Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 14

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Seeing Melody’s agitated face, Briana said calmly, “Even if I avoid it this time, he will find another opportunity to trick me, so it’s better to teach him a lesson this time.”

“He must have given you a difficult client. What if you are pestered?”

Briana smiled, “Don’t worry about it. Just go to work.”

“I still can’t be at ease. I’ll accompany you when you talk with the client.”

“No need. If I can’t even solve this matter on my own, the company will be finished if I encounter bigger difficulties in the future, won’t it?”

Seeing her insistence, Melody had to give in. “Okay, but if there are any emergencies, you must call me. Don’t deal with it alone!”

“Got it.”

Shortly after Melody left, George came over to deliver the contract.

He had smugness in his eyes. “Ms. Schneider, I’ll be waiting for your good news!”

“Okay, Mr. Landry. You can leave if there’s nothing else. I have a lot of work to do.”

Anger flashed in George’s eyes, and then he turned around with a sneer and left straight away. He waited to see Briana make a fool of herself.

Briana looked at the documents and made an appointment with the client in the evening before getting busy with her other work.

Soon, it was time to get off work. Briana took the documents and went directly to the restaurant where she and the client had arranged to meet.

Briana had just walked into the private room when the person sitting inside stood up in a hurry and said cheerfully, “Ms. Schneider, please sit down.”

Sammy Ware did not expect Briana to be so beautiful. He was so tempted that he wanted to pounce on her now. He thought, “This time George really sent me a beautiful woman.”

Thinking about what George had said to him on the phone, Sammy felt excited.

Briana sat down on a chair two seats away from Sammy and smiled, “Hello, Mr. Ware.”

Unhappy that Briana was so far away from him, Sammy got up, walked right over to Briana, and sat down next to her, his small eyes staring lewdly at her chest.

“Ms. Schneider, why are you so formal? Even though we haven’t met before, we’ll get familiar with each other soon. Just call me Sammy.”

Sammy was over fifty years old, older than Zane. The wrinkles on his face shook violently when he laughed, and he behaved cheekily.

Saying that, he unconsciously held Briana’s hand on the table.

The next second, a scream rang out.

“Let go of me! It hurts!”

Briana let go of him with a calm demeanor. “I’m sorry, Mr. Ware. I don’t really like people touching me.”

Although she was apologizing, there was no trace of guilt in her eyes.

Sammy had a pang of annoyance. His eyes rolled before he suddenly smiled again.

He picked up the decanted red wine on the table and poured a glass for Briana. “Tell you what, if you drink this glass of wine, I’ll forget about what just happened. How about that?”

Briana raised her eyebrows and smiled, “It’s no fun to drink red wine. I’ll go ask the waiter to bring a few bottles of white wine.”

Seeing Briana getting up to leave, Sammy stopped smiling and scowled, “Ms. Schneider, since you’re so insincere, I don’t see any point in continuing our cooperation.”

He placed his red wine glass heavily on the table, his face filled with anger.

Briana could see that Sammy was trying to use the contract to take advantage of her. She said indifferently, “Alright, Mr. Ware. Enjoy your meal. I’ll leave first.”

Sammy originally wanted to threaten Briana, and he didn’t expect her to turn to leave directly. He froze for a few seconds before chasing after her.


His voice wasn’t small and instantly attracted the attention of the people around him.

Through the carved wooden partition, several people on the other side of the room got a good look at Briana and Sammy.

Brycen and the others came over to have dinner together tonight, not expecting to run into Briana here.

And they all knew Sammy, who made fabric at first, seized the commercial chances in the past few years, and turned into an arrogant boss. He was just an upstart. People with some power all looked down on him.

Seeing Maxim’s ugly expression, Brycen whispered, “Maxim, how did Briana get into trouble with Sammy? He is a cruel lecher. Those who got involved with him were either seriously injured or killed by him. His reputation in Bridenville is very bad.”

Although Brycen felt that Briana was not good enough for Maxim, Brycen did not want Briana to be ruined by Sammy.

Maxim had a sullen face, his gaze falling on Briana. No one knew what he was thinking.

Briana didn’t notice the few people beside her. She looked back at Sammy with a calm expression. “Is there anything else, Mr. Ware?”

Sammy sneered, “Briana, you’re just an employee of MY Corporation. Why are you pretending to be pure in front of me? Even if I rape you right here, nothing will happen to me. Before my patience runs out, go back with me. If you make me happy, I might sign the contract.”

Briana raised an eyebrow. “Is that what George told you?”

Sammy’s eyes were full of contempt and mockery. “Does it matter whether Mr. Landry said that or not? You’re dressing like this to seduce me, aren’t you?”

Briana wore a white slip dress with a suit jacket over it today, her long hair slightly curled. She looked gentle and elegant.

She glanced down at what she was wearing and couldn’t understand Sammy’s words.

“I’m not interested in you, and I hope you can behave yourself.”

After saying these words, Briana turned around to leave, but Sammy sneered and said, “Do you think you can come and leave as you want? It’s not that easy!”

The moment the words came out, Briana was suddenly surrounded by two big men over 180 cm tall. They looked down at Briana menacingly.

Briana curved her lips, but her eyes were icy. “Mr. Ware, do you want to use violence?”

Brycen, who was standing behind the wooden partition, frowned and whispered, “Maxim, if you don’t go stop it, Briana will be taken away by Sammy!”

In his opinion, Briana was a weak woman and would definitely suffer.

Maxim’s eyes were cold. “Wait a little longer.”

“What are you waiting for?”

Maxim didn’t say another word, and his eyes stared fixedly at Briana.

Maxim thought, “Anna, the founder of MY Corporation, returned not long ago, and it just so happens that the place where Briana works is MY Corporation. Is there really such a coincidence?”

Sammy looked at Briana coldly with anger. “Bring her back to the private room! I’ll torture you to death later.”

After saying that, Sammy turned around and walked toward the private room, already thinking about how to toy with Briana.

However, he had just taken two steps when shrieks came from behind him. Before Sammy could turn around, he received a kick on his ass.

He was then sent flying and smashed heavily against the wall.

Sammy screamed, fell to the ground, and ached all over.

Brycen was stunned, unconsciously looking at Maxim. “Briana is so good at fighting.”

Just now, Brycen didn’t even see clearly how Briana had knocked those two brawny men to the ground.

Brycen thought, “She sent a man flying with a kick. Is this something a normal woman can do?”

Maxim didn’t say anything. He just looked at Briana even more thoughtfully.

Perhaps he never understood Briana.

On the other side, Briana slowly moved toward Sammy with an icy smile.

Sammy was filled with fear, feeling that Briana was a devil.

“Don’t … don’t come over, or I’ll call the police!”

Seeing the panic in Sammy’s eyes, Briana didn’t have any emotion in her eyes as she walked over and stomped on his chest.

Sammy felt a sharp pain in his chest and suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

“You just said … you would torture me to death?”


Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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