Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 243

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 243



Chapter 243 

40 Vauchers 

Chapter 243 

The two stared at each other in silence, neither willing to back down, and for a moment, the temperature in the bedroom dropped rapidly

Finally, after a dozen seconds, Maxim got up, took his clothes, and left directly

He didn’t go next door. Briana heard a loud bangof a slamming door, followed by the sound of a car engine starting and leaving

Briana closed her eyes, clearly exhausted, but devoid of any trace of sleepiness

The next morning, she went straight to the venue of the design competition after getting up

Just arrived at the entrance, I encountered Kiley, who was wearing a plaster cast, leaning on a crutch, and being assisted by Mallory to participate in the competition

Upon seeing Briana, both of their faces turned sour

Kiley hadn’t expected Briana to reveal in front of Mallory that she had drugged her. If she hadn’t pretended to be upset yesterday to deceive her, Mallory would have definitely been disappointed in her 

This despicable person just couldn’t stand to see me doing well

Didn’t expect you’re still here working as a temp, must be tiring being ordered around all day, right?” 

Briana couldn’t be bothered to deal with her, turned around and walked away, leaving Kiley and Mallory fuming




Chapter 243 

40 (Vouchers 

She had absolutely no manners, I don’t know how her adoptive parents raised her!” 

Kiley feigned kindness, Mom, don’t blame her. After all, her adoptive parents are farming in the countryside. How could they have time to educate my sister?” 

No sooner had the words fallen than Kiley saw Briana in front of her suddenly turn around and walk towards her

A flash of surprise crossed her eyes, You” 

Before she could finish speaking, Briana had already walked up to her and slapped her twice

Neither Kiley nor Mallory had expected Briana to dare to strike in public. By the time they reacted, Kiley’s face already bore two bright red handprints

Briana, have you gone mad?!” 

Mallory raised her hand to slap Briana, but her wrist was caught by her

Her eyes were icy cold as she stared at Mallory, speaking deliberately, I was abandoned by my biological parents as soon as I was born. I was raised without guidance, so of course I lack manners. If I hear you say one more word about my adoptive parents, I will not spare the Schneider family!” 

After all, for Mallory and Kiley, the Schneider family was their biggest support

You dare!” 

I’d like to see how you’re going to deal with the Schneider family. Maxim has already divorced you, do you think he would still stand up 



Chapter 243 

40 Vouchers 

for you?!” 

Seeing the undisguised disgust and malice in Mallory’s eyes, Briana raised an eyebrow and chuckled

Couldn’t it be? Last time at The Baking Whale, he didn’t seem to give you any respect either, did he?” 


Too lazy to waste words with her anymore, Briana turned around and quickly walked away

Mallory gritted her teeth and said, This rebellious girl, she really infuriates me!” 

Kiley also hated Briana in her heart, but for her, the design 

competition was still the most important thing at the moment. After the design competition was over, it wouldn’t be too late to deal with Briana slowly

Mom, don’t worry about sister for now, the design competition is about to start, you should take me in first.” 

Mallory snapped back to reality and quickly said, Alright, I’ll take you in right away.” 

As she escorted Kiley to the door, Mallory reminded her as she entered. Kiley, don’t forget, when you see Elia, remember to get a few autographs. All the children of my cardplaying friends love Elia. If you can get her autograph, you’ll definitely be able to impress them!” 

Kiley nodded perfunctorily, Don’t worry, I will definitely get the signature!” 

Alright, good luck with the competition!” 



Chapter 243 

140 Vouchers 

Mallory watched Kiley go in before turning around and leaving. She found a nearby cafe to have a coffee and wait for Kiley to come out

On the other side. Briana had just walked into the referee’s room when she received a call from Maxim

Did you see my tie in your bedroom this morning? I left it there last night.” 




Chapter 244 

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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