Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 3

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Maxim paused before answering, “Yes. Call and notify her.”

Not long after Maxim arrived at Setherville, Kiley came too. Although she claimed she was there for a trip, the entire branch office knew that Kiley had come for Maxim.


Rayan rapidly got the flight tickets. They picked up Kiley and went to the airport.

After more than ten hours in the air, the plane landed safely at Bridenville Airport.

During the long flight, Rayan had seen with his own eyes how tender and sweet Maxim was with Kiley.

They got off the plane and headed toward the exit of the airport.

Maxim subconsciously protected Kiley when they were in a crowd.

Briana had gone on business trips with Maxim. But their roles were reversed then. Briana was the caretaker and Maxim was cold toward her.

In comparison to Briana, Kiley was more like Maxim’s wife.


At the same time, Briana was leaving the airport in another passage.

She was wearing a V-neck slip dress and a pair of sunglasses. Judging from the smile on her face, Briana was in a good mood.

Melody had been waiting for Briana at the gate of the airport. She waved as soon as she saw Briana.

Briana’s smile became wider as she got sight of Melody. She hurried toward Melody with her suitcase.

As she was about to reach Melody, Briana noticed that Melody’s face fell and she was looking at someone behind her.

Briana was surprised and turned. She saw Maxim and Kiley leaving the airport side by side.

She tightened her grip on the suitcase with a blank face.

Before Melody could say something, Briana turned and said, “Let’s go.”

Looking at Briana’s blank face and calm eyes, Melody wasn’t sure that Briana had completely moved on. She hurriedly grabbed Briana’s suitcase.

“You must go on a shopping spree. The suitcase is heavy.”

“It’s filled with gifts for you guys.”

The two women talked and walked outside. Neither had noticed a sharp gaze had fallen on them. To be exact, the gaze was fixed on Briana alone.

Kiley noticed something was up with Maxim and tugged his sleeve.

“What’s wrong?”

Maxim redrew his gaze and shook his head. “Nothing.”

Maxim wondered if he was mistaken.

But that woman reminded him of Briana, though Briana never wore a slip dress. Briana’s style was more like a school teacher.

Maxim frowned and said to Rayan angrily, “Have you found Briana?”

Rayan was too scared to meet Maxim’s eyes. He lowered his head and said, “No… But I’ll find Ms. Schneider’s whereabouts today.”

Maxim’s aura grew more dangerous. He said coldly, “Escort Kiley back. I’m going to the mansion.”

It was past 7 p.m. when Maxim returned to the mansion.

The lightless house clearly showed that Briana wasn’t inside.

Maxim opened the door and was attacked by the dust. He frowned automatically.

In the past, whenever he returned, Briana would greet him with a smile. Yet, he had come home to an empty house this time.

Maxim switched on the light in the living room. The room was filled with dust. Obviously, the property management was telling the truth. Briana left and never returned.

Briana threw fits before. But she never ran away for so long.

Maxim had an ominous feeling. His heart dropped to the bottom when he saw the divorce paper and wedding ring on the table.

Because nobody had cleaned the house in the past month, there was a layer of dust on the divorce paper.

Maxim flipped to the last page and, as he expected, Briana had signed the paper.

Unprecedented wrath rose inside Maxim. He clenched the paper, his face darkened.

Maxim thought, “How dare she?”

As Maxim fumed, his phone rang.

“Mr. Yoder, I found Ms. Schneider… She’s in the north of the city…”

Maxim caught on the hesitation in Rayan’s words and said coldly, “Where is she exactly? I want an exact location.”

“She’s staying in a mansion…that belongs to Hector Baldwin, the newest Best Actor Award winner.”


Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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