Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 25

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Zane was the eldest son of Desmond and Lacey, and Zane and Mallory had a pair of twins, Briana and Kiley.

Talon Schneider was Desmond and Lacey’s younger son. He married Valerie and the two of them had two daughters, Ruby and Kathy, and a son, Noah.

Kathy, Talon’s younger daughter, had recently gotten married and moved to Haseton. It was rumored that she had a family matter to attend to, so she wouldn’t be returning for some time.

Ruby was currently studying at Haseton University and was an outstanding girl. She was very popular among the Schneider family.

Now Ruby was playing the birthday video she personally made for Desmond on the stage. However, the video had just been on for more than ten seconds when the screen suddenly went blank.

Everyone froze for a moment, thinking that there was something wrong with the screen. But the next second, the screen suddenly lit up again.

However, instead of the previous video, there was a surveillance video on the screen.

Briana’s eyes narrowed and a sneer formed on her lips.

What was on the screen was the footage of Briana and Melody going to Charm Club and being waited upon by two male models. Briana lost a game and was feeding the male model some fruit. That was what the security camera caught and it was played over and over again.

All the guests were shocked at first, and then all of them looked at

Briana and began to whisper.

“Blimey! I did not expect the daughter the Schneider family had just brought back home to be so open, and she even openly flirted with a male model!”

“Sure enough, that daughter has been lost for more than ten years and she grew up outside. How humiliated the Schneider family may feel! I really wonder whether the Schneider family now regrets bringing her back or not!”

“If I were Zane or Mallory, I would feel so ashamed! I am just here to attend Desmond’s birthday party, and I didn’t expect to see such a wonderful scene!”

On the stage, Ruby was so embarrassed. Aware of Desmond’s discontented gaze, she knew that she was being calculated.

As for who had famed her, Ruby already had an idea.

Desmond’s face darkened and he simmered with rage.

“Look, Zane and Mallory! This is the daughter you raised! What a shame!”

Zane frowned slightly and said, “Dad, the most important thing right now is to get this over with!”

Desmond’s face turned cold. He gritted his teeth and said, “What else can we say? Don’t you feel humiliated enough?”

Mallory was also in a rage. “I say we cut Briana off, or we’ll never know what else she might do!”

Zane glanced coldly at Mallory. “You shut up! If you kept an eye on her, how could such a thing happen?”

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Mallory felt wronged. “What does that have to do with me? Briana was lost for ten years! I mean, who knows who she learned this shit from?!”

“Shut up! Isn’t that messy enough? Never let Briana set foot in the Schneider’s place again!”

Zane still wanted to say something, but Mallory stopped him.

“Can’t you see Dad’s pissed right now? You’re only gonna make things worse if you say something more now!”

Zane could do nothing but shut up. However, he was also pissed, thinking Briana was really a troublemaker.

Today Zane saw Maxim come with Briana and thought the two were in a good relationship. But to Zane’s shock, such a kind of thing happened now.

Seeing Mallory and Zane keep silent, Lacey said with a frown, “Ask Briana to give us an explanation herself.”

At that moment, Maxim and Kiley also walked into the banquet hall. Seeing what was on the screen, the two of them had different looks on their faces.

There was a gleam of triumph in Kiley’s eyes. She thought, “It seems Adeline’s idea works! Everyone must think of Briana as a bitch now!”

Maxim’s face darkened. He walked quickly to Briana and asked coldly, “What’s wrong?”

Briana coldly glanced at Maxim. “How could I know? Besides Melody, you are the only one who knows that I went to the bar, and Melody would not do such a thing.”

When Maxim heard what Briana said, his face turned extremely cold. “Are you saying it was me?”


Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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