Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 247

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 247



Chapter 247 

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Chapter 247 

She was feeling a bit unwell today, so she was resting.” 

In the midst of their conversation, Pamela caught sight of the signature on Ms. Rosenberg’s hand and couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise

ThisThis is Elia’s signature?!” 

Before, she had been pestering her dad for Elia’s autograph, but he never went to get it for her, and even forbade her from seeking Elia herself, which really upset Pamela

Unexpectedly, Ms. Rosenberg actually managed to get Elia’s signature

The other party handed her the autograph in his hand with a smile on his face, I got this autograph for you. It’s good that you’re here, it saves me another trip.” 

Pamela took it with a surprised look on her face, Thank you, Ms. Rosenberg! But how did you get Elia’s signature?!” 

Ms. Rosenberg chuckled and said, I don’t have that ability. It was Ms. Schneider who made it happen. If anyone should be thanked, it should be Ms. Schneider.” 

Upon hearing this, Pamela turned to look at Kiley, expressing her gratitude with a face full of appreciation, Thank you, Ms. Schneider, and congratulations on winning the design competition!” 

Kiley smiled modestly and said, You’re also excellent, I saw that you seemed to have gotten third place.” 

Pamela nodded, “Yeah, Ms. Schneider is really impressive. My dad 



Chapter 247 

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told me to learn more from you!” 

Before she came, Pamela was indifferent to Kiley. But after learning that she knew Elia even before the signing, Pamela’s attitude towards her changed immediately

Where is the exaggeration in learning? I’ve seen your design draft, it’s also excellent.” 

Pamela didn’t continue the topic, instead she looked at Kiley with a curious face and said, How did you meet Elia? She’s my idol!” 

The smile on Kiley’s face was somewhat unnatural, It was at an event abroad, I didn’t expect her to become a judge for the design competition.” 

Did you invite Elia to the party this time?” 

After unexpectedly encountering Elia at home last time, she had been wanting to get a clear look at what Elia really looked like, and it would be even better if she could get to know Elia

Kiley pursed her lips, slowly saying, I invited her, but she probably didn’t have time to come, she was very busy with work.” 

Alright then.” 

Pamela was somewhat disappointed, but she also knew that Elia wasn’t someone she could see whenever she wanted

Right, you know Elia, don’t you? Do you have any pictures of her? After all, she’s my idol, I’ve always been curious about what she looks -like.” 

Kiley shook her head, No, after all, people her age don’t really like taking pictures.” 



Chapter 247 

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Surprise flashed in Pamela’s eyes! She had a vague feeling that something was not right

How old was she?” 

Wasn’t Elia about the same age as them? 

Before Kiley could speak, Ms. Rosenberg on the side interjected, Yes, Elia is about our age, it’s normal for her not to like taking pictures.” 

Pamela furrowed her brow, looking at Kiley before speaking, Are you sure you really know Elia?” 

The girl who had brushed past him last time was clearly in her twenties, how could she possibly be the same age as his mother

Kiley’s heart skipped a beat, she had a bad premonition

However, the thought that Pamela could not possibly have met Elia immediately calmed him down. He nodded and said, Yes, we met after the game today.” 

No sooner had the words fallen than Pamela’s face turned extremely cold

You lied!” 

The sound was not small, and it immediately attracted the attention of many people around

Seeing that everyone had started to pay attention to them, Ms. Rosenberg quickly pulled Pamela’s hard

Pamela, why did you suddenly get so loud?” 

Pamela scoffed, Because I had brushed past Elia before, but at that time I didn’t know she was Elia. I’m very sure, Elia is about the same 




Chapter 248 

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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