Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 250

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 250



Chapter 250 

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Chapter 250 


Didn’t the Schneider family throw a celebration party for Kiley tonight? As it turned out, Kiley forged Elia’s signature and gave it away, only to be discovered by the recipient. It was exposed on the spot, you can’t imagine how embarrassing it was!” 

Surprise flashed in Briana’s eyes. She really hadn’t expected that Kiley would actually forge her own signature and give it away. Wasn’t she afraid of being exposed

It was indeed a bit embarrassing.” 

Had I known tonight would be so interesting, I would have attended.” 

Briana couldn’t help but chuckle, asking, Have you finished your 



After a few seconds of silence, the person on the other end directly hung up the phone

Briana put down her phone, turned off the light, and went straight to sleep 

As for the matter of the Schneider family, it had nothing to do with her 

at all

Unexpectedly, first thing the next morning, just as I was about to leave for work, Zane showed up



Chapter 250 

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Briana looked at him indifferently, Mr. Schneider, what do you need from me? I have to go to work later.” 

Zane frowned, somewhat dissatisfied with Briana’s attitude, but still held back the urge to scold her

Briana, I heard that you and Mr. Yoder have already divorced?” 

Um, what happened?” 

Since you’re already divorced, you should move back here. Luckily, not many people know about your marriage with him. After a while. I’ll introduce you to some suitable men, and you can meet them when the time comes.” 

Briana looked at him in surprise, not expecting Zane to say such a thing

I wouldn’t return to the Schneider family.” 

Upon hearing this, Zane’s face turned cold, Nonsense! You’re already divorced from Maxim now, what’s the meaning of you not returning to the Schneider family and staying outside all the time?” 

There was no warmth in Briana’s eyes, Mr. Schneider, let me say it again, the Schneider family has never been my family, and don’t you dare think you can manipulate my life.” 

Zane’s face stiffened, he said angrily, I did all this for your own good!” 

You should be very clear in your heart, whether it was for my good, or if you saw me as a pawn that could bring benefits to the Schneider Group!” 

What do you mean by this? I’m your father, could I possibly harm you?!” 

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Chapter 250 

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Briana chuckled lightly, Over the years, haven’t you schemed against me numerous times? Don’t come looking for me again, or else I’m sure Mrs. Schneider would be very interested to know about the things you’ve been doing behind my back.” 

Zane’s face suddenly turned extremely ugly, he gritted his teeth and said, What do you mean by that?” 

However, Briana didn’t pay him any more attention and left directly

Until Briana’s car disappeared from sight, Zane still found it hard to believe. Could she have known about that matter

No, I hid myself very well, she absolutely couldn’t have known

Because of Zane’s appearance, Briana was in a bad mood all morning

After the meeting, Melody followed her back to her office

What was wrong with you this morning? Were you in a bad mood?” 

Briana shook her head, No, did you need something from me?” 

Hmm, the previous batch of poorquality fabric caused MY Corporation to lose at least tens of millions. How do you plan to handle this?” 

A glint of coldness flashed in Briana’s eyes as she said, Have the lawyer draft a document stating that my yearend bonus will be used to compensate MY Corporation for its losses. Take it to the hospital for your uncle to sign.” 

Melody frowned, He probably won’t sign so easily.” 

He just stopped his work directly.” 

Alright, I understood.” 



Chapter 250 

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Before noon, Owen had come looking for Briana in a huff, holding the document, and had directly slammed it on her desk

What do you mean by this?!” 

Briana looked calm, she looked up at him and said, Isn’t it quite normal for you to compensate for the loss your actions have caused to the company?” 

I had already explained at the hospital before, this is a problem with the procurement department, it has nothing to do with me at all!” 

The signature was yours, the envy was handled by you. Did you think you could shirk all responsibilities with a simple it doesn’t matter? I run a company, not a charity.” 



Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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