Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 246

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 246


Chapter 246 

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Chapter 246 

We planned to host a party at our home tonight, you were to come and join.” 

Mallory’s tone was so cold, one would think Briana owed her a lot of money that she hadn’t paid back

Surprise flashed in Briana’s eyes, followed by an immediate refusal, I’m busy tonight, I don’t have time.” 


Mallory’s voice was filled with anger. If it wasn’t for Kiley wanting to mend things with you, do you think I would have called you back? If people found out you were doing temp work, you would definitely have disgraced the Schneider family!” 

Briana found it somewhat amusing, yet she was afraid of embarrassing her. She also wanted to call her back to the party, really not knowing what Mallory was thinking

I said I was not available. If you’re afraid of losing face, don’t ask me to go back.” 

After speaking, Briana immediately hung up the phone, which infuriated Mallory

After a while, Kiley messaged her

Why wouldn’t you come back? Were you afraid that others would compare me to you?” 

Actually, you didn’t need to feel inferior. It was only natural that you 



Chapter 246 

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couldn’t keep up with me after spending over a decade abroad. The most important thing for a person is to understand oneself. Standing by Maxim’s side would only make him a laughingstock.” 

If I were you, I would have withdrawn voluntarily a long time ago!” 

Seeing the words Kiley had sent, Briana raised an eyebrow and acted as if she hadn’t seen them

Soon it was evening, and the Schneider family was laughing and drinking

Because of her leg injury, Mallory got Kiley a wheelchair and also bought her the latest style of gown. The gown was so long that it completely covered Kiley’s injured leg

She wore light makeup today, her hair was pinned up, her demeanor was gentle and easily attracted the attention of others

Mallory, I’m so envious of you, how did you manage to have such an outstanding daughter! If I were you, I would wake up laughing from my dreams every day!” 

Yeah, exactly, why is it that my child learns everything but can’t excel at anything! If my child were half as good as Kiley, I wouldn’t have to worry!” 

Who knows who will be the lucky one to marry such an excellent wife like Kiley in the future!” 

Amidst the compliments and praises of the crowd, Mallory couldn’t stop the smile tugging at her lips, her eyes full of pride, yet she still insisted on feigning modesty

You guys exaggerated too much. Kiley’s success today is all due to her own efforts. Oh, by the way, she also got the autographs you wanted.” 



Chapter 246 

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Upon hearing this, everyone’s eyes were filled with joy and disbelief, Really? Did she really get Elia’s autograph?!” 

Mallory nodded, Of course, I had no reason to lie to you about this.” 

She handed the autograph Kiley gave her to the friends in front of her, laughing, If Kiley didn’t know Elia, I probably wouldn’t have gotten this autograph.” 

It really was Elia’s signature. What kind of person was she, male or female?” 

Kiley, you’re so amazing. If only I had a son, I would definitely have him marry you!” 

Stop dreaming. Kiley and the president of the Yoder Group have been friends since childhood. She wouldn’t be interested in anyone else. Even if she were to marry Kiley, she would definitely want to marry a man like Mr. Yoder!” 

Although she knew the other party was flattering her, Kiley couldn’t help but feel overjoyed when she heard this. The smile on her face became a bit more sincere

Elia was a woman, probably in her forties, with a very easygoing personality.” 

No sooner had the words fallen than a commotion suddenly arose at 

the door

Everyone turned to look, and saw Pamela in a white gauze dress, slowly walking in 

Pamela won third place in the design competition, Kiley knew her, but they were three or four years apart in age, so they were not close

However, in Kiley’s view, it was nothing more than a defeated 

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Chapter 246 

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Among the wealthy ladies surrounding Kiley and Mallory, there was one who had a good relationship with Pamela’s mother. Upon seeing her, Pamela quickly walked over, her face wearing Melody’s smile

Ms. Rosenberg, did you come to attend the party?” 

The person known as Ms. Rosenberg chuckled and asked, Hmm. Why didn’t your mother come?” 


Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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