Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 23

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 23

Chapter 23

As expected, the way those guests looked at Briana got funny.

But Briana didn’t care. She even turned to remind Maxim, “Hey, your sweetheart feels hurt. Go and say something sweet.”

Maxim frowned and said coldly, “Briana, be careful.”

Briana put on a smile and shut her mouth.

The Schneider family knew about her marriage with Maxim, but Mallory was still convinced that Briana took Kiley’s man.

Mallory looked at Briana coldly and said, “This public intimate behavior is very indecent!”

Briana had expected Mallory to be nicer to her when Briana just returned to the Schneider family. But later Briana regarded her as a stranger because she was unfair to Briana.

“It’s his idea. You should tell him to behave. I can’t change anything.”

Briana’s response and attitude angered Mallory more. Mallory said coldly, “Briana, watch your tongue. I’m still your mother.”

Desmond heard the fight and snapped, “Stop! Both of you! Or people will laugh at us!”

Hearing that, Zane nodded and shot a disapproving glance at Mallory. The next second, he was all smiles and said to Maxim, “Mr. Yoder, this way, please.”

With an indifferent look, Maxim took Briana into the hall.

Briana was annoyed. She didn’t want to stay with him for even a second.

“Mr. Yoder, I think it’s time for you to talk business with others. Can you leave me alone now?”

From the impatient look in her eyes, Maxim could tell that she couldn’t wait to walk away. He put on a cold face.

“If you want to keep our marriage private, then stick with me!”

Briana frowned and thought of something. She chuckled and answered, “Good. Go and tell them our marriage, as long as you’re okay with the idea that people will call Kiley a whore.”

Before Maxim could speak, Briana shook his hand off and left right


Maxim stared at her back coldly, thinking, “Looks like I’ve indulged her. She has the guts to give me that look.”

She found a quiet place and was about to take a break, but a servant from the Schneider family came.

“Ms. Schneider, your mother calls for you.”

Briana followed the servant to Mallory’s room. Briana was met with a slap.

There was a cold look in Briana’s eyes. She took a step back, dodged, and then stared at Mallory.

Mallory missed and almost fell. This made her angrier. She pointed at Briana’s nose and shouted, “Briana, you spiteful woman! You always know that Kiley and Maxim love each other, yet you embarrassed her in front of so many people! Do you have a heart?”

A hint of scorn crossed Briana’s eyes, as she thought, “In reality, Maxim and I are married, but you think it’s me who has taken Maxim from Kiley.”

How could Mallory be partial to Kiley?

Briana looked at Mallory coldly. “When he was paralyzed after the car accident three years ago, Kiley hid abroad, pretending not to know while I asked to marry him. Why didn’t you stop me?

“Now that Maxim’s recovered and Kiley is back, I should give him back to her? Why should I?”

“You owe Kiley that. You think the Schneider family would accept you if not for her? Briana, be grateful!” Mallory said.

Briana was amused by her remarks and asked coldly, “I owe her nothing. If I hadn’t donated my bone marrow to her, she would have died long ago. You begged me to come home, or I wouldn’t be here!”

Mallory sneered and said with contempt, “Your bone marrow saved you from farming in that backward and poor place. The life you have now is because of the Schneider family.”

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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