Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 30

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 30

Chapter 30

Just as George finished speaking, several shareholders also echoed.

“George is right. It’s the same to my side. Everything is messed up! The work that requires three people to finish is now weighed on one person. Who can stand it?”

“If it continues, I think MY Corporation will go bankrupt sooner or later!”

“Frankly, Ms. Schneider, even though you were the one who

established MY Corporation, you haven’t been actively involved in the company for these past few years. Whatever your intentions are, you need to proceed step by step, rather than attempting to accomplish everything at once!”

Briana didn’t reply to them. Instead, she said to Melody with an indifferent look, “Show me files about the business that Mr. Landry and his department have been engaged in.”

George’s face changed, “Ms. Schneider, what do you mean? You don’t believe me?”

Briana received the files that Melody handed to her. She chuckled and said, “Mr. Landry, I trust the data more than your personality. After all, the data won’t lie to me.”


George’s face was livid with anger, but Briana had already closed the files and looked at him with cold eyes.

“Mr. Landry, I can see from the file that the department you are now in

charge of has only five projects, three of which have deadlines half a year later. Two projects started a year ago but have not yet been completed.

“You shouldn’t have come to me, but you should reflect on why there were so many people in your department, but you couldn’t finish two projects a year!”

Hearing Briana’s criticism, George felt so awkward. He gritted his teeth and said, “Those two projects are already in the final stage, and now others have projects on their hands. We can’t let others leave their work to clean up these two messes, can we?”

Briana looked cold. “This is your own business. You don’t have to report to me about how you will arrange it. What I want is the final result! In addition, your department has not got any business for our company so far this year. If those departments under you are unable to generate revenue for the company, I will consider shutting down those departments at the end of the year.”

George looked sullen and stared coldly at Briana. “Ms. Schneider, this company is not yours alone. You can’t be so arbitrary.”

Raising her eyebrows, Briana looked at him and said one word at a time, “Then we will wait to read the earnings report at the end of the year. If your department continues to be money-losing, it will also affect the dividends of other shareholders.”

As soon as Briana said that, the other shareholders all looked at George with different eyes. Those who intended to make trouble for Briana all felt a chill over their backs.

Briana no longer looked at George and said faintly, “I will make quarterly and annual plans for each department. At the end of the year, if any department’s process is too far behind the plan, either the one in charge of it will be changed to someone else, or the department will be

shut down.”

Seeing no one was going to utter a word, Briana got up, “If there’s nothing else, let’s call it a day. See you!”

George stared at Briana’s back, and there was only chilling coldness in his eyes.

In the next few days, Briana was busy with the company’s affairs and didn’t have much contact with Maxim. The two met every day when they went out and when they came back home.

Soon, it was Melody’s birthday. After work, Briana went directly to JM Studio to pick the evening dress that she had prepared for Melody.

As soon as Briana entered the mall, she met Kiley and Kendra, who went shopping together arm in arm.

Seeing Briana, they all changed their expressions.

Kendra frowned as she stared at Briana, saying coldly, “Briana, what’re you doing here?”

“I’m here to take care of my business.”

Although Kendra was Briana’s mother-in-law, Briana knew that she only treated Kiley as her daughter-in-law. So no matter how 88 tried to frown on her, she didn’t put Briana in her eyes.

But now Briana had let it go, and she was no longer so timid when she faced Kendra.

Seeing that Briana was about to leave directly, Kendra was somewhat dissatisfied. “Coincidentally, I met you here. I want to buy two dresses. Please come. I’d love to hear your advice!”

Kendra used to buy inappropriate dresses, but later she went shopping

with Briana several times and found that Briana could always find the dress that best suited her. When Kendra went out wearing the dress Briana picked for her, she was always praised by other rich ladies, thus she formed the habit of keeping Briana around when shopping.

Today, Kendra went shopping with Kiley. The dresses Kiley picked out for her were also very beautiful, but she always felt that they were not as good as those that Briana picked for her.

Hearing Kendra’s commanding tone, Briana looked disinterested, “I have something to do. You’d better let Kiley help you.”

After saying that, Briana turned to leave.

Kendra was irritated. She stared at Briana’s back coldly and gritted her teeth. “She pissed me off! I shouldn’t have let her marry Maxim!”

“Mrs. Yoder, easy. That’s just the way she is. She didn’t mean it.’

Hearing that, Kendra became much gloomier. Frowning, she didn’t say anything.



Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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