Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 249

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 249


Chapter 249 

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Chapter 249 

In the end, it was Pamela who spoke first: I won’t disturb you all any longer, I hope you all have a pleasant evening.” 

Ms. Rosenberg also quickly said, Never mind, everyone, don’t take it to heart. After all, Kiley is still a child, and it’s normal to care about face sometimes. Let’s talk about something else.” 

The atmosphere gradually began to liven up, but Mallory and Kiley both knew that they had completely lost face that night

Mallory had been suppressing her anger until the guests left, then she slapped Kiley


Kiley covered her face and gasped, looking at Mallory with a face full of disbelief, her eyes filled with grievance and confusion

Why did you hit me?” 

Zane, who was standing nearby, also jumped in fright, Mallory, are you crazy?!” 

Mallory sneered, gritting her teeth, If you don’t know Elia, that’s one thing, but to forge a signature to deceive me and embarrass me in front of all the guests, Kiley, how could you become like this!” 

Kiley, with a wronged expression, cried out, Mom, I didn’t want to disappoint you, but I didn’t expect Pamela to be so ruthless and expose me in public. I’m sorry for embarrassing you” 

Zane looked surprised and frowned, What fake signature?” 




Chapter 249 

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At that time, he was busy discussing business with his partners and didn’t pay any attention to them at all

Mallory scoffed, told Zane about the matter, and then stormed back to her bedroom in a huff

Zane fell silent for a moment, looking at Kiley, he said, Kiley, this isn’t a big deal, don’t take it to heart. In time, everyone will forget about it.” 

Kiley nodded, lowering her gaze and said, Dad, I understand.” 

Um, I still have work, I won’t be coming back tonight, get some rest early.” 

After Zane left, Kiley returned to her bedroom with a gloomy face. filled with anger and dissatisfaction

It was clearly Mallory who forced her to ask for the signature, but now he’s blaming everything on her

Buzz buzz buzz!” 

The phone beside her suddenly rang, seeing that it was Adeline, who she hadn’t contacted for a long time, a hint of surprise flashed in Kiley’s eyes

As soon as the call connected, Adeline’s voice, filled with laughter, came through.” 

Kiley, I heard you won the national design competition. Congratulations!” 

Adeline, thank you, how have you been in the entertainment industry recently?” 

It was pretty good, I recently filmed a few dramas and hired an acting 




Chapter 249 

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coach. After the dramas are broadcasted, it should be easier for me to take on roles in the future.” 

Kiley lowered her gaze, smiling as she said, That’s great, you’re so beautiful, you’ll definitely make it big in the entertainment industry.” 

Hahaha, I’ll take your good luck then. I have a night performance later, so I’m off to do my makeup. Bye!” 

After hanging up the phone, Kiley opened her chat box with Maxim.. He didn’t come to the banquet today, nor did he send any 

congratulatory messages

It seemed that his heart had truly and completely leaned towards Briana

She stared coldly at the screen, a slow, icy smirk creeping onto her face after a long while. Even in death, she wouldn’t let Maxim and Briana be together

On the other side, Briana, who had just finished taking a bath and was about to go to sleep, received a call from Melody

Briana, I had something fun to tell you.” 


Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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