Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 2

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 2

Chapter 2

With an indifferent raised eyebrow and a blank expression, Briana stated, “I reached out to you. That should convey my seriousness.”

Melody laughed and started the car. “I wanted you to drop Maxim’s sorry ass a long time ago. You sacrificed so much to treat his legs. Yet, he’s still fooling with Kiley behind your back. What a dirtbag. Men are nothing. You should focus on earning more money.”

Seeing that Melody was getting worked up and the car was speeding up, Briana chuckled.

“Calm down. I just left a grave. I don’t want to enter another one so soon.”

Melody relaxed secretly, noticing Briana had joked with her. She said suggestively, “What’s your plan next?”

Even if Briana didn’t contact Melody, Melody would go to Briana sometime later.

“I want to take a break. How is the company doing?”

Briana had used all her energy on Maxim these years and ignored MY Corporation, the fashion company she founded. She entrusted the business to the shareholders and only cared about her dividends.

Briana didn’t check her bank account. But her company should be doing well if they followed the operating plan she set before leaving.

Melody’s face fell and she sighed, “We’ll talk about it after you return from your vacation…”

Briana arched her eyebrows. Melody’s tone sounded ominous.

Nevertheless, Briana’s heart wasn’t in her work. She simply nodded and uttered, “Alright. Take me to the airport.”

“Where are you going?”

“I don’t know. I’ll just pick a place randomly.”

Briana drummed the car door casually, her eyes cold. Yet, she couldn’t hide the tiredness emitting from her body.

Melody sighed inwardly and thought, “No matter how smart a person is, they’ll lose their minds when it comes to love.”

After arriving at the airport, Briana got out of the car and said to Melody, “Drop my suitcase off at my house in Elm Bay.”

“Sure. How long are you leaving?”

“About a month.”

“OK. I’ll wait.”

Briana waved softly and turned before disappearing behind the gate of the airport.


A month later.

In the Yoder Group’s branch office in Setherville.

In the conference room.

Maxim was discussing the business plan for next quarter with the department heads. His phone blared up.

Kendra Yoder, Maxim’s mom, was calling. Maxim frowned and stood up. “Take five.”

Maxim left the conference room and picked up the call. He immediately heard Kendra’s grumpy voice.

“Maxim, I went to the house to look for Briana several times. She was never home. Is she taking it out on me because you have a fight?”

Kendra’s tone was angry and upset. She never liked Briana. This was another reason for her to dislike Briana more.

The crease between Maxim’s brows deepened. He had been overwhelmed with work since he got to Setherville. In the beginning, Maxim expected Briana to cave in and phone to say sorry. But he forgot all of it as he was busy.

It wasn’t until Kendra’s call did Maxim realize that Briana hadn’t contacted him in a month. It never happened before.

“I’ll give her a call. Why do you want to see her?”

Kendra answered angrily, “Grandma’s birthday is coming up. I wanted to shop for a present with her. Yet, I never saw her when I visited your house. How I wish you married Kiley. Kiley wouldn’t…”

Maxim cut Kendra off aloofly, “OK. I’ll call her. Talk to you later.”

Maxim dialed Briana’s number after hanging up.

He tried a few times, but the line was always busy.

Maxim’s face fell immediately. It was obvious that Briana had blocked his number.

Maxim suppressed his anger and turned to Rayan Fleming, his assistant. “Call Briana.”


Rayan called, but no one picked up.

Seeing that Maxim’s expression was becoming more dangerous, Rayan said timidly, “Mr. Yoder…she didn’t answer the call…”

Maxim said coldly, “OK. I’ll go back to the meeting. Contact the property management of the house.”

An hour later, Rayan greeted Maxim shakily as soon as he left the conference room.

“Mr. Yoder, the property management said that Ms. Schneider left the house with a suitcase the next day you went on a business trip.”

Because Maxim and Briana never came public with their marriage, Rayan addressed Briana as Ms. Schneider.

In the past, Maxim wouldn’t think too much about it. Yet, he subconsciously frowned at the title this time.

Maxim pushed the displeasure down forcefully and said coldly, “Find her. Get the tickets for the next flight back.”

“Yes. Is Ms. Schneider returning with us?”


Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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