Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 17

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Briana frowned and looked at him with an agitated expression. “Maxim, can you stop pestering me? It was my fault to marry you without your consent, but I’ve helped you heal your legs. These three years I’ve been loyal to you. Now I want to live my own life. Isn’t that too much?”

Maxim’s pupils shrank. It took several seconds before he gritted his teeth and said, “I’ve said it several times. I won’t divorce you!

“I have checked it out. You were not with Hector those few days. I know where you went and how you got the 8 million dollars. If you don’t want me to continue the investigation, go back to the villa with me right now.”

Briana’s hands tightened. She struggled and shook off his hand. She got into the car on her own.

On the way back, neither of them said anything.

Briana was quite agitated. She didn’t understand what Maxim was up to.

Wasn’t he supposed to rush to get the divorce certificate?

Neither of them was happy without the divorce.

Back at the villa, Briana went straight upstairs. As soon as she reached the stairs, Maxim’s voice sounded from behind.

“The day after tomorrow is your grandfather’s birthday. I bought a pair of antique vases a while ago. How about taking those pair of vases as his birthday gift?”

Briana tilted her head and looked at him indifferently, “You can do whatever you want. Don’t ask me about this kind of thing.”

Maxim frowned. “He is your grandfather. You…”

“So what?”

A trace of sarcasm appeared in Briana’s eyes. “We’re blood-related. That’s all.”

No one in the Schneider family ever regarded her as a family member. Nor did she have the hobby of pleasing them.

“Anyway, let’s go together to his birthday party.”

“Got it.”

After saying the two words coldly, Briana went upstairs.

Maxim stared at her back. His eyes were cold and deep. It was hard to tell what he was thinking.

Back in the room, Briana was about to order a takeaway when she received a call from Melody.

“Briana, I forgot to tell you something today. Maxim wants to see you.”

Surprise flashed in Briana’s eyes. She frowned and said, “For the acquisition of MY Corporation?”

“Well, the Yoder Group planned to acquire MY Corporation a month ago. They talked to me several times, but I never agreed. I guess he knew you were back and wanted to talk to you in person.

“To be honest, the price they offered is fair. If you didn’t come back, maybe those old bastards have sold MY Corporation and started counting the money.”

Not hearing Briana’s answer, Melody continued, “If you don’t want to see Maxim, I can cancel the meeting.”

Briana kept silent for two seconds. She said in a low voice, “It’s okay. You can send me the time and place. I’m going back to MY Corporation now, and I’ll see him sooner or later.”

“Okay, then I’ll make an appointment with the Yoder Group.”


After hanging up the phone, Briana was about to continue ordering the food delivery. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Maxim’s deep voice sounded.

“Dinner is ready. I still have something to do tonight. You can go downstairs to have dinner.”

Briana didn’t answer. After a while, she heard the sound of the car engine starting. She walked to the window, just in time to see Maxim’s taillights disappearing.

Five minutes later, Briana went downstairs.

Briana saw her favorite dishes on the table. Her eyes flashed with surprise.

But she didn’t think much about it. After finishing the meal, she washed the dishes and went back to her room.

She read a book on the balcony for a while. When Briana was about to go to sleep, she suddenly heard the sound of a car engine.

She glanced down and found that Maxim had returned home.

He ordered the service of designated driving. He staggered and got out of the car, obviously drunk. The designated driver parked the car and left.

Maxim almost fell several times. Briana kept a straight face and tilted her head. She closed the book and went back to the bedroom.

However, various noises were coming from the next door. Briana was unable to sleep.

Briana frowned, got up, and went to the door of the master bedroom. She knocked on the door impatiently and said coldly, “Please be quiet. I can’t sleep because of the noise.”

The noise stopped. Briana turned around when the door behind her suddenly opened.

She turned around in doubt. Before she had time to react, she was pulled out of the room by a big hand.


Briana couldn’t help but yell. Before she could react, Maxim pressed her against the door. His scorching breath sprayed against her ears. She trembled slightly.

Maxim smelled heavily of alcohol. He was quite drunk, and his body pressed against hers was extremely hot.

Briana could feel the constant heat coming from him.

Briana pushed him, but in vain. She felt a little annoyed.

“Maxim, let me go!”

Her lips were instantly sucked.

His lips were so hot that they seemed to melt hers too. Maxim’s hot hands ran over her body.

Something would happen if this continued.

Briana grabbed Maxim’s hand and turned on the light in the bedroom with a snap.

The sudden light made Maxim squint his eyes. He finally saw Briana’s angry face.

She and Kiley resembled each other, but Maxim would never mistake one for the other.

Kiley always looked weak, arousing a man’s desire to protect. Briana was completely different. She never showed the slightest weakness in front of others, nor would she ask Maxim for help as Kiley did.

Just like at this moment, the stubbornness in Briana’s eyes made Maxim feel powerless. He didn’t know how to make her open up to him.

Briana’s expression was cold and emotionless. “Let me go! I’ll find someone else for you!”

The anger in Maxim’s heart was suddenly provoked. He held her hand tightly and said word by word, “Briana, you are my wife!”

Briana wanted to find another woman for him.

She had no conscience.

Figuring out Maxim’s meaning, Briana pursed her lips and said coldly, “I won’t be soon!”

Maxim sneered. His eyes filled with lust were fixed on her face.

Ever since Briana asked for a divorce, Maxim had cared about her and respected her in all the ways he could. Out of his expectations, she had no idea of changing her mind and was still thinking about divorce when he felt so unwell.

Maxim lowered his head and bit Briana’s lips hard. He took the initiative and said coldly, “Since you want a divorce so much, I’ll grant your wish.”

Briana suddenly looked up at him with disbelief in her eyes.


Maxim tried his best to suppress the anger in his heart. His voice was as cold as mountain ice lasting for thousands of years.

“If you sleep with me tonight.”

After Maxim said so, Briana’s face turned pale.


Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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