Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 31

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Kiley looked at Kendra. She opened and shut his mouth. Finally, she said hesitantly, “Mrs. Yoder… Actually, there is one thing. It’s about my sister. I don’t know if I should tell you.”

“What’s it? Just tell me!”

“Well, a few days ago, Briana went to a club and got some men to amuse her. And someone had seen it. On the day of my grandpa’s birthday, the surveillance video was even played on the big screen… And most people in the upper class of Bridenville saw it…”

Kendra’s eyes flashed with anger and disbelief, “How dare she do this?”

Kiley nodded and said sadly, “I don’t know why Briana did this. Maxim talked about their marriage in public in order to protect her.”

Kendra looked angry. She had disliked Briana, and now she even learned that Briana had cheated on Maxim.

“Kiley, I have something to deal with. I won’t be able to go shopping with you. When you have time, come to visit me again.”

“No problem, Mrs. Yoder. But you mustn’t tell anyone that I told you about it, or my sister will think I speak ill of her behind her back.”

Kendra shook her hand, nodded, and said, “Kiley, don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.”

When Kiley saw Kendra leave hurriedly with an anxious look, there was a satisfying smile on her face.

As soon as Briana got the dress and walked out of the mall, she received a call from Maxim.

His voice was cold and his tone was even colder, “Where are you?”

“At the entrance of Rocklin Mall. What’s it?”

“Wait for me there. I’ll be there in half an hour.”

Just as Briana intended to ask him why, Maxim had already hung up.

In less than half an hour, Maxim stopped his car in front of Briana.

Noticing that Maxim drove the car, Briana put the dress on the back row. She pulled the car door of the passenger seat and sat at it.

“Why did you come to see me in such a hurry? What’s it?”

There was only coldness in Maxim’s eyes. As he drove the car, he said, “To deal with the mess left by you and your bastards.”

Briana frowned, “What do you mean?”

“You will know when we get there.”

As Maxim drove to the gate of the Yoder’s house, Briana finally knew what he had meant.

Thinking that she had met Kiley and Kendra in Rocklin Mall, Briana realized that the Yoder family learned about the matter of her in the club so soon. Briana couldn’t help but smile coldly.

When they walked into the living room, Briana saw Kendra sitting on the sofa with a cold face.

Seeing Briana, Kendra was even angrier as her eyes became much colder. She wished she could slap Briana in the face!

What a bitch!

“Maxim, I heard that Briana had gone to a club and spent time with some strangers. Is that true?”

Maxim looked cold, “Who spread those rumors to you?”

Kendra slammed the teacup on the table with anger all over her face. “Does it matter who told me? What matters is whether it is true or not!”

Just as Maxim wanted to deny it, behind his back, Briana said, “It’s true. You didn’t ask us to be here to confirm this, did you?”

Before Briana and Maxim came, Kendra had investigated the matter and watched the surveillance video. She couldn’t be angrier.

She looked at Briana coldly and said in disgust, “You are quite honest to admit it. I indeed asked you to be here for another thing today!”

Briana looked at Kendra calmly. She wanted to know what Kendra would say next.

“Briana, you didn’t deserve to marry Maxim. You didn’t have any children for him. And now you even cheated on him. You can’t stay in the Yoder family. Just divorce Maxim!”


Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

Fall for You After Divorce by Callie Novel Full Chapters

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