Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 139

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 139




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Chapter 139 

“You refuse to divorce no matter what I say, don’t you?!”


“Okay, then I went to talk to Briana!”

“If you go and force her, I will never meet you again in the future.”

Kendra was so angry that her eyes turned red, but more than that, she felt a chill in her heart.

“You threatened me just for a woman?!”

Maxim looked indifferent and said, “She is not an ordinary woman, she is my wife, and I am not threatening you, just informing you.”

“Good! Good! Good! Maxim, you will have a day of regret!”

Kendra came angrily and left in a rage.

The voices of the two people were not quiet, and Briana could faintly hear some of it from the second bedroom.

Until there was a “bang” sound of the door closing outside, the living room quieted down, indicating that Kendra had left.

Briana was about to get up and prepare for bed when there was a knock on the door

She opened the door and Maxim’s cold face appeared in front of her.

“Brianadid you forget that you promised to give me a bath just now?” 




Briana: ”

Just now, that was because I didn’t want to face Kendra. Now that everyone has left, how could she possibly come up to Maxim and be teased by him?

“Mr. Yoder, if I remember correctly, you could have taken a shower by yourself. I am very tired today and I am planning to go to sleep now.”

She turned around to leave, but her wrist was suddenly grabbed by Maxim.

The next second, Briana was pulled into Maxim’s arms.

She sat on his lap, with their faces only a few centimeters apart, able to see even the tiny hairs on each other’s faces clearly

Briana’s heartbeat unconsciously accelerated, as if it wanted to burst out of her chest.

As she realized what was happening, she couldn’t help but grit her teeth and exclaimed, “Let go of me!”

She wanted to break free from Maxim’s shackles, but instead, it only brought them closer together.

As their breaths intertwined, Maxim suddenly let out a muffled groan, causing Briana’s face to stiffen and her hands to unconsciously tighten


Maxim grabbed her waist and forced her to come closer to him.

“You kept rubbing against me in my arms, if I didn’t react, wouldn’t be like an impotent man?”

Let me go!





40 Vouchers

“Do you want to help me take a bath?”


“I didn’t let go!”

Briana’s face turned red, and she felt a mix of embarrassment and anger inside.

“Maxim, you were simply a scoundrel!”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

The two of them had a standoff for a while, but in the end, Briana gave in.

After wiping Maxim’s body, she returned to the guest room. She

washed up and lay down on the bed. It took a long time for her mood to calm down.

It seems that in the future, we will have to let the caregiver live at home, otherwise Maxim always finds excuses to force her to do things she doesn’t want to do!

The next morning, shortly after starting work, Melody hurriedly came to find Briana

Ms. Schneider, I would like to take three days off!”

Seeing the anxiety on her face, Briana’s eyes flickered with surprise. “Why does it take such a long time? Is it because Oliver has been bothering you?”



Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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Fall for You After Divorce by Callie is an amazing novel story about Schneider. Briana Schneider believed she could win Maxim Yoder’s love. Yet, after three years of marriage, all she got were photos of Maxim in bed with another woman-Kiley Schneider, who happened to be Briana’s twin sister. At that point, Briana chose to let go of her quest for Maxim’s affection and moved forward. It seemed like the right decision for both of them. However, when she handed the divorce papers to Maxim, he angrily tore them apart and cornered her against the wall. “We’re not getting a divorce unless I die.” Briana was completely unfazed by Maxim’s wrath. “You can only have either Kiley or me. It’s your decision.” Eventually, Maxim opted for Kiley. Yet, after losing Briana for good, Maxim realized that he was truly in love with her… Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Callie is the author of Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel. This novel is in Romance genre, has been read by many people, and has a pretty good rating. For those of you who want to read it in full, you can search bookalb.com The novel has gained immense popularity and received praise from a wide audience.

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