Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 237

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 237


Chapter 237 

After a moment of silence, Briana slowly spoke, I understand. You go ahead with your work. I will transfer the money to the company 

account within three days.” 

After hanging up the phone, Briana checked her balance. The 55 million Maxim from the previous task hadn’t been collected, she hadn’t touched it either

The funding gap of MY Corporation was one hundred million, but one hundred million could only just keep MY Corporation afloat. If MY Corporation was to develop stably, at least two hundred million had to be invested. She needed to earn at least another one hundred and forty- 

five million

Thinking of this number, Briana couldn’t help but frown

When getting divorced, Maxim hadn’t sold his house yet and needed to find other ways to raise money

After some thought, Briana made a call to Amy

How much working capital was available for JM STUDIO?” 

Just a moment, I went to calculate it.” 

Soon, Amy replied to Briana

Boss, the available working capital was thirty million.” 

Alright, transfer twenty million to my card. I’ll send you the card number later.” 



Chapter 233 

40 Vouchers 

After hanging up the phone, Briana hesitated for a long time before pulling out a gold card, a glint of determination slowly flashing in her 


She went to the bank with her card. Seeing the card she took out, the bank staff immediately ushered her into the VIP customer room. The bank manager personally came to receive her

Upon hearing that Briana was there to withdraw money, the manager immediately processed it for her after confirming

After withdrawing one hundred and twentyfive million from the card, Briana left, but the manager immediately made a phone call

After transferring the money into MY Corporation’s account, Briana called Melody and they went to the hospital together

Just as I arrived at the door of Owen’s ward, I heard his robust voice from inside, How are things at the company now?” 

A cold smirk played on Briana’s lips as she pushed open the hospital room door and walked in directly

Since you cared so much about the company, why didn’t you go and see for yourself?” 

Owen was originally lying on the hospital bed with his legs crossed, but as soon as he heard Briana’s voice, his face immediately changed. He quickly put his legs down and looked at Briana with an awkward expression 

How did you come?” 

Briana looked at him with a halfsmile, As an important shareholder of the company, of course I had to come and see you when you were sick.” 


Chapter 237 

40 Vouchers 

Owen gave a dry laugh, Ms. Schneider is so busy, it’s the thought that counts.” 

No matter how busy you were, you still had time to see me. However, even if you were sick, as a shareholder of MY Corporation, you still had to bear the responsibilities you were supposed to.” 

Owen’s face instantly turned incredibly unpleasant, What does this mean, Ms. Schneider?” 

Briana gave a slight smile, staring into Owen’s eyes, About you previously using inferior fabric as a substitute for good, and then marking the price of highquality fabric on the purchase order to get a kickback, you didn’t think everything would be fine just by hiding in the hospital, did you?” 

Owen frowned, speaking with a displeased expression, What do you mean, Ms. Schneider? Are you doubting me?” 

Briana looked at Melody, Melody, show the purchase order to Owen.” 

Melody quickly sent the purchase order to Owen’s phone, Uncle, do you know you are breaking the law?” 

Owen opened the purchase order, but after reading it, there was no sign of panic on his face

Just based on this purchase order, you could accuse me of taking kickbacks from the company?” 

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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