Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 22

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Kiley blushed and said with a nod, “Yes.”

She walked up to the car and said sweetly, “Maxim, we’re waiting for you. Come and join us.”

In the car, Briana and Maxim were in a standoff. The way Kiley remained Maxim even gave Briana goose bumps.

Briana looked at Maxim with a fake smile and started talking like Kiley. “Maxim, your sweetheart can’t wait. So can you let go?”

There was a deeper frown on Maxim’s face. “Briana, stop speaking that way,” said Maxim, his teeth gritted.

Briana rolled her eyes. “I can’t unless you let go.”

After a moment of silence, Maxim let go indifferently and said, “Get off.”

Briana pushed the car door open and got off. Kiley was standing there shyly and expectantly. Her face darkened the moment she saw Briana.

“Briana? Why are you here?”

Kiley couldn’t believe that Maxim had come with Briana.

Briana cursed in her heart, “Bitch!”

Briana raised her eyebrows and smiled, “Hi, Kiley. You seem to be very surprised to see me?”

Not only Kiley, but the Schneider family were shocked at Briana’s presence, especially Mallory. Mallory stared at Briana as if Briana was

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her enemy.

They didn’t think this was just a coincidence!

Ever since Briana came back, she had been trying to outshine Kiley.

Maxim got off from the other side and walked to Briana. He took her hand naturally.

Briana frowned and tried to get rid of Maxim but failed.

She couldn’t help gritting her teeth and growled, “What’s wrong with you? They are all watching us. What if they get the wrong idea?”

“Wrong idea? We’re husband and wife. Isn’t this a normal thing for a couple?”

Briana sneered and didn’t ask again.

In the eyes of others, Briana and Maxim were whispering intimately. The crowd burst into an uproar.

“What is this? Everyone’s told me that Mr. Yoder and Kiley are in love. Why is he holding Briana’s hand?”

“Kiley was away for three years. Things change, you know. Perhaps Briana took the advantage and got him.”

“Kiley really makes a fool of herself. In the hall, she kind of showed off that Maxim came to her grandpa’s party because she had invited him. That bitchy attitude… This is a slap in the face.”

“Yes, I have had enough of Kiley being bitchy. I actually enjoy seeing her defeat now.”


These people’s gossip angered Kiley so much that she wanted to slap Briana. Kiley believed that Briana rode with Maxim because Briana intended to embarrass Kiley.

Kiley looked up at Maxim with tears in her eyes. “Maxim, you and Briana have gone too far.”

With that, Kiley turned and ran away

Watching her leave, Briana narrowed her eyes, thinking, “Bitch as usual.”

Kiley didn’t point it out but they got it.

Kiley meant that she didn’t know about what had happened between Maxim and Briana and that Briana stole her man. Kiley played her game well.


Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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