Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 238

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 238


Chapter 238 

Chapter 238 

The evidence was all thrown in his face, and he could still be so 


Every purchase order had your signature on it.” 

Owen chuckled and slowly said, Indeed, there is my signature, but this only proves that I instructed the person in charge of purchasing fabric to buy the fabric listed on the form. The money was also transferred out through the company’s account, it never passed through my hands. Even if someone was taking kickbacks, it would be someone from the purchasing department, not me. What does this have to do with me?” 

Briana raised an eyebrow, Are you refusing to admit it?” 

Why should I admit to something I didn’t do? Besides, the amount of money that goes in and out of my account every year can be checked. If you don’t trust me, Ms. Schneider, you can check it yourself.” 

Of course I would check, but before that, I hoped you could stay put in Bridenville and not run around.” 

Owen sneered and said, Don’t worry, I definitely won’t run away!” 

Anyway, that money had already been laundered, Briana wouldn’t be able to trace him

Then we’ll just wait and see.” 

Leaving Owen’s ward, just as I reached the elevator, an angry voice 

came from behind

Chapter 238 

40 Vouchers 

Briana, how did you end up here?!” 

Briana turned around and saw Mallory standing not far away, holding a lunch box. The look in her eyes was full of anger, as if she wanted to bore a hole through her

Unexpectedly, Kiley was also in this hospital

She looked indifferent, Mrs. Schneider, do you need something?” 

How dare you ask? You’ve hurt Kiley so badly, now go kneel by her hospital bed and beg for her forgiveness!” 

Briana furrowed her brow, stepping back to avoid Mallory’s outstretched hand, and said coldly, What do you mean? How did I hurt her?” 

You dare to say that Kiley’s jump wasn’t your fault?! You were just jealous that she could participate in the design competition, while you could only be a temporary water delivery worker, so you deliberately plotted against her!” 

A hint of mockery flashed in Briana’s eyes, She told you?” 

Does she need to say it?! I knew long ago that you are such a vicious woman!” 

Briana had already given up on reasoning with Mallory. In Mallory’s eyes, everything Kiley did was right, and everything she did was wrong

Seeing Briana’s indifferent expression, Mallory instantly became even -angrier

Hurry up and kneel down to beg Kiley for forgiveness!” 

Briana scoffed, I don’t owe Kiley anything, if anything, she owes me!” 


Chapter 238 

40 Vouchers 

You were talking nonsense!” 

Hehe, Kiley jumped off the building, it was entirely because she drugged me, and Maxim found out, so Maxim drugged her too, she had no choice but to jump off the building.” 

After speaking, Briana turned to leave directly, but Mallory grabbed her

What did you say?! You actually watched Maxim do such a thing to your sister and did nothing, you’re absolutely heartless!” 

Briana shook off her hand, sneering, I used to think you were just biased, but now I realize, you’re blind and deaf, only seeing and hearing what you’re willing to accept.” 

You! Briana, say it again!” 

There was no warmth in Briana’s eyes as she said, word by word, I’ve already paid back everything I owed you. If you don’t want Kiley to be taken care of. let her behave herself. Otherwise, I will definitely make her lose everything!” 

Ignoring Mallory’s stunned and incredulous expression, Briana turned around and left directly

In Owen’s hospital room, after Briana left, Melody looked at him with a disappointed face, Uncle, you are also a shareholder of the company, you get a good share of the company’s annual profits, why would you do something that harms the company’s interests?” 

Owen’s face was full of coldness, he said irritably, Melody, whose side are you really on?! I’m your uncle, we’re family. Are you going to side with Briana against me now??!” 

I stood on the side I believed was right. Now you’re telling me we’re family. But when you were taking kickbacks from the company, why 

Chapter 238 

40 Vouchers 

didn’t you think of me as family then?” 

Owen snorted, I think you’ve been brainwashed by Briana, accusing me of taking kickbacks from the company. Show me the evidence! If you don’t have any, stop talking nonsense here!” 

Melody shook her head slowly and said, If you admit it now, I can still ask Ms. Schneider to spare you this time. But once she really finds the evidence, it will be too late for regrets.” 

A flash of anger passed through Owen’s eyes, Enough, I don’t want to see you, get out!” 


Just as she arrived at the hospital entrance, Briana received a call from the agent


Chapter 239

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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