Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 29

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Maxim’s tone was indifferent. “Answer my question.”

“It’s not me! No matter how notorious Briana is, she’s my older sister after all. How could I hurt her?”

A trace of coldness flashed across Maxim’s eyes, and he said in a deep voice. “I’ve found the truth. On the surface, Adeline seemed to be the culprit, but if I dig deeper, I can find clues. I’ll give you another chance. Is this matter related to you?”

Kiley was scared by Maxim’s cold tone. She spoke after a long time. “Yes, I did it. I’m sick of seeing you being with her. I should be the one by your side!

“I’m so envious of Briana that I went crazy! That’s why I did this! Do you think I’m ridiculous?”

Maxim pursed his lips and said coldly, “I’ll forgive you this time. Don’t play this trick ever again. I don’t want you to destroy the last bit of good impression I have on you!”

Hanging up, Maxim felt his heart filled with irritation.

It looked like he had to hurry to acquire MY Corporation. He would never give Kiley another chance to get close to him after giving the company to her!

Early the next morning, Briana received Zane’s call soon after she woke up.

“Briana, are you up?”

Sensing that Zane was speaking in a cautious tone. Briana frowned. “What’s the matter?”

Zane coughed and said, “We didn’t have a chance to talk at Desmond’s birthday banquet yesterday. Today, Desmond and Lacey ordered the chef to cook your favorite dishes. Go to the old mansion tonight and eat with them.”

Briana finally knew why Zane’s attitude toward her changed so much. However, she wouldn’t grant his wish.

She was not on good terms with Maxim, and even if they were close, she wouldn’t let him help her family.

“I’ll pass. I’m busy, so I may not have time.”

“Have you always been a housewife? How could you not have time?”

“I found a job, and I’m going to work now. I have to go if you have nothing else to say.”

Zane was stunned and didn’t come back to his senses until he heard the beeping sound from the phone.

Mallory was beside him and had an ugly face. She curled her lips. “How is it? Did she agree?”

Zane shook his head. “She said that she found a job and didn’t have time to come over.”

d and said with disdain, “What kind of job can she get? in a restaurant? If that’s the case, talk her out of that or Embarrassed!”

Zane coldly looked at Mallory. “Briana is Maxim’s wife. Do you know what you said?”

“Do you think we’ll let a woman who didn’t graduate from high school be Maxim’s wife if his legs hadn’t been broken?”

Briana disappeared for a while without finishing high school. After she reappeared, she never mentioned going to school.

Therefore, Briana was the worst educated one in her family, and Mallory would be mocked by Valerie again and again because of this. Every time, Mallory would feel great embarrassment. If Kiley hadn’t been outstanding enough, Valerie’s ridicule would have gone further!

“Mallory, I’m warning you, Briana is your daughter no matter what kind of person she is!”

“She isn’t! Kiley is my only daughter!”

After that, Mallory turned around and left.

Zane felt a burst of headache as he watched Mallory leave.

He called his assistant. “Go find out where Briana works.”

Ten in the morning, the meeting room on the top floor of MY Corporation.

George glared at Briana and slammed the documents in his hand on the table, saying coldly, “Ms. Schneider, all the employees in my department have been fired, and new ones are yet to be recruited. My department is now no different from being dead.

“Clients have been urging me for products, and my remaining people worked till midnight for more than a week. Some of them can’t stand such intensity and want to resign!

“You started all of this. Shouldn’t you give me a solution?”

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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