. Ms. Schneider, I’m looking forward to good news.”

After the meeting, Melody followed Briana to her office.

“Ms. Schneider, I reminded you before the meeting. You should have been vigilant against George, but why do you still fall into the trap he has set up?”

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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